What’s In My Work Pouch?

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the fourth of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here.

Today is going to be about what’s in my work pouch, this HUGE red one! I just counted 30 oils in this! I don’t want to talk about all 30 oils so I’ll pick those that I use practically everyday.

For all you reading this, I’m guessing that you either have your own job, or you own a business and you’re either running it solo or managing a team of people. So I thought it would be really cool if I can categorise the oils based on different situations that you might find useful.

work pouch

My first category of oils would be for distraction. For myself, I sometimes come into my study room, distracted because I’m overwhelmed by all that I have to do and my kids are crying outside, so my thoughts can get very scattered.

First oil I always use in my work is Gathering. I use a lot of Gathering and Grounding. If you’re like me and get very scattered and fractured thoughts, and you feel that you’re all over the place, try Gathering. It’s very similar to Abundance in the sense that it’s a magnifying oil, so it will magnify whatever thoughts you have, both negative or positive. So if you feel that you are coming to your desk with very negative thoughts, you can use oils like Release or Sacred Mountain to clear it out first, before you use Gathering to be productive.

Grounding is a very interesting oil. 3 years ago, when I was meeting my upline, I was working in my day job then. I rushed out to meet them during my tea break and I was all over the place. I felt panicky as I was rushing out to meet them, I was trying to switch gears from my bank job to the possibility of changing to having a full time business with Young Living. So when I sat down, Jacq picked up the vibes that I was very scattered and unsettled. She handed me this oil and said, “Faith, use this oil”. The moment I applied Grounding was amazing. My thoughts that were just all over the place a moment ago just calmed down. I immediately thought, “What is this oil! I need a bottle! I must get a bottle! Get me a bottle!” So this is what I love Grounding for, especially when I need to focus and be still to work.

My next favourite oil is Clarity. You might have seen my post on Clarity. This helps to promote mental alertness and because I have a lot of thoughts and ideas, I need to be very clear about things like if I’m going to do this, is this feasible? Can I get people to help me with it? Is it scalable?

One thing that you want to know is that, Grounding, Gathering, Clarity plus Peppermint are oils that will oxygenate your brain. So when you come back to work after lunch, use any of these oils to kick yourself back into mental alertness, especially if you’re struggling with that post-lunch drowsiness.

Okay so those are my oils for distraction, do try them to help you focus better at work.

The next category would be my only oil to eliminate procrastination, that’s Motivation which I’ve written about in a previous post. There are things in my business that I hate to do, things like logistics, having to mail out stuff, or admin stuff like generating data sheets to look at trends. Okay I love generating data, but it’s the admin side of it, like “who has paid for this? Have I generated this?” that drive me nuts. So before I got smart enough and asked my husband for help, I used Motivation. Anytime I don’t feel like doing work and I just want to take a day off, I use Motivation to kick my gears up to high productivity again. Do let me know if you know of other oils for procrastination and I will love to try them out!

work pouch1

The third category is oils for when I’m out of ideas and I need good fresh ideas to come into my brain. My first go-to oil will be Brain Power because of the awesome Melissa inside. Brain Power is an oil I use when I want to run a promo, or a giveaway or a programme or initiative for my team, and I need fresh ideas to rejuvenate the entire team. I also use Brain Power when I feel that my stuff is very stale and stagnant.

A lot of us encounter a lot of toxins and petrochemicals in our day-to-day lives, for example, plastic water bottles we drink from, plastic containers our takeaway food comes in and other stuff like that all have petrochemicals in them. Brain Power is actually an oil that releases all the petrochemicals from your brain, so you can use this to detox your brain every night. Just so you know, every time you sleep at night, your brain starts to spring clean and detox, which is why sleep is so important. You can use Brain Power to help you with that.

Anytime you know someone with a neurological condition which I can’t name because it’s not compliant, you can use Brain Power to support brain health, it’s really good for that.

The next oil I love is Common Sense but I must admit that this isn’t an oil that I use very often, maybe that’s why I don’t have much common sense haha!

There was one time this year where we were doing the team brochure and because I was so excited about it, I really rushed everyone through the whole project. Long story short, I practically killed my husband over the team brochure because of the very tight timeline and deadline I set my team on. So when I was looking through the writeup for Common Sense, it says that it assists you with making logical and rational decisions, so I just reminded myself that the next time I need to do such projects again, I would make sure to use Common Sense to think through decisions and pace myself better.

The fourth category is for higher purpose. When you find that you’ve kinda lost of the meaning of why you are in a particular job or why you are in this business. When you find that you’re only there just to bring home the bacon, to pay the bills and put food on the table, these are the oils that I like to use to connect me back to my WHY. Why am I doing my Young Living business?

When I first started my Young Living business, I did it because I wanted to have more time for my children and to be home for them, while still having a good income. I achieved that in 2014 but for quite a while, I lost my vision. I was lost, I didn’t have another vision to work towards and it was only in the late 2015 that I found another reason that was very compelling for me. My vision was to inspire a team of world changers, to inspire my team to go out there and change the world, whether it’s in healthcare, in essential oil usage, in education, or in championing causes of elderly and children.

The oils that helped me to connect back to my WHY are oils like Magnify Your Purpose and Live Your Passion. I rub it over my heart and on the insides of my wrists. In the past, I’ve done work without really knowing what I’m doing it for, and I was doing it just because I was so used to doing it. So Live Your Passion gets me to connect back with my WHY and when I’m connected to my vision, I realised that the way I speak and act is very different as well. It’s also part of the reason why I spend quite a lot of time writing posts on Facebook to share and to do these live broadcasts, to really spread awareness on how to use the oils really well

The next oil is Into The Future. This is a new oil that I’m still test driving it right now so I don’t have any stories to share about it. I wanted to try this oil because I feel that I’m playing a little too small with myself. I’m using oils like this to really stretch me out of my comfort zone so I can play a bigger game in life.

Envision is another good oil to look into the future and ask myself what I really want. So one of the things that I ask myself is this, if I’m financially settled in life, if I have more money than I ever want for life, what do I want to do? This is a question that gets me to think further. Why am I here in this life? What has God placed me here for? So I’m still figuring things out, I’m still living out what’s my answer, but these oils have been great in helping me discover more and more about myself. I always try to connect back to my higher purpose, so that my actions, words, the way I am as a person will shine with the vision and clarity of my purpose.

The last category in this pouch would be self development. I work with a lot of people everyday and I realise it’s essential for me to work on myself too, to be aware of my strengths, flaws and blind spots.

My second last category is oils for self development. The first oil I have is Humility. If you look at a lot of blends in Young Living that support mental, emotional and spiritual health, quite a number of them has Rose inside. This is because Rose has a very high frequency and it helps you to get connected to the higher purpose, with God. The reason why I got Humility is because Kai was sharing that Cherie Ross, a Royal Crown Diamond said that every time a person grows in rank in the Young Living business, the person’s dynamics and personality is being shaken and we can get very unstable when we go up in rank. And I can understand what she meant by that.

Right now, I’m a Platinum in Young Living and my team size is very close to 2000 people. When I was at a Silver, my team size was 80. I don’t remember what my team size was for Gold but I’ve also realised that when I grow from rank to rank, the way I’m like in my business, my approach, my way of thinking would shift as well. The way I would grow my business at the level of Platinum will be quite different from when I was at an Executive and Silver. I’ve also told my husband that if anytime he finds me getting too conceited, too big for my boots, too egoistic and too proud, please kick me. I’ve used the oil Humility to anchor me to being humble and to stay connected to my people.

