While Sol sleeps, I sneaked out and did some business planning early morning!

I got a new bottle of Acceptance on Monday and eagerly open it today. Mmm…. so what does it do?

According to Reference Guide for Essential Oils mobile app, Acceptance helps stimulate the mind to open up and accept new things in life, enabling us to reach toward our higher potential. It may also be beneficial in helping one overcome denial or procrastination and to help create a feeling of security.

And there’s my always favorite Inspiration. I use this oil a lot when I wanted to create something new for the LAO leaders and need great ideas!

Do you use oils to help you be your BEST SELF during your work? I would love to hear from you!



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Dispensing Top For Thieves Household Cleaner Bottle

Grab this handy sprout from NTUC then fix it on your Thieves household cleaner so when you pour, you control the amount and flow.

Or if the seal is still intact, look for a round indent on it and just poke a hole through. Don’t rip away the seal completely because it’s gonna be hard to pour out just a little with a large opening. And you only needs a little Thieves household cleaner to make it go a long long way.



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Threenagers, Tantrums and Tranquil

*groans* Do you have a “threenager” at home? Prone to tantrums and meltdowns?

When Ju throws a wobbler, I must admit, most of the times I FORGOT to use the oils. Trying to soothe her and feeling uurgh at the same time, oils could be the furthest thing from my mind.

Today she cried in her nap and started going into a tantrum. I quickly grabbed Tranquil. Rolled on her forehead and down the sides of her face. Rub rub and hmmm…. cries subsiding…. and she drops right back to sleep.

Over the next few days, I’ll be trying out other oils to keep the family peace!


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Getting Blisters From Oiling Your Loved Ones?

Have you ever oil your loved ones so often that you have those itchy blisters on your palms? From what I’m told, nitrile gloves don’t react with essential oils. Thanks Winnie Lee Fannon for that awesome tip!

Essential oils react with plastic or Styrofoam to pull out petrochemicals so I’m thinking the rubber gloves on the left can work too. You can get both from Daiso. Nitrile gloves are also a familiar sight with lab assistants.


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What’s In My Self Care Pouch?

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the third of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here, Part 1 and Part 2.

Today, I’ll be covering the 12 oils I have in my self care pouch. I’ll focus more on certain oils so I can cover more depth on the ones I use very extensively.

I like to think of myself as an organised person, so my oils are arranged by the time of the day. The first row, my morning oils, second row, my afternoon oils and the third row, my evening oils. This way, I know what oils I will be picking up!

To be really honest, I don’t use all 12 oils everyday. With 2 kids running around the house, there are many many times where I only get to oil myself jn the morning or I may not even touch my self care pouch at all.

The first of my top 4 favourite oils is Cedarwood. I’ve previously shared that I’m usually groggy in the morning as I may not have gotten a good night’s sleep. As I night nurse my child, I’m either waking up quite often at night, or I am just awake. Such frequent night waking takes its toll on me so I use Cedarwood a lot to oxygenate my brain. I could use Peppermint, but I don’t like to so early in the morning because my baby is still asleep, and Peppermint might wake him up.

With Cedarwood, I apply it on the back of my neck, on my forehead and on the rims of my ears as well. This oil helps to regulate your melatonin levels, helping you to be more awake and alert in the morning and helps you to fall asleep faster at night. My mom likes Cedarwood because it helps her to get to sleep, especially now that she is older and sleep doesn’t come as easily.

I love Cedarwood in the afternoon too, when I want to be productive at work and also to make sure that I get things accomplished that day.

The oil after Cedarwood is Endoflex, a very hormonally balancing oil for both men and women. Endoflex is also great for metabolism, so if you want to burn calories faster and maintain a healthy weight range, try Endoflex. I also like how it smells of Spearmint, helping to perk me up in the morning.

I apply Endoflex on the sides of my neck where the lymph nodes are, and also on the area below my underarms where the lymphatic system is. To be honest, this isn’t an oil that I would generally buy, but after reading how Dr David Stewart talked about Endoflex as his favourite oil, I thought, if a guy as old as Dr David Stewart likes the oil, it must be something good. Initially, I was slightly concerned that it would affect my milk supply since I’m nursing, but I’ve been using it everyday and find that it does not affect my milk supply.

