[Compensation Plan Part Three] What else do you need to know about being a Sponsor?


In my earlier article, I mentioned that you would receive a 8% commission payout for life as a Sponsor. There are a few things to know about Sponsor payout.

1. Whenever the Fast Start Bonus of 25% is being paid out to the Enroller, the Sponsor payout of 8% will be reduced by 70%. This means that the Sponsor payout is 2.4% for the first three months.

2. The Sponsor payout is also known as the unilevel commission payout. Depending on ranks, it is being paid on 5 levels. That means if you have enrolled Alice and she have enrolled her friend and so on, a certain percentage is paid to you too for life. The 5 levels of payout are:

You (Sponsor)
First level downline – Alice (YL pays you 8% as her Sponsor)
Second level downline – Alice’s Friend (YL pays you 5% as the second level Sponsor and pay Alice 8%)
The next three levels of downlines are paid to you at 4%

These five levels of payouts are also reduced by 70% when the Fast Start Bonus is being paid.

3. To qualify for these payouts, you need to put through a 100 PV order for the same month.

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