The Secret to Youth and Beauty

The secret to youth and beauty…. 😉

Here’s my mom. This photo is taken before Ju bowled her over lol. She’s 67. And here’s her beauty secrets!

  1. She uses Art skincare, peppermint satin scrub from YL usa and Sheerlume (brightening cream).
  2. She takes Sacred Frankincense or Frankincense in her Ningxia Red and lemon in her water.

My dear friend Gennet Song is another everlasting beauty. And here’s her regime!

  1. Art skin care
  2. Scrub (peppermint satin scrub)
  3. Creme masque
  4. Renewal Serum for skin regeneration
  5. Oils every night – Geranium for tightening skin, frankincense, Helichrysum (do you know it’s known as the everlasting flower?), Myrrh
  6. If she wear makeup, she clean with V6 or coconut oil before facial wash.


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