What Is In My May Essential Rewards Order?

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live on the 19th of May. Original video link here!

I actually got this idea of showing you all what’s in my ER order from some of the USA Young Living leaders and I thought that it was really cool! You get to see what’s exactly in my order and I can even demonstrate to you how I use the product!

As you guys know, in Singapore, we actually have the Father’s Day Catalogue to celebrate Father’s Day in June, so what I got 2 sets of Ningxia Nitro and Wolfberry Crisps. Whenever you get a box of Nitro, you get 14 tubes and I was actually dying from not having any more Nitro left for the end of April because it went out of stock then, and remained out of stock for the first 2 weeks of May as well. I just felt so tired in those 2 weeks and I was so anxious for stock to come back. When it came back, Young Living packaged it with the Wolfberry Crisp bars so I thought since I like the Wolfberry Crisp bars, I thought I would just get 2 sets of it and be energised and full at the same time.

I really love Nitro in the morning when I’m really tired, when I don’t have a restful night’s sleep and I am really groggy and tired when I wake up. If I were to take coffee, the smell perks me up and I feel okay after drinking it. But after a while, I kinda feel that my energy is very muddy, more like a sugar overload. After taking Nitro, I just feel like I had 8 hours of really good sleep!

Or if I have had a long day taking care of the kids and housework, or an all-nighter with business, I will take 2 tubes of Nitro, probably 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon when my energy dips again. My blood sugar levels is sometimes a bit shaky, I know that if I take bread in the morning, my blood sugar levels will crash around lunch. When that happens, I will feel nauseous, and I will be temperamental as well. I call myself HANGRY, which is hungry plus angry. But when I take Nitro, I don’t get that, so I love Nitro for helping me to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

Okay, Wolfberry Crisp Bar. You actually have 6 bars in the box! If you are rushing for work and you don’t have time for proper meals, take one of this, it’s actually very filling! In Singapore, Young Living actually has 2 kinds of bars, this wolfberry one and the Slique Fruits and Nuts bar. I alternate between the two. If I want something really filling, I take this wolfberry one, if I want something more loaded with protein, I take the Slique bar instead. If you’re looking at maintaining healthy weight levels or you find that you want to skip off that sinful chicken rice, chicken curry or pasta, this could be a good healthy option for you!

Alright, what’s inside this Wolfberry Crisp Bar. You can actually see rice cereal with wolfberries and the taste is a little sweet. And for someone like me who is trying to minimise wheat in my diet, this is a good replacement. If you look at my face right now, you can see some spots around my cheeks and chin, and that’s because I’m guilty of taking a bit too much wheat the past few days. There is a really nice pancake stall near the mrt at my house, so I’ve been eating some of that, and I’m guilty of taking some fast food as well. Wheat does me no good, it causes my skin to breakout, so when spots like these turn up, I know that it’s actually time for me to cut back on wheat and eat really cleanly for the next few days. And also to take my Sulfurzyme, lots of water with citrus oils too.

Okay, what else… Good news! The Kidscents Bath Gel came back in stock when I went to the Young Living office like 2 days ago, so I bought it! My kids actually use the Kidscents series, which consists of the shampoo and bath gel. When the shampoo or bath gel runs out, I use the other and just double it up. What I mean is that, when the shampoo runs out, I use the bath gel to wash their hair, or if the bath gel runs out, I use the shampoo for their bodies. If both runs out, then I will use the Aroma Silk series, so that’s like the Lavender Body Wash or like the Morning Glory Body Wash I got from the USA. So that’s one of the items in my Essential Rewards order for this month.

I’m actually over 12 months on Essential Rewards, so I do earn PV rebates as well, so for every order that is over 100PV, I actually earn 20% back to my account. So with that PV, I actually redeemed a Peppermint, one of my favourite oils that I must have every month, I perspire a lot in this weather where the temperature is like 34-35 degree Celsius, so I use this to cool myself down and I use it to focus at work too. With the generous PV rebates, I do redeem free items practically every month.