So that’s Cedarwood and Endoflex for the morning pick-me-up, especially if you want to be like Rachel and be able to skip your morning coffee. I used to be on sugar laden instant coffee and tea up to even 2-3 times a day! For the past 6 weeks, I stopped drinking instant coffee and tea, instead I use these oils and I take my NingXia Red. To be honest, I do sometimes have a cup of coffee at the kopitiam because I like the taste of it, not that I need a pick-me-up. As a result of cutting coffee and sugar, I find that my energy overall is a lot cleaner. With coffee and tea being loaded with sugar, I do feel the perk, but after a while, I am sluggish because of the sugar crash. Using the oils and NingXia Red gives me a lot better and cleaner energy!

Okay, the next oil that I use is Transformation. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil. When I left my corporate job in 2013 to work on Young Living full time, I wasn’t very sure whether I could do it or not and Transformation was an oil that I used very often. This an oil that I use to reprogramme myself, to let go of limiting beliefs, so I use it the way I use other mental and emotional oils, which is to put it at the back of my neck, over my forehead and on the rims of my ears.

Transformation, Cedarwood and Abundance play a very key role in me ramping up my business back in 2013 and 2014. I feel that if you want to do something for your life and you want to get the results with powerful momentum and speed, you need to look at yourself, and let go of the beliefs that can limit you. And that’s the reason why I use a lot of brain oils like Cedarwood and Transformation.

I end my morning ritual with Gratitude. I’ve talked about Gratitude before here and Gratitude is something that is very important to me and something I try to practise everyday. This is especially so when I’m grumpy and really critical of myself, and of my family members, especially my husband. This is an oil that stops me from having negative feelings and thoughts, but to go back into the positive instead. So that’s giving thanks for the things that I have in my life. I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful that my parents are very healthy, I’m grateful that my husband and children are doing very well, I’m grateful for having a business that gives a comfortable income, such that Jon and I can be home for the family. I’m very very grateful.

Actually, a week ago, I changed out some of the oils in my self care pouch, because I was getting bored with some of the oils. So some of the oils that I have now are actually new.

My 11th and 12th oil are my roll-ons, Tranquil with a taped up bottom because my son threw it when I tried to put him to sleep, and Stress Away. If you’re a parent or a caregiver, you might find yourself to be sibei stressed. Kid falls down, stress. Exams are here, stress. So my husband and I will use Stress Away. You will see us rolling it down the sides of our necks “Kids.. Making us so worried.. Stress away.. Stress away..”

It’s important to work on releasing your stress everyday because for myself, I know that if I have a stress built up, I get this persistent physical ache in my neck and my shoulders, so I do use Stress Away to get rid of that.

I also use Tranquil, I’ve spoken about it here that besides chasing my kids to sleep with this oil, and to get rid of their meltdowns and tantrums, I use it on myself too when I’m stressed or when I want to be focused yet relaxed. You can also layer Tranquil with Lavender for a magnified effect. One good tip is that, since Roman Chamomile is always out of stock in YL USA, you can get Tranquil because it has Roman Chamomile in it and it’s very soothing for skin. And Tranquil is available in YL Singapore!

Let’s go into the second row with my afternoon oils. Inspiration is the first oil, I love it so much that I actually have another bottle in my kitchen. I diffuse Inspiration there because my husband’s computer is just next to the kitchen. I love the smell of this oil, and this is the oil I go to when I’m stuck for ideas.

Ah my second oil for the afternoon is actually a new oil! You might have seen this post on Lady Sclareol. I actually have had 2 bottles for ages, at least 2 years old and I’ve never reached out for it. Until one day, I diffused it in my study room and found it pretty interesting that it got me to love myself more and puts a halt to me being critical of myself. So Lady Sclareol for self love!

Next, Ylang Ylang which I’ve mentioned in my previous broadcast on the oils that I didn’t like the smell of. Just like Lady Sclareol, I have bottles of unopened Ylang Ylang that I got as free gifts from YL USA.“Oh my god, I need to use them up!” The first time I used it, I really didn’t like the smell but Elaine Tan was telling me that she loves Ylang Ylang and it really helps with emotional balancing. Like Lady Sclareol, my personal experience with Ylang Ylang is that I love myself more and I wasn’t that hard and harsh on myself. I have another bottle of Ylang Ylang in my work pouch, so when I’m in the study room, “Okay lah.. Apply some Ylang Ylang over my heart as well”, just to keep me balanced and cool about things.