Next oil is Acceptance. I actually hate hate hate the word acceptance because to me, acceptance means that you just have to take it as it is, but the more I use this oil, the more I realised that it doesn’t mean that. What it actually means is to accept whatever I’m feeling and thinking about. With acceptance comes lesser resistance, and with that comes a bigger breakthrough. So what I’m sharing you with is a little cheem and theoretical but that’s how my experience is like with this oil

One of my favourite oils is Gratitude, anytime I’m grumpy and negative or I feel that nothing is going right in my day, I use Gratitude to ground myself. I like what the Oola Guys said, when Dr David got divorced and he was going broke, his sister would tell him this, “be grateful and give thanks.” When I first heard it, I wondered, how can you be grateful for such bad news? But the more I practised gratitude, the more I realised that it’s true. If I feel really negative and down, using Gratitude really helps me to focus on what I’m grateful for in life. This helps me to really look at what I have and the possibilities that might result from that.

The second last oil I have is 3 Wise Men. I actually use this for guidance and also to pray. I put it on my forehead and ask for guidance and wisdom from God. I actually love the smell of this but it’s a very thick oil, so if you have like a travel or usb diffuser right, don’t use 3 Wise Men in it, it wouldn’t work very well in a diffuser.

My other oil is Awaken. When I’m sluggish, I use this oil to wake myself up, get clear on what I actually want and get myself started for the day. Because the time I have to work is really tight, I usually only get 1 hour a day to work, maybe 2 if I’m lucky, I need this oil to get me really clear on that one thing I need to do today that will move my business forward.

That’s actually all I have to cover for today but I’ll also show you some fun oils as well. I have these 2 oils that are pretty fun, though I don’t use them a lot, they are the Oola Friends and Oola Finance. Last time, when I used Abundance, I’ve always prayed for wisdom, I’ve never prayed for money. Then came a time where I was thinking, “boy I wish I had more money so I can bring my family on a holiday”, and that was when I laughed to myself because I’ve been praying for wisdom and not money. So now, I use Oola Finance for money. When I rub this all over myself, I will focus on business growth and my financial goals for the year.

Oola Friends. Okay actually my team consists of my friends, so Oola Friends really reminds me that the Young Living business is really not a solo-preneur kind of business, it’s really about relationships and we are all friends. For me, it’s always been friends before business and that’s the way we are like in our team. That’s how I feel about you all and I hope that’s how you feel about me too.

Another 2 more fun oils that you might not have seen before, the first is Matahari. If you’re lucky and you went for the Malaysian opening, Matahari is the Malaysia’s special opening oil, it was also sold in Singapore for a short period of time. If you have it, use it for skin! It’s a beautiful beautiful oil for the skin. You can incorporate it into your DIY body gel or bath wash, or you can dilute with a carrier oil and apply it on your skin.

My other oil is actually Pearl of the Orient, this is a Hong Kong oil that was featured in their opening about 3 years ago. I can’t quite remember what’s inside already, but I think you can use it for focus.

I didn’t cover all 30 oils in my set because a number of them has been covered in my previous broadcast like Ylang Ylang, White Angelica and Palo Santo, they’ve all been covered already. So I hope this has been useful to you guys!


My downline has swollen eyes after diffusing Clarity.

Ask her to drink water, and use lesser oil in the diffuser. There are some strong oils in Clarity, so I’m not sure if she placed the diffuser too close to herself or used too much oil. Do also check out the ingredients in Clarity too and try to narrow down which is the oil that could have caused the reaction.

Can Brain Power be used on kids under 7 years old? Should I apply neat on soles or temples?

Yes you can! Any oil that is for brain is fantastic for kids as well. You may see parents who use Brain Power or Peppermint or Clarity for study and exams. Haha it’s supposed to be very good for math, if your child doesn’t like math and calculation, haha try it for that.

Okay since Brain Power is for the brain right, the temples are great. For a 7 year old, neat on the temples is fine! You can also apply on the forehead, rims of the ears and on the back of the neck are great places to apply too.



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What’s In My Self Care Pouch?

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the third of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here, Part 1 and Part 2.

Today, I’ll be covering the 12 oils I have in my self care pouch. I’ll focus more on certain oils so I can cover more depth on the ones I use very extensively.

I like to think of myself as an organised person, so my oils are arranged by the time of the day. The first row, my morning oils, second row, my afternoon oils and the third row, my evening oils. This way, I know what oils I will be picking up!

To be really honest, I don’t use all 12 oils everyday. With 2 kids running around the house, there are many many times where I only get to oil myself jn the morning or I may not even touch my self care pouch at all.

The first of my top 4 favourite oils is Cedarwood. I’ve previously shared that I’m usually groggy in the morning as I may not have gotten a good night’s sleep. As I night nurse my child, I’m either waking up quite often at night, or I am just awake. Such frequent night waking takes its toll on me so I use Cedarwood a lot to oxygenate my brain. I could use Peppermint, but I don’t like to so early in the morning because my baby is still asleep, and Peppermint might wake him up.

With Cedarwood, I apply it on the back of my neck, on my forehead and on the rims of my ears as well. This oil helps to regulate your melatonin levels, helping you to be more awake and alert in the morning and helps you to fall asleep faster at night. My mom likes Cedarwood because it helps her to get to sleep, especially now that she is older and sleep doesn’t come as easily.

I love Cedarwood in the afternoon too, when I want to be productive at work and also to make sure that I get things accomplished that day.

The oil after Cedarwood is Endoflex, a very hormonally balancing oil for both men and women. Endoflex is also great for metabolism, so if you want to burn calories faster and maintain a healthy weight range, try Endoflex. I also like how it smells of Spearmint, helping to perk me up in the morning.

I apply Endoflex on the sides of my neck where the lymph nodes are, and also on the area below my underarms where the lymphatic system is. To be honest, this isn’t an oil that I would generally buy, but after reading how Dr David Stewart talked about Endoflex as his favourite oil, I thought, if a guy as old as Dr David Stewart likes the oil, it must be something good. Initially, I was slightly concerned that it would affect my milk supply since I’m nursing, but I’ve been using it everyday and find that it does not affect my milk supply.

So that’s Cedarwood and Endoflex for the morning pick-me-up, especially if you want to be like Rachel and be able to skip your morning coffee. I used to be on sugar laden instant coffee and tea up to even 2-3 times a day! For the past 6 weeks, I stopped drinking instant coffee and tea, instead I use these oils and I take my NingXia Red. To be honest, I do sometimes have a cup of coffee at the kopitiam because I like the taste of it, not that I need a pick-me-up. As a result of cutting coffee and sugar, I find that my energy overall is a lot cleaner. With coffee and tea being loaded with sugar, I do feel the perk, but after a while, I am sluggish because of the sugar crash. Using the oils and NingXia Red gives me a lot better and cleaner energy!

Okay, the next oil that I use is Transformation. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil. When I left my corporate job in 2013 to work on Young Living full time, I wasn’t very sure whether I could do it or not and Transformation was an oil that I used very often. This an oil that I use to reprogramme myself, to let go of limiting beliefs, so I use it the way I use other mental and emotional oils, which is to put it at the back of my neck, over my forehead and on the rims of my ears.

Transformation, Cedarwood and Abundance play a very key role in me ramping up my business back in 2013 and 2014. I feel that if you want to do something for your life and you want to get the results with powerful momentum and speed, you need to look at yourself, and let go of the beliefs that can limit you. And that’s the reason why I use a lot of brain oils like Cedarwood and Transformation.

I end my morning ritual with Gratitude. I’ve talked about Gratitude before here and Gratitude is something that is very important to me and something I try to practise everyday. This is especially so when I’m grumpy and really critical of myself, and of my family members, especially my husband. This is an oil that stops me from having negative feelings and thoughts, but to go back into the positive instead. So that’s giving thanks for the things that I have in my life. I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful that my parents are very healthy, I’m grateful that my husband and children are doing very well, I’m grateful for having a business that gives a comfortable income, such that Jon and I can be home for the family. I’m very very grateful.

