You got your first sign up! What’s next? (Commission Paperwork)


Congratulations! You have shared about the YL oils to your friends and she has signed up for an account under you. Your first sign up!

What’s next? Steps!

1. Login to your account and fill up the Direct Deposit of Commission form at Member Resources.
2. Take a photo of your bank statement too, which shows your name and bank account number and email both to YL Singapore customer service (email can be found in your account homepage).

YL takes a few weeks to process the paperwork and once done, you would get the money deposited in your bank account for each month your downlines has purchased from YL. The requirement is that it must be at least 25 PV, otherwise YL will add the money to your YL account as credits. If you did not fill in the paperwork, YL will automatically deposit the money into your YL account as credits too. How can I check my YL account for credits?

You can view your commission report on 15th of each month (e.g. you would view March commission on 15th April) under My Account Viewer > My Commissions. Payout is between 18th to 20th of each month.


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