Oh, in fact, this is my newest USB diffuser. I’ve put Peppermint inside the little bottle and plugged it into my laptop to diffuse so that I’ll be extra alert and mentally focused. The Young Living USB Diffuser is a little different from the one I have here. The Young Living one is the version 1 and this is version 2 from Aroma2go. You will find them claiming that this is more resilient because in version 1, if you put in hot oils or citrus oils, it actually melted the plastic inside. So with version 2, they improved everything, they fortified that inside of the diffuser and they made sure that you can use the hot oils, though you may still want to avoid the thick oils like myrrh, vetiver or any blends that include them, so the oils won’t clog the diffuser. I’ve been using it for quite a while and I like it! I find that it’s not as tricky to use as my version 1. I’m such a person where I just want fuss-free diffusing so I stopped using that pretty quickly. However this version 2 is still going on strong so I do think it’s good to get!

Ah, Nitro Zyng! One of the things that I usually get is Zyng. I manage my family’s accounts, so there’s an account for Jonathan and I, there’s an account for my parents and there’s another account for my mother-in-law. So I manage these 3 accounts every month and I make sure that every family’s needs are fulfilled. My husband is a big fan and drinker of Sprite, he loves his sugary, carbonated drinks so we actually order 24 cans every month because I find that it’s actually more worth it to get 24 cans if you like the taste of it. It’s very good in this hot weather, when you are hot and you feel tired, it’s really hydrating and there’s only 25 calories in it, and it’s not as sweet as Sprite which is good for my husband.

That’s all for today, thanks so much for joining!



I don’t like the taste of Nitro.

If you don’t like the taste of Nitro, you can mix it in Ningxia Red or Zyng to drink. When I first started to take Nitro, I found that it tasted quite strongly of ginseng, which I wasn’t used to at all. But after a while, I loved how it supported my energy levels, so now Nitro is something I must have in my order practically every month.


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[Compensation Plan Part Four] Snow White and Her 7 Dwarfs… or also known as Rising Star Team Bonus!

COMP PLAN-06.jpg

Ok so you made it to Part Four. 🙂 I’ll ease into today’s compensation plan lesson by telling a story.

Snow White has been sharing about the oils to her little friends, i.e. the seven dwarfs. I’m not sure who introduced her to YL (lol) but she has been on Essential Rewards (ER) for quite some time now. Thanks to her sweet caring nature, the dwarfs soon got into the oils:

Grumpy got Joy and Release. He loves diffusing them and applying them over his heart and liver.
Happy got Abundance so he could feel happier.
Sleepy loves Peppermint and Cedarwood to keep him alert.
Bashful often uses Valor for courage.
Sneezy, thanks to lavender and purification, sneeze no more!
Dopey tried everything because he wasn’t quite clear on what he needs. 😉
Doc loves frankincense and sandalwood as he’s pretty into the reprogramming of DNA stuff.

The dwarfs in time, got their own ER memberships and began to spread the word of the YL oils in the ahem, Dwarf Country. Some of them even have their own downlines. When it was time for YL to send out the commission report, Snow White has a nice surprise. She received Rising Star Team Bonus shares for the following:

1. Grumpy, Happy and Sleepy who did 300 PV orders that month. [1 share]
2. Bashful was afraid that Valor would soon run out of stock in Singapore so he stocked up to 500 PV. Sneezy thinks that the haze is coming again so he also stocked up to 500 PV too. [2 shares]
3. Because Dopey tried everything, he shared his oily testimonials with his friends. His friends signed up for their own YL accounts under him and the whole Dopey group hit 1000 PV. Doc also has similar success (he was hoping to set up a clinical practice with the oils) and his group also hit 1000 PV. [3 shares]

Each share at this time of writing, is worth USD50. Every month, Snow White can try to qualify for the shares again by fulfilling the same conditions in this exact order for the next 2 years. She and her 7 friends must be on ER for her to qualify:

1. Three downlines (either by themselves or with their own downlines) of minimum 300 PV each
2. Two more downlines (either by themselves or with their own downlines) of minimum 500 PV each
3. Finally, another two more downlines (either by themselves or with their own downlines) of minimum 1000 PV each

Rising Star Team Bonus

Tidbit: Do you know that Gary and Mary Young also have 7 downlines? These are known as the trees of Young Living. (Source – Teri Secrest)


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[Compensation Plan Part Three] What else do you need to know about being a Sponsor?


