When will I receive my commission from Young Living?

Between 21st to 23rd of the month, Young Living will publish your commission report for the previous month.

To access your commission report, simply login to your YL account then go to Downline Viewer.

Select the month, then click on the Commissions tab.

You would be able to see a nice breakdown of the kinds of commission (and how much) being paid to you for that month.

Other details such as your rank, OGV and PGV are also displayed here.

If you have filled out the Direct Credit of Commissions Form and have submitted to the YL office, the actual money will be deposited in your bank account towards the end of the month, assuming that your commission is more than USD25.

If you didn’t fill up the form or if your commission is less than USD25, then the money would have been deposited as credits into your YL account.  How can I check whether I have credits in my YL account?


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