Actually, a week ago, I changed out some of the oils in my self care pouch, because I was getting bored with some of the oils. So some of the oils that I have now are actually new.

My 11th and 12th oil are my roll-ons, Tranquil with a taped up bottom because my son threw it when I tried to put him to sleep, and Stress Away. If you’re a parent or a caregiver, you might find yourself to be sibei stressed. Kid falls down, stress. Exams are here, stress. So my husband and I will use Stress Away. You will see us rolling it down the sides of our necks “Kids.. Making us so worried.. Stress away.. Stress away..”

It’s important to work on releasing your stress everyday because for myself, I know that if I have a stress built up, I get this persistent physical ache in my neck and my shoulders, so I do use Stress Away to get rid of that.

I also use Tranquil, I’ve spoken about it here that besides chasing my kids to sleep with this oil, and to get rid of their meltdowns and tantrums, I use it on myself too when I’m stressed or when I want to be focused yet relaxed. You can also layer Tranquil with Lavender for a magnified effect. One good tip is that, since Roman Chamomile is always out of stock in YL USA, you can get Tranquil because it has Roman Chamomile in it and it’s very soothing for skin. And Tranquil is available in YL Singapore!

Let’s go into the second row with my afternoon oils. Inspiration is the first oil, I love it so much that I actually have another bottle in my kitchen. I diffuse Inspiration there because my husband’s computer is just next to the kitchen. I love the smell of this oil, and this is the oil I go to when I’m stuck for ideas.

Ah my second oil for the afternoon is actually a new oil! You might have seen this post on Lady Sclareol. I actually have had 2 bottles for ages, at least 2 years old and I’ve never reached out for it. Until one day, I diffused it in my study room and found it pretty interesting that it got me to love myself more and puts a halt to me being critical of myself. So Lady Sclareol for self love!

Next, Ylang Ylang which I’ve mentioned in my previous broadcast on the oils that I didn’t like the smell of. Just like Lady Sclareol, I have bottles of unopened Ylang Ylang that I got as free gifts from YL USA.“Oh my god, I need to use them up!” The first time I used it, I really didn’t like the smell but Elaine Tan was telling me that she loves Ylang Ylang and it really helps with emotional balancing. Like Lady Sclareol, my personal experience with Ylang Ylang is that I love myself more and I wasn’t that hard and harsh on myself. I have another bottle of Ylang Ylang in my work pouch, so when I’m in the study room, “Okay lah.. Apply some Ylang Ylang over my heart as well”, just to keep me balanced and cool about things.

Next is also a new oil, Present Time. I love this saying by Eckhart Tolle, “If you spend too much time in the past, you will experience a lot of resentment and frustration. If you spend too much time in the future, you will experience a lot of worry and anxiety.” I like Present Time to keep me focused on the present as that’s where our power lies. With all mental and emotional oils, I’m very boring, I just apply on my forehead, rims of ears, back of head and over my chest. I find the smell of Present Time to be quite an acquired smell, so I guess I’m not very present also, haha.

The next oil is Valor II. I use Valor and Valor II interchangeably whether it’s in the raindrop set or for courage and to steady my nerves. The new Peace and Calming II and Valor II have this new essential oil called Davana. It’s not available as a single oil but it’s an oil that Gary Young has been putting into quite a few of his new blends. If you wondering if Valor II smells like Valor, no it doesn’t. Which one smells better? Valor! But because I have Valor II, I just put it in my pouch and I can use it as and when I want to.

Okay, I’m done with the afternoon oils! Now on the oils for my evening selfcare. The first oil Oola Balance. As a person, I’m very inclined to work. So if you look at my whole life in it’s entirety, there’s family, friends, work, self care and fitness, I’m most drawn to work. I use Oola Balance in the evening to balance myself out and Oola Grow when I’m going work in the study room. The Oola Guys who created the Oola oils recommended that you use Oola Grow in the morning and Oola Balance in the evening.

Next oil is Forgiveness, this is an oil I’ve covered here for Mother’s Day. I know the word forgiveness is really very heavy but I use Forgiveness the way I use Joy. I’m pretty hard on myself, so forgiveness is for myself, to release release release and just let it go. It’s not so much of forgiving others but to forgive myself for all the self chastisement.

I think a lot of us moms, we first came to Young Living because we want to have healthy kids. I’m like that too, I wanted to get all the oils for respiratory and immunity etc, but after that I realised that there are other emotional oils that are pretty awesome too. At first I thought, “It’s because people have already bought them, so they just say it’s good” but it was only after I’ve used it that I find that they are absolutely absolutely amazing. So I really invite you guys to try out these oils, because you deserve the self care too.

Next 2 oils is Dream Catcher and Build Your Dream in my night routine. People often think that Dream Catcher is for kids with night terrors. I was just reading about Dream Catcher and it’s very interesting! It awakens creative thoughts and protects you from negative thoughts. So it’s not just for sleep, it’s very good for keeping yourself positive! I like to combine Dream Catcher with Build Your Dream, Envision and Light Your Fire, which is last year’s convention oil. I try to use all these before I sleep to have good dreams and solutions come to me in my dream.

When Juvia was a baby and she kept having night terrors, we used Dream Catcher and had some good results from that, though after a while we switched over to other sleep oils. If you have kids with night terrors, where the kids are screaming in the night unlike the regular nightmare, Dream Catcher is good for that. Or if you want to have good dreams and good visions like 4D numbers, this this oil combo!

My last oil is White Angelica, I’ve spoken about it in another post about tales from the other side where we talked about spirits and ghosts. A lot of people in my family can actually see ghosts or sense it, so if you’re that kind that are sensitive to spirits or the other worldly elements, use White Angelica to protect yourself.

This oil is also great to protect your aura, if you find that you are working in an environment that has a lot of toxic and negative people, use White Angelica for that. You can apply it on your shoulders or over your aura, if you believe in auras. The aura of your body is actually about an inch above you and around you. So you can take a drop in your palm and visualise this invisible layer above and all around you, do a sweeping motion to coat that layer. Sweep over your entire body to cleanse your aura.

In fact, for people who are really into chakras and stuff, when they drip the oils in their palms or even onto someone’s body, they won’t drip it so close because they believe that the aura is a bit higher than the body. So they will drip a bit higher, maybe about 6cm off the body. This way, when the drop of oils drips out, it goes right through the aura, into the body itself. For those doing energy work, this is something you can look into doing with White Angelica.

Another thing is this, if you do raindrop for others, especially if they are not your kids, make sure to use White Angelica first to protect yourself. I’ve never heard of any negative reactions when raindropping your own kids, but I’ve heard cases when my friend raindropped her grandfather who wasn’t well, she felt really sick until she used White Angelica and Palo Santo to break the connection. The other one that I’ve heard of was from Jacq, my upline. She was raindropping a dog that wasn’t doing too well, and after a few hours, she had some symptoms that was very similar to what the dog has. So I’m just saying that, if you’re going to do raindrop on others, do protect yourself first. And if you find that you forgot to protect yourself, remember Palo Santo and White Angelica to cut the connection between you and the recipient after giving the raindrop.

Okay that’s all I have for the oils in my self care pouch!



Do we need to dilute Tranquil before applying on a less than 2 year old?

Actually I don’t dilute, I just roll it on.

Where to apply Stress Away for the fastest effect?

I would apply over my heart. The good thing about Stress Away is that it also supports heart health. So if you don’t have oils like Lavender, Aroma Life and Ylang Ylang, Stress Away is a good alternative to support your heart. Especially if you find that your kids are giving up your blood pressure.

Where is the brainstem?

At the back of your neck, near the base of your skull, there’s actually a soft spot and that’s the brainstem. Applying oils there helps to get it right into your brain really quickly.