In my earlier article, I mentioned that you would receive a 8% commission payout for life as a Sponsor. There are a few things to know about Sponsor payout.

1. Whenever the Fast Start Bonus of 25% is being paid out to the Enroller, the Sponsor payout of 8% will be reduced by 70%. This means that the Sponsor payout is 2.4% for the first three months.

2. The Sponsor payout is also known as the unilevel commission payout. Depending on ranks, it is being paid on 5 levels. That means if you have enrolled Alice and she have enrolled her friend and so on, a certain percentage is paid to you too for life. The 5 levels of payout are:

You (Sponsor)
First level downline – Alice (YL pays you 8% as her Sponsor)
Second level downline – Alice’s Friend (YL pays you 5% as the second level Sponsor and pay Alice 8%)
The next three levels of downlines are paid to you at 4%

These five levels of payouts are also reduced by 70% when the Fast Start Bonus is being paid.

3. To qualify for these payouts, you need to put through a 100 PV order for the same month.

Continue on to [Compensation Plan Part 4 – Otherwise known as Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs!]


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[Compensation Plan Part Two] Enroller And Sponsor Payouts

COMP PLAN-02.jpg

A lot of folks who started using the oils, never thought that they would do the business part of things. And truth to be told, neither did I. I was a product user for 3 years before thinking of doing it as a full time business. I’ve come to realised that if you use the products and have your own testimonies around it, you would naturally share with your loved ones and friends.

So here is how the compensation plan works at a snapshot:

1. Say you have shared about the oils to your friend Alice. Alice wants to try them and signed up for a member account with YL and have entered your member ID as the Enroller and Sponsor.

2. As the Enroller, you would receive the Fast Start Bonus, which is 25% of the pv that Alice has purchased for the first 3 months. Let’s say she joined as a Essential Rewards member. She purchased 100 PV each month. You would get 25 PV each month.
In USA, 1 PV = 1 USD. Same for countries that do not have a YL office. For us in Singpapore, to understand how much you will receive in SGD, simply multiply it by 1.37. That comes to about SGD30+. The payout is capped at 200 PV per new member per month for the first 3 months. To qualify for this payout, you must put through a 50 PV order for the same month.

If Alice enrols her friend to be a member as well, you would receive 10% of the PV of the third person for the first 3 months. This payout is capped at 80 PV per new member.

3. As the Sponsor, you also receive a monthly commission of 8%. Unlike the Enroller bonus, the Sponsor payout IS FOR LIFE. So that means that wherever Alice buys in terms of PV, you get the 8% payout. To calculate the SGD equivalent, multiply it by 1.37. To qualify for this payout and all future payouts, you need to put through a 100 PV order for the same month.

Remember to submit your commission paperwork in order to receive the money in your bank account! Here’s how.

[Compensation Plan Part Three – What else do you need to know about being a Sponsor?]


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[Compensation Plan Part One] The Three YL Terms You Need To Know

COMP PLAN-01.jpg

You got your Ningxia Red? Ok let’s go!

First term – Enroller
This is the person who has introduced his or her friend to Young Living and they have signed up for a YL account as a result.

Second term – Sponsor
Because YL is a MLM business, there are uplines and downlines. Sponsor here simply means upline. When you are starting to share about the oils to your friends, you would naturally be the Enroller and Sponsor should they signed up for an account.

Third term – Enrollee
Also known as the new member who just signed up for a YL account. Every enrollee or new member would have an enroller and sponsor. If you have signed up for a YL account without entering anyone’s member ID, YL will randomly allocate an enroller and sponsor to you. You can definitely reach out to them to seek support on the oils but I generally find that it is better to have someone who is experienced or at least passionate on the oils to guide you as you go along.

[Next – Compensation Plan Part Two – Enroller and Sponsor Payouts]


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