What’s In My Baby Son’s Pouch?

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the first of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here!

Tonight, I’m going to talk about what’s in my baby son’s pouch. There are 16 oils but I’m not going to go through all 16 as that will take far too long. Instead I will bring you through the highlights and the rationale behind each of them.

To give a bit of background, my son Sol has just turned 1 in April. I packed this pouch specially for him since birth and it has catered to him until now. So let’s go through it!

If you’ve been following my Periscope, which is another video livestreaming platform, you would have heard me mention the Kidscents Oils. What I love about the Kidscents Oils is that they are already prediluted. They are sold separately and in a set in Young Living USA. I got my set from Young Living USA 2 years ago, and it had 6 oils, but I think they’ve downsized it to just 5 oils.

sol pouch

The 6 oils are SniffleEase, SleepyIze, TummyGize, GeneYus, Bitebuster and Owie. I absolutely love how the names are all so cute! And I like how I don’t need to tell you much about the oils because the names itself already gives you a clue! These oils are great even for adults! If you only have the Kidscents oils with you, and an adult needs it, just use! They are pretty good for adults as well.

My absolute favourite oil from the Kidscents set is SleepyIze. This is an especially very good oil for sleep for my baby. If he is irritable, cranky, rubbing his eyes and pulling his ears, this helps him to get to sleep a lot quicker. It’s great how the Kidscents oils are all prediluted, so if you’re a lazy mother like me who don’t like to dilute, try the Kidscents set! You can just take a drop or 2 and directly apply on your child.

My next favourite oil is SniffleEase. Again I don’t need to tell you what it’s for, because you can tell from the name itself. It supports the respiratory system and I like it whenever I need to support his lungs and breathing.

Let’s see, TummyGize. When Sol was a newborn, I used TummyGize and DiGize interchangeably. I find TummyGize a lot gentler and convenient since I don’t have to dilute it. I take a swipe or half a drop from the bottle and apply it directly on his belly button.

Okay how do you do half a drop? Just take out one drop on your palm, swipe and rub with a finger and use that to apply on a newborn’s belly button. Then rub the rest of the oil on the soles.

The next oils are Owie and Bite Buster. I think the reason why Young Living cut out Bite Buster was because they were so similar in terms of the effect. For Sol, now that he is learning to walk, he stumbles and falls a lot, instead of Lavender, I use Owie to support his skin health and it’s been working pretty well.

Okay GeneYus is an oil you can use to support the brain. If you’re like, “Oh why isn’t my kid talking so quickly. Oh, I just want him to be a little bit quicker in his personal development” You can try applying GeneYus on him. To be really honest, I don’t really use GeneYus. Sometimes I do just for fun. You can apply it on his head, the forehead, the rims of the ears, the back of the head. It’s pretty awesome for school-going kids also, if you want them to be more focused, extra attentive, or perhaps getting that A for exams, this could be a good oil to support the brain as well.

That’s all for the Kidscents set!

Now I will go to the more interesting oils that I have in his baby pouch like Christmas Spirit. If you look at the ingredients in Christmas Spirit, the oils mainly fall into 2 categories: respiratory and immunity oils. I like how Christmas Spirit is a one-stone-kill-two-birds oil. If I find that my son needs support in both immunity and respiratory systems, this is what I would use.However, as it has Clove, I am more cautious and will only apply it on his soles, the way I do with Thieves.

I also have Roman Chamomile. If your child or baby is sensitive to seasonal situations or even to temperature changes in the air, you can try Roman Chamomile. It is a great oil for soothing a cranky kid and also great for teething, you can apply on the jawline or straight on the gums if you’re comfortable with that.

You can also use this oil to support the skin. For example, one drop of Roman Chamomile to V6 makes a soothing massage oil for your infant. There are actually 2 kinds of Chamomiles, Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile, which I used to get really confused over. Roman Chamomile is like the regular pale yellow oil, but German Chamomile is very very bright cobalt, sapphire blue oil. German Chamomile is very supportive of the skin while I prefer Roman Chamomile for calming and soothing properties.

I have your regular popular oils like Lavender, which is a good oil for all babies. Great for calming cranky kids and to help them get a good night’s rest, really everything. You can add it to a massage oil as well.

Next is Gentle Baby. I know most of us only have this in 5ml but I have the 15ml! This is a great oil for both mothers and children. Recently, we had this DIY class where we learnt to make DIY products with the Young Living oils and other raw materials. I learnt that using Gentle Baby in your babies’ toiletries is very luxurious! I tried it 2 days ago, I used boiled water, castile soap and 18 drops of Gentle Baby and it was really lovely and nice for skin.

For mothers who have just given birth, use this, diluted with a carrier oil and apply it over your skin. It helps to minimize stretch marks and also for pregnant ladies to prevent stretch marks. It’s also a good oil for bonding when you’re cuddling your child!

Another oil is Peace and Calming, haha I have it in 15 ml as well. Currently it’s only available in 5ml bottles because Young Living’s Blue Tansy had a bad harvest. Tests ran on the oil did not meet Young Living’s standards, so Young Living broke it up into 5ml bottles instead, so that you can enjoy the same oil in smaller bottles to uphold quality standards.

They also came up with a new formulation, Peace and Calming II which has the same properties. Young Living let an oil go out of stock, break it down to smaller bottles or even reformulate a new one just to ensure that you will not get an inferior product.

