Getting Blisters From Oiling Your Loved Ones?

Have you ever oil your loved ones so often that you have those itchy blisters on your palms? From what I’m told, nitrile gloves don’t react with essential oils. Thanks Winnie Lee Fannon for that awesome tip!

Essential oils react with plastic or Styrofoam to pull out petrochemicals so I’m thinking the rubber gloves on the left can work too. You can get both from Daiso. Nitrile gloves are also a familiar sight with lab assistants.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Blisters From Oiling Your Loved Ones?

  1. Hello.. I happen to chance upon your blog & I would say it’s very informative 🙂

    & I happen to have the same problem mentioned which is having itchy blisters aka dyshidrotic eczema from oiling my son (too much).. May I know what might be the cause of the blisters? Thank you !

    • It could be that you are using hit oils e.g. Thieves and Immupower. Or u could have a deficit in sulfur (so u take Sulfurzyme).

      To clear off the blisters, change ur bottles to rollers! So just roll the eo and no skin contact. If u must have skin contact, then rub some V6 on ur palms first to protect.

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