I feel giddy when I smell Stress Away, is that weird?

Uhm, it’s not a very common reaction but if you find that you’re giddy, you can add a carrier oil to dilute it further or you can try another oil like Lavender, Peace and Calming or even Frankincense helps with stress as well. You can try other oils first to manage to stress, then after like 2-3 weeks, go back to Stress Away and try it again to see if you’ve the same reaction. Another reason why you might feel giddy when you use a certain oil is that you may not have drunk enough water, so try to hydrate yourself and apply the oil again and see if it works for you.

I have Present Time, but I don’t know what to do with it.

Anytime that you find yourself scattered, or you’re worrying about timelines, deadlines, or you want to bring your focus back to the present, you can use Present Time. There’s an oil inside, I don’t remember what oil, but because it has this strong smell, the last time I dripped it into my diffuser pendant, everytime I smell it, it kinda anchors me back to my present, rather than allow my thoughts to wander back into the past or into the future. So I like Present Time for that.

Does that mean that it’s better for us to apply White Angelica after raindrop?

No! It’s better for you to apply White Angelica BEFORE you do the raindrop. It may not be such a good idea to apply after, as it’s a bit like trying to minimize instead of prevent. So try to be proactive and do it as a preventive measure rather than as a “whoops, I forgot!” and do it afterwards.

Can you give more information on the different kinds of headaches?

Okay, there are 4 kinds of headaches, there are hormonal headaches, sinus induced headaches, stress induced headaches and the last one is when you have tight muscles that creates tension headaches, which is what I have. I mentioned before that when I was at my corporate job, the desk was not very ergonomic, so I was perpetually having my right shoulder bent in because I was using the mouse. Over the years of that, I find that the shoulder is very tight, the muscles were in knots and the tension travelled up my neck into the base of my skull. That was where I had my headache, especially when I’m really stressed. That’s why I say that stiff and tight muscles can give you a headache as well.

Do look at Steffie’s post on headaches, she has a very comprehensive post on the topic.

Must you always rub any oil in the palm first before applying?

It depends on who you want to apply the oils on. Generally for children, I like to rub it in my palms first because it’s less messy and won’t drip down my palms. Also with very fidgety and active kids that will run off before I oil them properly, I prefer to put it on my palms, rub it together so that it’s all over my palms before I rub it on them. Now that Juvia can be stationary for quite a while, I would also drip the oils directly on her, but not on Sol because he will suddenly turn around or run off.

For myself, if I want to apply on my shoulders or head right, I do rub it in my palms first, so that it won’t just drip down and get really messy.


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What’s In My Husband’s And My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the second of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here.

This is going to be about what is in my and my husband’s going out pouch! My husband’s pouch is black and mine, purple. To keep this succinct, I will first go through the oils that are common in both pouches before going into oils that are unique to each pouch.

You wouldn’t be surprised by the selection of common oils because they are oils that most people will have in their pouches too. Let me first talk about Lavender. As we have really young kids, we do end up using Lavender a lot like when they fall, or when we want to soothe them and ease crankiness, or when we want them to sleep a little in the taxi instead of being very hyper. We love Lavender before the taxi uncle tells us off for letting my kids be so active in the taxi.

The next common oil is DiGize. This is an oil that everyone should have in their pouches, whether it’s for home use, for travelling or even local excursions. It is very good for supporting your digestion, like when you eat spicy food or even something weird that your tummy doesn’t quite agree with. I find DiGize to be very effective.

The next oil is Peppermint. With Singapore’s weather, I love Peppermint to cool myself down and also to promote mental awareness and clarity. We also use it with Digize to support digestion, when we want the additional kick from the Peppermint. Peppermint is truly one of my musthave oils for everyday, not just for going out. In fact, we use it up very quickly.

If you’re like me, and you hold on to a lot of negative emotions, take one drop of Peppesrmint and apply in the middle of your breastbone, just below your heart to release any anger and resentment you might have. This is actually indicated in this book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. It’s a really good tip, considering that Peppermint is such a commonly used oil.

Another common oil is Abundance and we have it because we thought it would be a fun oil to have. People always think of Abundance as something you use for money and that you use it when you want more money. Actually, I use Abundance for a lot of things. I’ve used it to support skin health and also to support the respiratory system. If you find that Myrrh very thick, the cap keeps getting stuck and you don’t like to use it, try Abundance instead. It also has oils like Orange, Ginger and Patchouli, all great oils for both lungs and skin. I use it both on myself and on my kids.

I also use Abundance to pray for wisdom, for God to guide me in my business, family life and for my own personal life as well. Some of the great stories that we have around Abundance was that, there was once where my husband and I were at a restaurant, queueing for seats. The queue was moving really slowly, each table was taking almost 20 minutes to clear and we were getting really hungry. So we thought, okay just for the fun of it, let’s use Abundance and pray for a faster queue. We were like voodoo people applying Abundance and muttering “we will get a table in less than 5 minutes!” and the coolest thing was that it really did happen!

Another cool story was when my mother-in-law told us that her teeth were in dire straits and she needed to see a dentist because she has loose teeth that was falling out. She needed new dentures, but she didn’t qualify for the Pioneer Generation card that enables the older generation to get medical subsidies from the government. So she needed to pay the full sum for her dental care. Jon and I decided to rub Abundance all over ourselves, and intend for my mother-in-law to get her new dentures free of charge. 2 months later, my father-in-law struck lottery! He won quite a good sum of money and my mother-in-law got her new dentures done! So that’s another interesting story about Abundance. If you want to use Abundance, just be clear on what you want and intend, intend, intend and good results will come!

Those are the 4 oils that we have in common, Lavender, Peppermint, Digize and Abundance. Now I will go into the oils that Jonathan has but I don’t.

For those who know Jon personally and have met him in real life, you would know that his favourite oil is Rose! He has 4 bottles of Rose in his pouch! My dear husband is a man but he loves Rose! He really does! He has used up 3 bottles of Rose and now he is on to his 4th bottle. I’ve told him that rather than throw out the first 3 bottles, he can put it in his pouch to scent it or he can put V6 into the empty bottles and use it again. Rose has 19% esters, which is the chemical constituent in oils that make them really aromatic. Just 19% already makes it very strong! That’s why when you give a drop each to everyone in the room, suddenly the room is rosy.

My husband knows that the frequency of Rose is really high and he loves sharing his Rose because he just wants to share happiness with people and that’s what he does with his Rose oil. So if you ever see my husband in real life, run up to him and say, “I want to see your oil pouch! I heard from Faith that you have 4 Roses in your pouch.” I”m pretty sure he will share his Rose with you too.

The funniest thing is that, a few years back when Jon was doing his Zyto scan, 3 things came up in his report. The Zyto is a machine that scans your body and tells you what are markers are out of range in your body and what products can bring it back to range. I must assure you that my husband is a very manly man, but the 3 oils that came up in his report were Rose, Jasmine and Melissa. As his wife, I really wanted to faint when I heard that. Besides being very floral and feminine oils, they are all highly priced oils!

The other oil he has, is Thieves to support his dental health, he ingests it and applies it on his soles to support his immunity as well.

What else.. He has Stress Away. In my personal opinion, he might disagree with me.. He is a guy that is easily stressed. Just before this broadcast, he mentioned that if you’re less stressed, then less things come up as well. I agree with him! Have you ever realised that when you’re stressed, you start coughing because you’re agitated? So he uses Stress Away to keep things cool and he loves the smell too! Stress Away has Lime, Cedarwood and Vanilla, which is what gives it its sweet smell.

The last oil he has in his pouch that is different from mine is Shutran. When we went to the USA Convention 2 years ago, Shutran was launched and I was so intrigued by it because Gary Young said that this oil makes a man very manly! It gives a man his confidence and a manly allure, so I got the oil for Jon! And he would joke with you that shortly after he used Shutran, our son Sol was born, heehee.

