Irene’s Top 3 Oils

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This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live on the 22nd of April. Original video link here!

I’ve been tagged to do this live video on the top 3 oils I can’t do without! This is such a hard decision because I love everything from Young Living. Let’s get this going! It’s my virgin video!

The first oil that I can’t do without is Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP), I use this to balance my hormones, to support my menstrual flow. This is embarrassing to share on social media, but I’ve been experiencing heavy flows since my younger days, and that doesn’t feel good. Why am I always going to the toilet to change.. TMI!

When I first started on PPP, I applied it down the sides of my neck, on the front of my neck, on my ankles to ease the flow and help me to PMS less. I’ve always been moody and snappy with my husband. My poor husband had to endure it for quite a while before this came along..

After using this, I’m a lot more energetic, I’ve more energy to get through my day during the cycle and my menstrual flow is a lot more manageable. Recently, I posted about how I used it before my holiday, and I didn’t have to worry about going to the toilet too often and I could enjoy my holiday in bikini haha.

The next oil is Cypress! This oil is about circulation, to get everything moving. When I first started using this, it was mainly for my boys’ respiratory systems as they tend to get irritations here and there. I use this for lung support and immunity for them.

For myself, I use this to ease my menstrual flow as well. I’ve been using this before I started on PPP, then I used it together with PPP. After that, I learnt that this oil is great to manage dark eye circles. I always sleep very late, so I get eye bags and eye circles. I apply Cypress around my eye bone with circular motions and I actually wake up the next day looking alright! I was really surprised when I tried it for the first time! I’m not advocating sleeping late but if I happen to sleep late and still want to look good the next day, I will apply Cypress. And viola the next day, I will look fine!

Also, if you’ve been weeping while watching dramas, you know that you’ll get water retention around the eye area and get eye bags? Apply Cypress and you will be ready for work the next day.

Oh oh, and you know how Cypress is for circulation right? Our body needs good circulation! Not only has this oil helped me to pee more, it has also helped to bring blood to a very important area.. You know.. In the bedroom? Heh heh this oil is an oil that we use very often 🙂 Now now, don’t snatch up all the Cypress okay!

The next oil is Peppermint! Peppermint brings down the temperature, you know how hot it has been these few days?! This is an oil I must bring out because I tend to get giddy in taxis, especially if I’m rushing from place to place on an empty stomach. I get motion sickness and I need something to help myself feel better. I can’t use anything that will irritate the driver so I will use Peppermint to perk me up. I will apply it on my tummy, behind my ears and I will feel better. Especially how you know how some drivers can drive very jerkily, oh my goodness, I would have thrown up. So thankful for Peppermint, it feels good and smells good! It also starts up a conversation with the driver, and sometimes before I even mention anything, they know I’m using essential oils.

So these are the 3 oils that I love very much! Thank you for your time, see you next time! Bye bye!


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