I remembered using Transformation back in 2013 when I intended to leave my job and wanted oh so badly to create an income out of my Young Living business QUICKLY. I would apply apply apply everyday on the back of my neck and on my forehead and rims of ears and praying for a miracle. I was leaving a 5 digit monthly paycheck and needed to have at least $3000 to put food on the table and pay the bills. Well I got what I want and then…

I stopped using. For the next 2 years.

2015 for me was a year of resistance to change. It was mostly about clinging on to old habits that have served me in the past but probably not so in the present.  Funny though, I used to love the smell of Transformation. The Peppermint in it perks me up and I felt revitalised by this blend. It was APPLY THIS and GO OUT AND CONQUER THE WORLD!

Then I tried using it once in awhile in 2015 and it didn’t smell too good to me. It was too sweet, to the point of nauseating and I brushed it aside, thinking that it could be my hormones. Or my nose. Or something… like my resistance to embrace changes. ‪#‎truestory

Well… I am back in using it daily again. And my experience has been… if you want something badly and you are willing to go through CHANGES in yourself, SHIFTS in your thinking, then USE THIS! I was using it for about a week and have experience SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in my life. Like *coughs* being vocal about my needs and *coughs* working on life balance.

Here’s what the Reference Guide for Essential Oils say:

“Many of the oils in this blend are powerfully energizing and stimulating to the conscious mind, allowing for the support necessary to make changes, especially mental and emotional changes.

When diffused or worn as a perfume, this blend of oils may help stimulate one’s mind and strengthen one’s resolve when dealing with difficult decisions, especially when related to a change in attitude or a change in one’s belief system.”

PS: A shout out to all parents who are feeling jittery over your kids’ first day of school at Primary One! Here’s my wishes that all kids love their schools and make many awesome friends!



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