Ladies can also use this oil! I can’t really describe the smell but I love it! It doesn’t smell that masculine actually, more of a mixture of woody and spicy smells. I find that when I do use it, I feel good, and confident too.

Okay that’s all the oils in Jon’s oil pouch!

Now let me cover the oils that are in my pouch! The top row of oils suport physical health, so there is Digize, Lavender and Peppermint. The oils at the bottom are more for emotional, mental, spiritual growth. As I tend to go out quite often for business meetings, I find that using oils before a meeting, helps to set me up for a good frame of mind to be productive and efficient.

An oil that is actually quite rare now is Valor. Is there a difference between the Valor roll-on and the Valor in a bottle? Both of them have almost the same ingredients, one of them has sweet almond oil while the other, fractionated coconut oil, but in terms of smell, to me they smell exactly the same.

I heard that Valor in the roll-on is more for emotional balance while the Valor in the bottle is formulated for physical balance, which is why they call it chiropractor in a bottle for Valor in the bottle. I do use them both interchangeably, so it’s probably just a matter of whether you want a roll-on or not.

I use Valor when I’m feeling nervous and would like to be more confident, like when I have an important meeting coming up. A month ago, I was talking about how much I hate to have my heart pressure measured and I tend to get high blood pressure readings because of my nervousness. So what I do is to use Valor in combination with Lavender to help to ease my nerves.

Next oil, Tsuga. This is an oil that most people wouldn’t have heard of. Tsuga is actually one of the single oils in the very popular RC! This is an excellent first aid oil and I do suggest that you check out your essential oil resources to see what exactly you can use Tsuga for. I have it in my pouch because I find it to be a multi-purpose oil, supporting anything from the stomach to skin to lungs. And if want to support a better flow of oxygen to the lungs, you can try Tsuga because it expands the bronchioles, highly recommended for great oxygen intake. If you are going for a workout and you want to have great breathing capacity, you can try this besides Peppermint.

Cedarwood is the next oil and I love love Cedarwood. I use it when I feel groggy or sleepy after a poor night’s sleep, it helps to oxygenate my brain and supports my brain health as well. In combination with Cedarwood, I actually use En-R-Gee which is a great oil for energy. I don’t have NingXia Red sachets in my house and I tend not to bring out Nitro tubes, so I use Cedarwood and En-R-Gee for great mental alertness and for energy. I know some people use Peppermint and I do use that as well, but when I need the extra boost, Cedarwood and En-R-Gee it is. I’ve noticed that I should not use it in the taxi because that’s when the taxi driver will open the windows to get fresh air in, hahah. So I use it before I get on the cab or just before the meeting itself.

I also have Magnify Your Purpose for personal growth. I actually have quite a few bottles in the house and I try to use it everyday. When I feel stuck in my life and in my business, I want to get really clear on why I am doing this and what’s my purpose and vision. So I use Magnify Your Purpose for that.

And the next oil I use is Oola Grow. When I talk about my self-care pouch in another post, I will talk about Oola Balance. Oola Grow is intentionally meant for my growth and I find that in combination with Magnify Your Purpose, Cedarwood and En-R-Gee, it really helps with my self awareness and self development.

Okay the last oil I have is Purification. It helps to ensure an annoyance free outdoor experience and you can also use it to clean the air. If you find that the air quality is less than stellar at home, try diffusing Purification.

Back to the Oola series from USA, there’s also a book, Oola, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. If you want to look deeper into yourself to see what’s going on, or to find that balance in your life, you can consider getting this book from Life Science Publishers. And you can consider the Oola Infused 7 oil set, there is Fitness, Family, Faith, Field, Finance, Friends and Fun. Earlier on a few of us did an experiment with the Infused 7, we each took one oil from the set and we used it for a month to see the results. What came up was really interesting and so maybe I will experiment and use all the oils on myself and share it in a broadcast or article on how they worked for me.

That’s all that I have! I’ve covered all the oils in both pouches, I hope that was useful to you!



Can we get Valor from USA?

I think right now, Valor is out of stock in USA but you can get Valor II. Because of the shortage of supply of Valor, YL created Valor II. You can use it in the same way as Valor.

Where do I use Valor?

It kinda depends on what you want to use it for. If you’re using it to instill confidence in yourself, to be steady as you go about your day, I would love it to use it over my head and my chest. I would take a drop or two and apply it at the back of my neck, over my forehead, on the rims of my ears and over my heart. You can also use Valor for sleep, some kids love Valor and find it very soothing. You can also use it to support skin health as well, you can apply it over anywhere you find that you need support for.

What’s good for headaches?

It really depends on what kind of headache you actually have. Steffie wrote a really good post about headaches. There is basically 4 kinds of headaches.

There are hormonal headaches, like when you find that your period is coming soon, do look at oils to support hormonal balance like Phyto Progessence Plus, Lady Sclareol, Clary Sage, Geranium etc.

Let’s say it’s stress induced headaches, then you want to look at using Stress Away or Lavender. You want to make sure that you’re drinking lots of water when you’re using the oils as well, and sometime headaches can be caused by dehydration.

The last kind of headaches is from tight muscles. About 10 years ago when I was working at a corporate company, the desk was not very ergonomic, one end of the desk was longer than the other, so when I was working on the computer, I found that my right shoulder is perpetually hunched, and because of that the muscles started to tighten and the tension went up my neck and into my head. I realised that when I’m very tensed, I get a tension headache as well. It was partially from stress but also from the stiff muscles. So knowing the cause of the headache will give you a good gauge of what oils you want to use to balance you to wellness again.

I use Marjoram for headaches too!

Yes that works too. In our body, we have both voluntary and involuntary muscles. Involuntary muscles are muscles that we cannot control like your heart, we can’t control the beating of our hearts. Just remember that Marjoram is really good of involuntary muscles, when Auntie Flow is here and you have menstrual cramps, you can use Marjoram for that.



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What’s In My Baby Son’s Pouch?

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the first of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here!

Tonight, I’m going to talk about what’s in my baby son’s pouch. There are 16 oils but I’m not going to go through all 16 as that will take far too long. Instead I will bring you through the highlights and the rationale behind each of them.

To give a bit of background, my son Sol has just turned 1 in April. I packed this pouch specially for him since birth and it has catered to him until now. So let’s go through it!

If you’ve been following my Periscope, which is another video livestreaming platform, you would have heard me mention the Kidscents Oils. What I love about the Kidscents Oils is that they are already prediluted. They are sold separately and in a set in Young Living USA. I got my set from Young Living USA 2 years ago, and it had 6 oils, but I think they’ve downsized it to just 5 oils.

sol pouch

The 6 oils are SniffleEase, SleepyIze, TummyGize, GeneYus, Bitebuster and Owie. I absolutely love how the names are all so cute! And I like how I don’t need to tell you much about the oils because the names itself already gives you a clue! These oils are great even for adults! If you only have the Kidscents oils with you, and an adult needs it, just use! They are pretty good for adults as well.

My absolute favourite oil from the Kidscents set is SleepyIze. This is an especially very good oil for sleep for my baby. If he is irritable, cranky, rubbing his eyes and pulling his ears, this helps him to get to sleep a lot quicker. It’s great how the Kidscents oils are all prediluted, so if you’re a lazy mother like me who don’t like to dilute, try the Kidscents set! You can just take a drop or 2 and directly apply on your child.

My next favourite oil is SniffleEase. Again I don’t need to tell you what it’s for, because you can tell from the name itself. It supports the respiratory system and I like it whenever I need to support his lungs and breathing.

Let’s see, TummyGize. When Sol was a newborn, I used TummyGize and DiGize interchangeably. I find TummyGize a lot gentler and convenient since I don’t have to dilute it. I take a swipe or half a drop from the bottle and apply it directly on his belly button.

