Idaho Balsam Fir

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It is like bringing the whole forest of fir trees to your little bottle. Though I am clueless as to how an actual fir tree smell like, taking a whiff of Balsam Fir gives me that feeling that I have always known the alpine forest.

With many oils out there, why do we need Balsam Fir?

Because it improves the efficiency of a healthy lung. We know the importance of deep breathing – to increase oxygen in our body for optimal wellness. My mom works in the library and she pushes trolleys of books and rushes around to arrange the books in order. The weight and the mountain of books to arrange leaves her exhausted and breathless at the end of every working day. Her TCM physician said she is just stressed. When we are rushing day to day, we do not breathe as deeply. After giving my mom Balsam Fir, it helps her to relax as well as supports her lungs to function more efficiently when she is burnt out at work.

When my boys recover from coughs, I will apply Balsam Fir to maintain their well-being by improving the breathing. On top of supporting the respiratory system, it soothes my over-worked muscles from dancing and chores. It has also eased my lower back ache due to Aunt Flow.

The refreshing woody scent is the reason why I always feel calm and grounded whenever I use on the boys or myself, just like being in nature.

Its scent is also the reason why it can uplift my spirits on a moody day.

As I inhale and write this, I am compelled to do deep breathing exercises just before I retire for the night. Goodnight!



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