German Chamomile

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There are some oils which I will replenish often. German Chamomile is one of them. It’s not one of those pleasant smelling oils around but I have come to like it.

German Chamomile has a beautiful blue colour which is from the compound, chamazulene, studied for its ability to support the body’s natural response to irritation. Therefore, it dispels heat from the body. When a person is full of anger or rage, it stores in the liver. In TCM viewpoint, it is liver fire. Our livers work hard to release toxins so I use German Chamomile to support the liver function, at the same time, releasing stored negative emotions that may be trapped.

German Chamomile supports healthy skin too. Its calming effects not only relaxes me spiritually, it calms my skin and my boys’. Sometimes, we get little itchy bumps akin to detox rashes or occasional irritation from the environment. Lungs and skin are related and when my 3-year-old is coughing, his skin tends to be sensitive.

And there was once a fly brushed my cheek (Eeks)! Of all things, I had to have an “accident” with a fly. German Chamomile soothes my itch very quickly!

So, whenever someone needs skin support, I will suggest German Chamomile. Because whenever I apply it and seal it with Rose Ointment, the results were truly amazing.



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