Next is also a new oil, Present Time. I love this saying by Eckhart Tolle, “If you spend too much time in the past, you will experience a lot of resentment and frustration. If you spend too much time in the future, you will experience a lot of worry and anxiety.” I like Present Time to keep me focused on the present as that’s where our power lies. With all mental and emotional oils, I’m very boring, I just apply on my forehead, rims of ears, back of head and over my chest. I find the smell of Present Time to be quite an acquired smell, so I guess I’m not very present also, haha.

The next oil is Valor II. I use Valor and Valor II interchangeably whether it’s in the raindrop set or for courage and to steady my nerves. The new Peace and Calming II and Valor II have this new essential oil called Davana. It’s not available as a single oil but it’s an oil that Gary Young has been putting into quite a few of his new blends. If you wondering if Valor II smells like Valor, no it doesn’t. Which one smells better? Valor! But because I have Valor II, I just put it in my pouch and I can use it as and when I want to.

Okay, I’m done with the afternoon oils! Now on the oils for my evening selfcare. The first oil Oola Balance. As a person, I’m very inclined to work. So if you look at my whole life in it’s entirety, there’s family, friends, work, self care and fitness, I’m most drawn to work. I use Oola Balance in the evening to balance myself out and Oola Grow when I’m going work in the study room. The Oola Guys who created the Oola oils recommended that you use Oola Grow in the morning and Oola Balance in the evening.

Next oil is Forgiveness, this is an oil I’ve covered here for Mother’s Day. I know the word forgiveness is really very heavy but I use Forgiveness the way I use Joy. I’m pretty hard on myself, so forgiveness is for myself, to release release release and just let it go. It’s not so much of forgiving others but to forgive myself for all the self chastisement.

I think a lot of us moms, we first came to Young Living because we want to have healthy kids. I’m like that too, I wanted to get all the oils for respiratory and immunity etc, but after that I realised that there are other emotional oils that are pretty awesome too. At first I thought, “It’s because people have already bought them, so they just say it’s good” but it was only after I’ve used it that I find that they are absolutely absolutely amazing. So I really invite you guys to try out these oils, because you deserve the self care too.

Next 2 oils is Dream Catcher and Build Your Dream in my night routine. People often think that Dream Catcher is for kids with night terrors. I was just reading about Dream Catcher and it’s very interesting! It awakens creative thoughts and protects you from negative thoughts. So it’s not just for sleep, it’s very good for keeping yourself positive! I like to combine Dream Catcher with Build Your Dream, Envision and Light Your Fire, which is last year’s convention oil. I try to use all these before I sleep to have good dreams and solutions come to me in my dream.

When Juvia was a baby and she kept having night terrors, we used Dream Catcher and had some good results from that, though after a while we switched over to other sleep oils. If you have kids with night terrors, where the kids are screaming in the night unlike the regular nightmare, Dream Catcher is good for that. Or if you want to have good dreams and good visions like 4D numbers, this this oil combo!

My last oil is White Angelica, I’ve spoken about it in another post about tales from the other side where we talked about spirits and ghosts. A lot of people in my family can actually see ghosts or sense it, so if you’re that kind that are sensitive to spirits or the other worldly elements, use White Angelica to protect yourself.

This oil is also great to protect your aura, if you find that you are working in an environment that has a lot of toxic and negative people, use White Angelica for that. You can apply it on your shoulders or over your aura, if you believe in auras. The aura of your body is actually about an inch above you and around you. So you can take a drop in your palm and visualise this invisible layer above and all around you, do a sweeping motion to coat that layer. Sweep over your entire body to cleanse your aura.

In fact, for people who are really into chakras and stuff, when they drip the oils in their palms or even onto someone’s body, they won’t drip it so close because they believe that the aura is a bit higher than the body. So they will drip a bit higher, maybe about 6cm off the body. This way, when the drop of oils drips out, it goes right through the aura, into the body itself. For those doing energy work, this is something you can look into doing with White Angelica.

Another thing is this, if you do raindrop for others, especially if they are not your kids, make sure to use White Angelica first to protect yourself. I’ve never heard of any negative reactions when raindropping your own kids, but I’ve heard cases when my friend raindropped her grandfather who wasn’t well, she felt really sick until she used White Angelica and Palo Santo to break the connection. The other one that I’ve heard of was from Jacq, my upline. She was raindropping a dog that wasn’t doing too well, and after a few hours, she had some symptoms that was very similar to what the dog has. So I’m just saying that, if you’re going to do raindrop on others, do protect yourself first. And if you find that you forgot to protect yourself, remember Palo Santo and White Angelica to cut the connection between you and the recipient after giving the raindrop.