Okay how do you do half a drop? Just take out one drop on your palm, swipe and rub with a finger and use that to apply on a newborn’s belly button. Then rub the rest of the oil on the soles.

The next oils are Owie and Bite Buster. I think the reason why Young Living cut out Bite Buster was because they were so similar in terms of the effect. For Sol, now that he is learning to walk, he stumbles and falls a lot, instead of Lavender, I use Owie to support his skin health and it’s been working pretty well.

Okay GeneYus is an oil you can use to support the brain. If you’re like, “Oh why isn’t my kid talking so quickly. Oh, I just want him to be a little bit quicker in his personal development” You can try applying GeneYus on him. To be really honest, I don’t really use GeneYus. Sometimes I do just for fun. You can apply it on his head, the forehead, the rims of the ears, the back of the head. It’s pretty awesome for school-going kids also, if you want them to be more focused, extra attentive, or perhaps getting that A for exams, this could be a good oil to support the brain as well.

That’s all for the Kidscents set!

Now I will go to the more interesting oils that I have in his baby pouch like Christmas Spirit. If you look at the ingredients in Christmas Spirit, the oils mainly fall into 2 categories: respiratory and immunity oils. I like how Christmas Spirit is a one-stone-kill-two-birds oil. If I find that my son needs support in both immunity and respiratory systems, this is what I would use.However, as it has Clove, I am more cautious and will only apply it on his soles, the way I do with Thieves.

I also have Roman Chamomile. If your child or baby is sensitive to seasonal situations or even to temperature changes in the air, you can try Roman Chamomile. It is a great oil for soothing a cranky kid and also great for teething, you can apply on the jawline or straight on the gums if you’re comfortable with that.

You can also use this oil to support the skin. For example, one drop of Roman Chamomile to V6 makes a soothing massage oil for your infant. There are actually 2 kinds of Chamomiles, Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile, which I used to get really confused over. Roman Chamomile is like the regular pale yellow oil, but German Chamomile is very very bright cobalt, sapphire blue oil. German Chamomile is very supportive of the skin while I prefer Roman Chamomile for calming and soothing properties.

I have your regular popular oils like Lavender, which is a good oil for all babies. Great for calming cranky kids and to help them get a good night’s rest, really everything. You can add it to a massage oil as well.

Next is Gentle Baby. I know most of us only have this in 5ml but I have the 15ml! This is a great oil for both mothers and children. Recently, we had this DIY class where we learnt to make DIY products with the Young Living oils and other raw materials. I learnt that using Gentle Baby in your babies’ toiletries is very luxurious! I tried it 2 days ago, I used boiled water, castile soap and 18 drops of Gentle Baby and it was really lovely and nice for skin.

For mothers who have just given birth, use this, diluted with a carrier oil and apply it over your skin. It helps to minimize stretch marks and also for pregnant ladies to prevent stretch marks. It’s also a good oil for bonding when you’re cuddling your child!

Another oil is Peace and Calming, haha I have it in 15 ml as well. Currently it’s only available in 5ml bottles because Young Living’s Blue Tansy had a bad harvest. Tests ran on the oil did not meet Young Living’s standards, so Young Living broke it up into 5ml bottles instead, so that you can enjoy the same oil in smaller bottles to uphold quality standards.

They also came up with a new formulation, Peace and Calming II which has the same properties. Young Living let an oil go out of stock, break it down to smaller bottles or even reformulate a new one just to ensure that you will not get an inferior product.

Another oil that might be new to you is Lemon Myrtle. You probably know Myrtle in Singapore, so what’s Lemon Myrtle? It’s an oil that is very supportive of the immune system, so I’ve used it to support Sol’s immunity. For immunity, I rotate between Frankincense, Lemon Myrtle, Thieves and Christmas Spirit. I like Lemon Myrtle for both immunity and respiratory systems, it is also very gentle, and it smells very much like Lemon. I got it from Young Living USA.

Okay, Eucalyptus Radiata, another very popular oil for young children and babies. Mine comes with a rollerball because I have it already prediluted. As you can see, it’s quite an old bottle, it has like 30 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata and I topped up the rest of the 15ml bottle with V6 oil, and I just roll on my son.

In Young Living, there are 3 kinds of Eucalyptus. There is Eu. Blue, Eu Radiata and from Young Living USA, there is Eu. Globulus. I’ve written about the differences between them, but just remember this. All three are great for supporting respiratory health, as for the secondary uses, remember for Eu. Radiata, for radiant hair and skin. For Eu. Blue, imagine feeling very blue, this oil is supportive of your emotions, helping to uplift you from the funk. Eu. Globulus, think of the globe and humans, it is very supportive of the bones and muscles in the human body. That’s the way how I differentiate the 3 oils.

The very last oil is Joy. This is very interesting because it’s not really related to my baby, it’s for myself. I hand express breastmilk for Sol, so I need to have a letdown, I use a combination of Joy and Lavender. Lavender to relax me and Joy to trigger letdown. What you can do is that you can apply either or both oils on your breast or just over the nipples, then rub the excess in your palms and inhale, just to have you relax and trigger the letdown when you’re pumping or hand expressing.



How old onwards, can kids use these oils?

If you look at the bottle labels, it actually tells you from age 2 onwards, but I’ve personally used the oils on my son since he was a newborn. So I would leave it to your comfort level as to when you want to start using the oils for your children. Generally, as a rule of thumb, I look at the weight of the child instead of the age. Newborns are usually around 2-3kg, so I would do less than a drop on their soles, or heavily diluted on wherever I need to apply like over the tummy for colic or to support digestion, on the chest for respiratory system support.

Can these oils be directly applied on newborn babies or still require further diluting even though they are prediluted?

I actually use the Kidscents oils straight from the bottle, but what I do is that, I use very little of it. So for prediluted oils like these, I just swipe the top of the bottle to get a little oil and use that.

Does Peace and Calming II smell the same as Peace and Calming?

Uhm no, when you first smell Peace and Calming II, you will find that it smells of Middle Eastern spices, but at the end note, it smells really like Peace and Calming.

Is Lemon Myrtle the same as Melissa?

Nope, it’s different! Melissa is known as Lemon Balm, they smell really similar as they have overtones of Lemon. In terms of properties, they both support immune system but personally I find Melissa a lot more powerful than that, which is why it has a higher price tag too. I do use both interchangeable, though I use Melissa more during critical cases.

Can Eu. Radiata be used on a less than 2 years old baby?

Yes, my baby is now only 1 and I’ve been using it on him. What I do is that, for babies that are rather young, I dilute more. For Sol, since he was a newborn, I’ve done about 80-85% dilution til now.

I’ve read that Eu. Radiata and Eu. Blue are the safest for young babies, is that true? I always reach out for those when they cough.

If you look at the Gentle Babies book by Debra Raybern who is a pediatrician who is also using the Young Living oils, she advocates Eu. Radiata. I generally don’t differentiate between all 3, I do use them interchangeable but I know that some parents are concerned about Eucalyptus. So if you ask me to pick, I would pick Eu. Radiata as the gentlest option for babies and young kids.

I’m using Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender and Roman Chamomile to calm down my cranky 15months old every night, is there anything I can cut down?

What you can try to do, if you don’t mind having a few restless nights, is to try using just one oil first and see how it works. Then if that oil doesn’t give you the results that you desire, then you switch to the next oil a couple of hours later, or even the next night. That’s how you can see what oils really work well for your child. The other oil you can try is White Angelica, especially if you think that the child is restless because of some kind of stuff going on at night, White Angelica could be very helpful as well.

Do I have to rotate the oils every three months?

