Step-by-Step Instructions (To sign up as YL members)

Steps by Steps InstructionsStep 1 Use the link provided by the Young Living member who introduced you to Young Living to reach the sign-up page. If you have not received the link, you can visit Signup.

Step 2 Choose wholesale member or retail customer. If you sign up as a wholesale member, you will receive a 24 percent discount on products, as well as access to our Essential Rewards program (to learn more about Essential Rewards, scroll down to Step 8). Retail customers will not receive these benefits.

Step 3 Fill in the Sponsor and Enroller ID sections with the appropriate member numbers. If you are directed to enrollment by a Young Living member’s link, this section is likely filled in for you. If you do not have this information, select the remaining option that best fits your circumstance.

Step 4 Complete the Personal Information section, including the Social Security/Tax ID Number section. Because members have the potential to earn income, Young Living is required to collect this information for tax purposes. We will not use it for any other reason.

Step 5 Beneath the Personal Information section, you will find our terms and conditions. If you are signing up as a member, please read the Policies and Procedures and Member Agreement documents and click the box to agree to the terms.

Step 6 Create your username, password, and PIN. Make sure you write them down for future reference. You’ll need the username and password to log in to your account to order products and to access member-related information and tools. If you call our Customer Care Department, our representatives use your PIN to verify for security purposes that the account is yours

Step 7 If you are signing up as a member, please select one of our exciting Starter Kits. Each kit includes business-building guides, product catalogs, and samples of some of our most popular products. There’s no better way to get started as a Young Living member!

Step 8 If you are signing up as a member, you may select an Essential Rewards autoship kit as well. Essential Rewards kits make ordering your favorite Young Living products easier on a monthly basis. You will also establish your autoship shipping date and insert your credit card information. Enrollment in Essential Rewards gives you special benefits such as: • Up to 20 percent back in points to spend on free product • Access to exclusive promotions • Special discounts on select product kits

Step 9 Confirm your enrollment information.

Step 10 Add any additional products that you would like to your order.

Step 11 Proceed to checkout and complete your enrollment. Once you are enrolled, you will receive a Member ID number. We recommend that you write this number down and keep it in your records. You will need your Member ID if you sponsor a new member in the future. It can also be used as an alternate to your username.

Step 12 Celebrate your Young Living membership and start enjoying wellness, purpose, and abundance!


If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.

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