Okay that’s all I have for the oils in my self care pouch!



Do we need to dilute Tranquil before applying on a less than 2 year old?

Actually I don’t dilute, I just roll it on.

Where to apply Stress Away for the fastest effect?

I would apply over my heart. The good thing about Stress Away is that it also supports heart health. So if you don’t have oils like Lavender, Aroma Life and Ylang Ylang, Stress Away is a good alternative to support your heart. Especially if you find that your kids are giving up your blood pressure.

Where is the brainstem?

At the back of your neck, near the base of your skull, there’s actually a soft spot and that’s the brainstem. Applying oils there helps to get it right into your brain really quickly.

I feel giddy when I smell Stress Away, is that weird?

Uhm, it’s not a very common reaction but if you find that you’re giddy, you can add a carrier oil to dilute it further or you can try another oil like Lavender, Peace and Calming or even Frankincense helps with stress as well. You can try other oils first to manage to stress, then after like 2-3 weeks, go back to Stress Away and try it again to see if you’ve the same reaction. Another reason why you might feel giddy when you use a certain oil is that you may not have drunk enough water, so try to hydrate yourself and apply the oil again and see if it works for you.

I have Present Time, but I don’t know what to do with it.

Anytime that you find yourself scattered, or you’re worrying about timelines, deadlines, or you want to bring your focus back to the present, you can use Present Time. There’s an oil inside, I don’t remember what oil, but because it has this strong smell, the last time I dripped it into my diffuser pendant, everytime I smell it, it kinda anchors me back to my present, rather than allow my thoughts to wander back into the past or into the future. So I like Present Time for that.

Does that mean that it’s better for us to apply White Angelica after raindrop?

No! It’s better for you to apply White Angelica BEFORE you do the raindrop. It may not be such a good idea to apply after, as it’s a bit like trying to minimize instead of prevent. So try to be proactive and do it as a preventive measure rather than as a “whoops, I forgot!” and do it afterwards.

Can you give more information on the different kinds of headaches?

Okay, there are 4 kinds of headaches, there are hormonal headaches, sinus induced headaches, stress induced headaches and the last one is when you have tight muscles that creates tension headaches, which is what I have. I mentioned before that when I was at my corporate job, the desk was not very ergonomic, so I was perpetually having my right shoulder bent in because I was using the mouse. Over the years of that, I find that the shoulder is very tight, the muscles were in knots and the tension travelled up my neck into the base of my skull. That was where I had my headache, especially when I’m really stressed. That’s why I say that stiff and tight muscles can give you a headache as well.

Do look at Steffie’s post on headaches, she has a very comprehensive post on the topic.

Must you always rub any oil in the palm first before applying?

It depends on who you want to apply the oils on. Generally for children, I like to rub it in my palms first because it’s less messy and won’t drip down my palms. Also with very fidgety and active kids that will run off before I oil them properly, I prefer to put it on my palms, rub it together so that it’s all over my palms before I rub it on them. Now that Juvia can be stationary for quite a while, I would also drip the oils directly on her, but not on Sol because he will suddenly turn around or run off.

For myself, if I want to apply on my shoulders or head right, I do rub it in my palms first, so that it won’t just drip down and get really messy.


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Roll-On Packaging Tubes Travelling Tip

Travelling and hate the ideas of bringing bulky or glass supplement bottles? Store those capsules in any of these YL roll on tubes (Deep Relief, Tranquil, Stress Away, Stress Away)! ‪#‎yleo ‪#‎youngliving ‪#‎travel

PS: You might want to label the tubes too for easy customs verification.


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Oils To Combat The Afternoon Slump

And these are my oils to combat the afternoon slump!

I’ve been an obasan (ajumma for Korean drama fans out there!) these days with the cooking, spring-cleaning (hello KonMari!) and just when I want to nap, I use these to perk me up.

Peppermint to jolt me up, Cedarwood to oxygenate my brain for those brain crunching activities and Nutmeg to help support my adrenal glands and revitalise me. I apply the first two on my forehead and back of neck, Nutmeg just below my boobs.

What are your go to YL oils and products to perk you up?

‪#‎beatafternoonslump ‪#‎energy


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