[Compensation Plan Part Five] Legs, teamwork and what’s it gotta to do with me?

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Ok so after a long hiatus, I decided to finish up the compensation plan series once and for all.

Are you all with me so far? Good! Let’s go!

If you have gotten as far as to have a few downlines under you, you might began to realise that with support and guidance from you, some of your downlines would have started using the oils and getting good results with them.

And human nature dictates that they must share a good thing right? Especially if they have loved ones and dear friends that they want to share the good news on the Young Living oils.

So you may see that in time, some of them would have enrolled their own downlines and therefore making your little group a little deeper. Instead of just having immediate downlines (first level downlines) under you, you might even have second level, third levels, and so forth.

Some people love sharing a good thing and if you are intrigued by the business building aspect of YL and is open to creating a source of income from it, this is where the fun starts!

Firstly some terms to get clear:

1. Legs – Practically everything has legs! The last time I checked, I have two. A tripod has three. A table has four. Errr…. please don’t ask me what has five and six legs.

A leg is basically a downline under you who may or may not have downlines under her. To count it as a leg, the topmost person of a leg needs to be on 100 PV to qualify it as such.

2. Organisation Group Volume (OGV) – this is basically you and your group of downlines’ total PV generated for the month.

3. Ranks – Well YL isn’t an army but there’s ranks to aspire and ascend to if you like that kind of thing. The upside is as you advance in rank, you technically would be entitled to more payouts too. The downside is you can become busier as your group gets larger… wait that’s actually a good thing if you are looking to build and create a wonderful income source for yourself. 🙂

Here’s a nice graphic to show the beginning ranks and what qualifies you for them:

Foundation Level


Level 1-5 refers to the level of downlines you have. Usually at the beginning levels, YL only requires you to have a certain OGV to qualify. However at the rank of Executive, it pans out a little differently. Besides the OGV of 4000, YL requires you to have two LEGS that has 1000 PV each. This sets the stage for you to step up as a leader as theoretically it means that you have two friends or downlines who are happy to build with you as well. As their upline, they may also look to you to guide and support them in their own building journeys.

This is also where teamwork comes into play.

Because you cannot advance unless the three of you play the game together and help each other advance too.

If you are serious about creating an income source that becomes residual later, then in my humble opinion, the rank to really look at is Silver. Here’s the Silver requirements:


You can see that the Silver requirements is basically an EXPANSION of the Executive requirements. From a OGV of 4000, you gotta hit an OGV of 10,000 and your two legs of 1000 would become two legs of 4000. In other words, YL requires you to more than double your OGV to  hit the rank. This is also where the business structure of MLM comes into play where you shouldn’t be doing ALL the work to grow 4000 to 10,000 but leverage and work with your team to level up TOGETHER.

The Silver rank also rewards teamwork done well as it grants 2 different payouts. The first payout is the generation payout where you receive an additional 2.5% of the entire OGV (excluding yourself). Imagine 2.5% of a 10,000 OGV… 250 PV which is equals to USD250. And that’s the minimum. As your group increases in OGV, so does your commission.

You would also receive a leadership share (this supersedes the Rising Star Team Bonus) that is worth around USD150 at this time.

On top of this, YL rewards you further if you are able to encourage and motivate more of your downlines to become Silvers too. For every Silver under you up to the second generation, the OGV of her group is paid at a 3% to you instead of 2.5%. So that’s technically USD300. In addition, YL rewards you with an additional leadership share for every Silver under you. So that’s an additional USD150 for every Silver in your organisation. 🙂

I’m going to stop here right now as I know this article can be a lot to digest at a go. If you need further clarity on building, I highly encourage you to attend a YL compensation plan class where all the details can be provided. This article is meant to give you a taste of how far it can go with building.

Drop me a comment here too if you’ll like to ask questions. Happy to help!


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