Another oil that might be new to you is Lemon Myrtle. You probably know Myrtle in Singapore, so what’s Lemon Myrtle? It’s an oil that is very supportive of the immune system, so I’ve used it to support Sol’s immunity. For immunity, I rotate between Frankincense, Lemon Myrtle, Thieves and Christmas Spirit. I like Lemon Myrtle for both immunity and respiratory systems, it is also very gentle, and it smells very much like Lemon. I got it from Young Living USA.

Okay, Eucalyptus Radiata, another very popular oil for young children and babies. Mine comes with a rollerball because I have it already prediluted. As you can see, it’s quite an old bottle, it has like 30 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata and I topped up the rest of the 15ml bottle with V6 oil, and I just roll on my son.

In Young Living, there are 3 kinds of Eucalyptus. There is Eu. Blue, Eu Radiata and from Young Living USA, there is Eu. Globulus. I’ve written about the differences between them, but just remember this. All three are great for supporting respiratory health, as for the secondary uses, remember for Eu. Radiata, for radiant hair and skin. For Eu. Blue, imagine feeling very blue, this oil is supportive of your emotions, helping to uplift you from the funk. Eu. Globulus, think of the globe and humans, it is very supportive of the bones and muscles in the human body. That’s the way how I differentiate the 3 oils.

The very last oil is Joy. This is very interesting because it’s not really related to my baby, it’s for myself. I hand express breastmilk for Sol, so I need to have a letdown, I use a combination of Joy and Lavender. Lavender to relax me and Joy to trigger letdown. What you can do is that you can apply either or both oils on your breast or just over the nipples, then rub the excess in your palms and inhale, just to have you relax and trigger the letdown when you’re pumping or hand expressing.



How old onwards, can kids use these oils?

If you look at the bottle labels, it actually tells you from age 2 onwards, but I’ve personally used the oils on my son since he was a newborn. So I would leave it to your comfort level as to when you want to start using the oils for your children. Generally, as a rule of thumb, I look at the weight of the child instead of the age. Newborns are usually around 2-3kg, so I would do less than a drop on their soles, or heavily diluted on wherever I need to apply like over the tummy for colic or to support digestion, on the chest for respiratory system support.

Can these oils be directly applied on newborn babies or still require further diluting even though they are prediluted?

I actually use the Kidscents oils straight from the bottle, but what I do is that, I use very little of it. So for prediluted oils like these, I just swipe the top of the bottle to get a little oil and use that.

Does Peace and Calming II smell the same as Peace and Calming?

Uhm no, when you first smell Peace and Calming II, you will find that it smells of Middle Eastern spices, but at the end note, it smells really like Peace and Calming.

Is Lemon Myrtle the same as Melissa?

Nope, it’s different! Melissa is known as Lemon Balm, they smell really similar as they have overtones of Lemon. In terms of properties, they both support immune system but personally I find Melissa a lot more powerful than that, which is why it has a higher price tag too. I do use both interchangeable, though I use Melissa more during critical cases.

Can Eu. Radiata be used on a less than 2 years old baby?

Yes, my baby is now only 1 and I’ve been using it on him. What I do is that, for babies that are rather young, I dilute more. For Sol, since he was a newborn, I’ve done about 80-85% dilution til now.

I’ve read that Eu. Radiata and Eu. Blue are the safest for young babies, is that true? I always reach out for those when they cough.

If you look at the Gentle Babies book by Debra Raybern who is a pediatrician who is also using the Young Living oils, she advocates Eu. Radiata. I generally don’t differentiate between all 3, I do use them interchangeable but I know that some parents are concerned about Eucalyptus. So if you ask me to pick, I would pick Eu. Radiata as the gentlest option for babies and young kids.

I’m using Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender and Roman Chamomile to calm down my cranky 15months old every night, is there anything I can cut down?

What you can try to do, if you don’t mind having a few restless nights, is to try using just one oil first and see how it works. Then if that oil doesn’t give you the results that you desire, then you switch to the next oil a couple of hours later, or even the next night. That’s how you can see what oils really work well for your child. The other oil you can try is White Angelica, especially if you think that the child is restless because of some kind of stuff going on at night, White Angelica could be very helpful as well.

Do I have to rotate the oils every three months?

Erm, there isn’t any hard or fast oils on rotating of oils, my selection of oils tend to be quite random, so I just make it a point to use different oils every now and then. I don’t really say like okay 3 months later, I will switch, it is really about my desire to try out as many oils as possible so that if one oil goes out of stock, like how Eu. Radiata is out of stock now, I will always have other options to fall on. That’s the way how I oil my kids with the rationale of experimenting.

So, is Gentle Baby or Peace and Calming better? Can I mix them to diffuse?

You should not be mixing both to diffuse. If you want to diffuse both Gentle Baby and Peace and Calming, you will have to run 2 different diffusers. One of the reasons is because, Gentle Baby and Peace and Calming are 2 different blends. If you look at the ingredients right, each of them have at least 5 oils, so if you mix them together, you will have like 10 different oils in the diffuser. It’s a little too much and I find that I will prefer to split into 2 diffusers or rotate them for diffusing.

What oils are good for a child that has sleep terror? They cry or scream in their sleep.

You can try Dream Catcher, that’s a good oil if you find that your kids have night terrors. You can also try White Angelica to soothe the terrors.



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