Oils With Opposite Functions?

Have you ever wonder how can one oil have 2 OPPOSITE functions?

For example, Cedarwood.

“Promotes a good night sleep.”

“Can wake one up if one is tired in the morning.”

Say wuuuttttt????

(Just for laughs, I’ll throw the third into the mix.)

“Helps one improve focus in school / work.”

(I’m now chuckling while y’all puzzle it out.)

So! How can an oil do all these? Does it know what we need? Wouldn’t our bodies get confused?

The answer is:

Trust your body’s and the oils’ wisdom. The body knows what it needs to balance to wellness. That’s why you would get a good night sleep with Cedarwood and yet feel refreshed when you use it in the day. 🙂

Use your oils with intention. Every YLEO has living energy and will respond to your intention. 🙂 After all you don’t see people falling asleep when they use lavender for skin health right??? 😀

Big thanks to Apple Teo for raising the question to such an intriguing topic!



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