Erm, there isn’t any hard or fast oils on rotating of oils, my selection of oils tend to be quite random, so I just make it a point to use different oils every now and then. I don’t really say like okay 3 months later, I will switch, it is really about my desire to try out as many oils as possible so that if one oil goes out of stock, like how Eu. Radiata is out of stock now, I will always have other options to fall on. That’s the way how I oil my kids with the rationale of experimenting.

So, is Gentle Baby or Peace and Calming better? Can I mix them to diffuse?

You should not be mixing both to diffuse. If you want to diffuse both Gentle Baby and Peace and Calming, you will have to run 2 different diffusers. One of the reasons is because, Gentle Baby and Peace and Calming are 2 different blends. If you look at the ingredients right, each of them have at least 5 oils, so if you mix them together, you will have like 10 different oils in the diffuser. It’s a little too much and I find that I will prefer to split into 2 diffusers or rotate them for diffusing.

What oils are good for a child that has sleep terror? They cry or scream in their sleep.

You can try Dream Catcher, that’s a good oil if you find that your kids have night terrors. You can also try White Angelica to soothe the terrors.



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What Is In My June Essential Rewards Order?

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live on the 4th of June. Original video link here!

I’m going to show you real quickly, what we got for our June Essential Rewards order!

First things first, we have the shampoo. I’ve always loved the Lavender, Peppermint Shampoo because it’s really concentrated. I have dry scalp and also oily hair and in the past when I first started using this, I was not used to the fact that it’s not as sudsy as regular shampoos but overtime, I found that it cleans my hair and scalp pretty well. Nowadays, I love it and my husband is beginning to love it as well. If you are a person with hair loss, this Lavender Peppermint shampoo is a good one to use. If you find that your hair is like my mom’s hair, lots of flyaways, very fine, very hard to style and always needing volume, you may find that the Vanilla Copaiba shampoo would be a good one. Personally I like Lavender Peppermint one because I love how the mint is very refreshing and when I wash my hair, it really does perk me up.

Next one, Deep Relief! I love Deep Relief! If you catch me here, you will see me talk about the different oils that help to support our muscles, bones and joints. Deep Relief is actually a hot favourite for me! I love how when I apply it, it provides a cooling sensation and basically I feel instant relief on my tight shoulders and neck. For some people, they may feel warm instead of cool, so it really varies from person to person. I also like Deep Relief because it’s a roll-on. A bottle can be tricky to use especially on curved surfaces, so a roller is really great for that! I usually roll some on, then rub it in. This is an oil that I used extensively, even during my pregnancy because with prolonged nursing, I found Deep Relief very soothing for my tight, tight muscles and my stiff neck.

Another thing is that, you don’t have to throw away the Deep Relief container. When you travel, you can put your oil bottles or supplements like Sulfurzyme, Inner Defence etc inside here, if you don’t want to bring your glass bottles along. You can toss it out at the end of your trip, or you can bring it back to reuse, so it’s really travel friendly, I hope that’s a really good tip to reuse the tube.

Next, I have Myrtle, a respiratory oil. I love it because I have young children in the house, and it’s really gentle for babies and toddlers. I use it on their chests, backs, back of the necks and the soles of their feet as well.

Next up, Endoflex. Okay, both Endoflex and Myrtle actually support the thyroid, which is why I got them both this month. Endoflex is specially blended to support the thyroid and Myrtle does it pretty well too. We are actually working with a dear friend of ours who actually has some kind of an imbalance in her thyroid, so we are getting her off commercial cleaning products like bath gels and shampoos and replacing them with non-toxic ones, as well as getting her some oils. You can apply Endoflex along your jawline, down the sides of your neck and also all the way down to the area under your armpits. This is because you want to target the thyroid and also the lymphatic system.

Next oil is Orange, I usually have Orange in my ER order as I frequently take it in my drinking water. What I do is to add 2-3 drops in a glass or ceramic cup, or about 10 drops in a litre of water, it really depends on your preference, you can even go up to 20-25 drops in a litre of water. Just remember to shake it before drinking, so you don’t get all the orange oil at the top of the water.

My last oil is actually Balsam Fir. I just finished using Balsam Fir on my children to support their respiratory system and this is actually an excellent oil to have. So for moms out there who are worried about using Eucalyptus or Peppermint being hazardous for children, well, it actually isn’t, but you can use gentler oils like Balsam Fir and Myrtle for kids. Balsam Fir helps to strengthen the lungs, and with other big trees like Fir and Spruce, it is very supportive of both the muscles and lungs. Balsam Fir is an oil that can only be harvested and distilled during the winter time, so if you look at the price tag, it’s a little higher than the rest of the oils and as it takes a lot of effort to harvest and distill. The trees are huge and require heavy machinery to cut down, so there is a lot of effort, blood, sweat and tears to harvest it.

Next up, I have NingXia Red! Okay, for all those of you who are actually curious about the taste between the old formula and the new formula, I actually have both formula with me first now. I actually bought my USA NingXia Red in May, before the launch in Singapore. The Singapore one actually has a different sticker label on it because of the change of ingredients.

Before this video, Jonathan, Juvia and myself tried both NingXia Reds just to see if we could detect the slight variances in the taste. Both versions actually look the same in terms of the colour. In terms of taste, the Singapore version tastes a little thinner and a little more sour. What they did was to reduce the amount of grapeseed extract to meet the local regulations in terms of minimum requirement of grapeseed extract and they added more tart cherry, so it’s a little more sour. It is also thinner in texture, so if you have kids who are very sensitive to texture, I would say that the new formulation would work better for them. My child, Juvia is very sensitive to texture. If her porridge is too mushy, she doesn’t take that, it has to be a specific texture. So when I tested the new NingXia Red on her just now, thankfully she could take it. So if your kids are very fussy about the taste and texture of drinks, with the new NingXia Red, I don’t think you will have a problem with that.

In terms of the overall health effects, I am pretty sure it will be the same, given that Young Living has taken over 2 years to get the new NingXia Red up on the shelves. When I was sitting in for the past few management meetings regarding the NingXia Red’s progress, one of the reasons why it took so long was that, firstly, they had to make sure that the new NingXia Red formulation had the same high level amounts of antioxidants as the old NingXia Red. Secondly they had to make sure that the new NingXia Red passes the stability test. What this means is that when you have a bottled drink like this, you want to make sure that because it has a minimum amount of preservatives inside such that by the time it reaches Singapore shores from the USA, it is not spoilt, you can actually drink it and it’s still chock full of nutrients and antioxidants. That’s why they took such a long while to actually come out with the new formulation of NingXia Red for Singapore.


Essential oils tend to float on the top of water, despite me stirring and adding honey. Any other tips?

What you can do is that, you can add the essential oil first before adding the water, then you can shake it, or in this case, stir it before drinking. If you’re drinking citrus oils in water and find that it’s burning your lips, what you can do is to use a metal straw as well. Where can you get metal straws? Sometimes Starbucks sells it, I got mine from Life Science Publishers at Suntec, so that’s a good option for you. You can get straight metal straws or slightly bent ones for easy sipping.


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What Is In My May Essential Rewards Order?

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live on the 19th of May. Original video link here!

I actually got this idea of showing you all what’s in my ER order from some of the USA Young Living leaders and I thought that it was really cool! You get to see what’s exactly in my order and I can even demonstrate to you how I use the product!

As you guys know, in Singapore, we actually have the Father’s Day Catalogue to celebrate Father’s Day in June, so what I got 2 sets of Ningxia Nitro and Wolfberry Crisps. Whenever you get a box of Nitro, you get 14 tubes and I was actually dying from not having any more Nitro left for the end of April because it went out of stock then, and remained out of stock for the first 2 weeks of May as well. I just felt so tired in those 2 weeks and I was so anxious for stock to come back. When it came back, Young Living packaged it with the Wolfberry Crisp bars so I thought since I like the Wolfberry Crisp bars, I thought I would just get 2 sets of it and be energised and full at the same time.

