Oops! I Made A Boohoo!

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You all know both Transformation essential oil and Lavender essential oils have lovely purple labels? So well, I wanted to diffuse Transformation essential oil in the office, but got the wrong purple oil. Now my work-area has a lovely peaceful Lavender scent, pray nobody prays asleep. And if anyone does, pray nobody will associate it to my Lavender essential oil.

So why did I want to diffuse Transformation essential oil. I’ve been assigned to take on a new role and new project. The first piece of work for that change just came in, and I felt so reluctant and unwilling. And I need some Transformation oil to support my conscious mind to make the necessary changes.

Transformation essential oil helps to stimulate one’s mind and strengthen one’s resolve when dealing with difficult decisions, especially when related to a change in attitude or a change in one’s belief system.

So I shall apply Transformation essential oil on my forehead and over heart, while inhaling Lavender. I will transform calmly and peacefully.

If you like to know more my oils protocol to support change, have a read at my earlier post.



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Lemony Tips

Ever got something really sticky on your hands and try as you might to get the stickiness off, it still STICKS?? #funwithrepeatedwords #hahaha

I got it when I was wrestling off a label off my pens. Uurgh! Soaping and washing it off didn’t help.

I grabbed my Lemon eo and drip on my hands. Rub a little. And hey! It dissolves! Though my fingers are a little oily now, I can wash my hands clean of this situation! #sopunny

Here’s some other usages Lemon is great for:

  1. Alkalises body (sugar, stress, caffeine and dairy make our bodies more acidic and that’s how we can fall sick)
  2. Great as immune support
  3. A very handy kitchen degreaser!
  4. Cheers one up
  5. Promotes focus and memory retention
  6. Pregnant and not liking peppermint for nausea? Try sniffing lemon to stop barfing
  7. Lighten spots on face and those dark pits. Heh. But please avoid sunlight for 12 hours afterwards since lemon is a photosensitive oil and can turn skin dark. Or apply in the evening.


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Motivation with Clarity EO

The following may or may not be a true story…

In a WhatsApp group chat with Steffie Sam, Irene Koh and Connie Wong:

Steffie: I don’t know what to write about for this week for LAO FB. No ideas liao… Plus I am having a headache today. A bad one.
Faith: Eh so simple. You go plonk oils on your head. Oils for occasional head discomfort (sometimes this compliant language makes me laugh.) 200 words. Go!
Steffie: Ok ok like that, I pick one topic for you too lah. Go write about oils for motivation. And you CANNOT mention Motivation eo. 200 words. Go!

(Steffie subsequently convinced Irene and Connie to join this impromptu challenge too. That woman ah, persuasive persuasive.)

So as a result of this challenge, I am now writing to you all on what I use for motivation without using Motivation eo. And that oil is… Clarity! #ifeelsosleepy #bedtimesoon


If you have seen my video on what oils I use to do my business planning and work, I actually flashed this large red pouch onscreen. That’s my work pouch and inside I have a large arsenal at my disposal, hahaha.

I love my business. And the truth is I do love most of what I do. I love the writing, teaching, sharing, coaching, working with my teams…

But I also got stuff I don’t like. I DISLIKE administration and logistics. Like mailing out stuff. Or coordinating for payments. I really procrastinate and the molehill gets bigger and bigger each day…

I like using Clarity to start my work because:

1. It gets me clear on why I am doing this. I may not like the specific task I am doing at hand but getting clear on why it is important, how it contributes to my grand vision, gets me to finish it.

2. If you look up Clarity in the mobile app, Reference Guide for Essential Oils, Clarity is especially created to help with metal alertness, focus and memory retention. So important for mundane stuff like administration.
TIP: If you or your kids are preparing for the exams in May, Clarity is an awesome oil to use!

3. There is oils like Cardamom, Lemon and Peppermint inside which perks me up. Especially when I feel sluggish, unmotivated and lazy. Like when I am writing this post. Heh.

Over to Steffie, Irene and Connie!

#okifinishmywriteupliao #yayyayyay #morethan200words


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