Vetiver, Oh Vetiver!

Psst I’ll let you in on a secret….

Till 3 nights ago, I haven’t tried Vetiver yet in my years of using the YL oils.

I mean I’ve heard of it, how calming it is and how it can help enlarge breasts! But I didn’t reach for it since I like to think that:

  1. I’m very calm
  2. My chest size is just fine!

Until Pei Jansen told me about her “enchanted forest at dusk” diffuser blend (2 drops Vetiver, 3 drops Lavender, 5 drops Tangerine). I am so intrigued by the description that I simply gotta try it.

diffuser blend

I dug out my Vetiver and as I dripped it into the diffuser, the smell hit me! Oh wow! I’m trying to describe how lovely, how complicated it smells to me. Its smoky, musky, woodsy. #loveatfirstsight

My first thought was I gotta get more bottles! And because I’m curious about its properties, I went to read up more on it.

Among its many many properties, Vetiver is also an immune stimulant, promotes restful sleep and can help with oily, tired, aging, irritated skin. Interestingly enough, it calms the nervous system WHILE stimulates circulation.

And yes like Myrrh, it’s a very thick oil so be patient as you drip it out!

I shall be diffusing Vetiver tonight.


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