I really love Nitro in the morning when I’m really tired, when I don’t have a restful night’s sleep and I am really groggy and tired when I wake up. If I were to take coffee, the smell perks me up and I feel okay after drinking it. But after a while, I kinda feel that my energy is very muddy, more like a sugar overload. After taking Nitro, I just feel like I had 8 hours of really good sleep!

Or if I have had a long day taking care of the kids and housework, or an all-nighter with business, I will take 2 tubes of Nitro, probably 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon when my energy dips again. My blood sugar levels is sometimes a bit shaky, I know that if I take bread in the morning, my blood sugar levels will crash around lunch. When that happens, I will feel nauseous, and I will be temperamental as well. I call myself HANGRY, which is hungry plus angry. But when I take Nitro, I don’t get that, so I love Nitro for helping me to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

Okay, Wolfberry Crisp Bar. You actually have 6 bars in the box! If you are rushing for work and you don’t have time for proper meals, take one of this, it’s actually very filling! In Singapore, Young Living actually has 2 kinds of bars, this wolfberry one and the Slique Fruits and Nuts bar. I alternate between the two. If I want something really filling, I take this wolfberry one, if I want something more loaded with protein, I take the Slique bar instead. If you’re looking at maintaining healthy weight levels or you find that you want to skip off that sinful chicken rice, chicken curry or pasta, this could be a good healthy option for you!

Alright, what’s inside this Wolfberry Crisp Bar. You can actually see rice cereal with wolfberries and the taste is a little sweet. And for someone like me who is trying to minimise wheat in my diet, this is a good replacement. If you look at my face right now, you can see some spots around my cheeks and chin, and that’s because I’m guilty of taking a bit too much wheat the past few days. There is a really nice pancake stall near the mrt at my house, so I’ve been eating some of that, and I’m guilty of taking some fast food as well. Wheat does me no good, it causes my skin to breakout, so when spots like these turn up, I know that it’s actually time for me to cut back on wheat and eat really cleanly for the next few days. And also to take my Sulfurzyme, lots of water with citrus oils too.

Okay, what else… Good news! The Kidscents Bath Gel came back in stock when I went to the Young Living office like 2 days ago, so I bought it! My kids actually use the Kidscents series, which consists of the shampoo and bath gel. When the shampoo or bath gel runs out, I use the other and just double it up. What I mean is that, when the shampoo runs out, I use the bath gel to wash their hair, or if the bath gel runs out, I use the shampoo for their bodies. If both runs out, then I will use the Aroma Silk series, so that’s like the Lavender Body Wash or like the Morning Glory Body Wash I got from the USA. So that’s one of the items in my Essential Rewards order for this month.

I’m actually over 12 months on Essential Rewards, so I do earn PV rebates as well, so for every order that is over 100PV, I actually earn 20% back to my account. So with that PV, I actually redeemed a Peppermint, one of my favourite oils that I must have every month, I perspire a lot in this weather where the temperature is like 34-35 degree Celsius, so I use this to cool myself down and I use it to focus at work too. With the generous PV rebates, I do redeem free items practically every month.


Oh, in fact, this is my newest USB diffuser. I’ve put Peppermint inside the little bottle and plugged it into my laptop to diffuse so that I’ll be extra alert and mentally focused. The Young Living USB Diffuser is a little different from the one I have here. The Young Living one is the version 1 and this is version 2 from Aroma2go. You will find them claiming that this is more resilient because in version 1, if you put in hot oils or citrus oils, it actually melted the plastic inside. So with version 2, they improved everything, they fortified that inside of the diffuser and they made sure that you can use the hot oils, though you may still want to avoid the thick oils like myrrh, vetiver or any blends that include them, so the oils won’t clog the diffuser. I’ve been using it for quite a while and I like it! I find that it’s not as tricky to use as my version 1. I’m such a person where I just want fuss-free diffusing so I stopped using that pretty quickly. However this version 2 is still going on strong so I do think it’s good to get!

Ah, Nitro Zyng! One of the things that I usually get is Zyng. I manage my family’s accounts, so there’s an account for Jonathan and I, there’s an account for my parents and there’s another account for my mother-in-law. So I manage these 3 accounts every month and I make sure that every family’s needs are fulfilled. My husband is a big fan and drinker of Sprite, he loves his sugary, carbonated drinks so we actually order 24 cans every month because I find that it’s actually more worth it to get 24 cans if you like the taste of it. It’s very good in this hot weather, when you are hot and you feel tired, it’s really hydrating and there’s only 25 calories in it, and it’s not as sweet as Sprite which is good for my husband.

That’s all for today, thanks so much for joining!



I don’t like the taste of Nitro.

If you don’t like the taste of Nitro, you can mix it in Ningxia Red or Zyng to drink. When I first started to take Nitro, I found that it tasted quite strongly of ginseng, which I wasn’t used to at all. But after a while, I loved how it supported my energy levels, so now Nitro is something I must have in my order practically every month.


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Roll-On Packaging Tubes Travelling Tip

Travelling and hate the ideas of bringing bulky or glass supplement bottles? Store those capsules in any of these YL roll on tubes (Deep Relief, Tranquil, Stress Away, Stress Away)! ‪#‎yleo ‪#‎youngliving ‪#‎travel

PS: You might want to label the tubes too for easy customs verification.


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Set Your Inner Child Free

*This post was originally posted on the 26th of December on the Let’s Add Oil FB group*

As we wind down 2015, I began to reflect inwards and give thanks for what 2015 had brought. Amongst the things that I am grateful for is the birth of our son Sol, experiencing how we adapt to our new family member and our new roles! With one child and two parents, we have the luxury of passing Ju between us while the other takes a break. With two kids however, especially in the beginning, we couldn’t. We became 24/7 parents, one adult to one child.

These few days I am grumpy. Even though it is the holiday season and there is the expectation that we SHOULD be happy! No matter what!‪#‎mytruth

After a hectic Christmas yesterday, I dug out my Inner Child. I needed to feel succulent, carefree and present. Not worn out, drained and crabby.

I applied Inner Child over my heart and over my belly button. I cupped my hands and inhale the scent deeply….

When I was a child, I love writing. I love reading. But when I became a parent, these passions fell to the wayside. It’s a little hard to hold a book while nursing a baby or singing the tod to sleep. My reading nowadays is Facebook; hardly the best choice I think.

But writing, aaaaaah…. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you all. I don’t feel that it is my duty to churn out new content xxx number of times a week. I look forward to it, my mind is constantly brimming with ideas and when I write, I felt that it’s a claim to the Faith that is my own person. Not someone’s mommy / food supply / slave.

Thank you for being in this community of Let’s Add Oil. Thank you for listening to me.

Above all, thank you for being YOU.

PS: If you do use Inner Child, and allow yourself to be still for a moment, what comes up for you?


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Oils To Combat The Afternoon Slump

And these are my oils to combat the afternoon slump!

I’ve been an obasan (ajumma for Korean drama fans out there!) these days with the cooking, spring-cleaning (hello KonMari!) and just when I want to nap, I use these to perk me up.

Peppermint to jolt me up, Cedarwood to oxygenate my brain for those brain crunching activities and Nutmeg to help support my adrenal glands and revitalise me. I apply the first two on my forehead and back of neck, Nutmeg just below my boobs.

What are your go to YL oils and products to perk you up?

‪#‎beatafternoonslump ‪#‎energy


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Valor II For Courage

Getting my head into the creative space for heartfelt writing for my FB class on FAILURES.

To be honest, I’m nervous talking about my own business failures. And since Valor is so precious to me for raindropping, Valor II comes to the rescue.

Courage!! *breathes in and out*


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