I’m Out Of RC!!

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What was the first oil that you were recommended for respiratory support? … RC, most likely! Every Young Living user loves it, I am sure. I love it! But, hey, believe it or not, in my 21 months of usage, I have only used 1 bottle of RC and a second bottle is hardly touched. And I am a heavy oil user when it relates to respiratory function.

It is common to hear “RC is the only one that helps”. When RC went out of of stock, there was disappointment and a mad rush to stock up or to get from any available source. RC becomes a coveted oil. Today, it is not uncommon to get a few bottles on standby.

RC is a great blend and so is every single and blend that Young Living has to offer. In my humble opinion, keep calm and choose alternatives for respiratory function.

Here are some oils I have used in place of RC very regularly on my boys which in turn, double up as oils for my self-care routine:


  • For boys: It supports immune and respiratory functions
  • For me: It helps me to detox.


  • For boys: It magnifies other oils and supports the throat function.
  • For me: I consume it daily in my water or Ningxia Red as a dietary supplement.


  • For boys: It improves lung efficiency
  • For me: It promotes circulation and I use it nightly for dark eye circles.

Dorado Azul

  • For boys: It opens airways to support normal breathing.
  • For me: It heightens my spiritual awareness together with Hyssop for meditation.


  • For boys: It supports throat function.
  • For me: It spice up the bedroom when needed. Ahem. 😉

Idaho Balsam Fir

  • For boys: It supports lung capacity.
  • For me: It soothes backache due to monthly women issues.


  • For boys: It is similar to Copaiba.
  • For me: It supports my digestive system and regulates normal blood sugar levels.

I am sure you know of many more oils that you can use to replace RC and for yourself too! Have a great evening!



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