My Son Eats My Lotion and His Diaper Cream

Recently Sol’s taste buds have quite the adventurous journey. The other day he grabbed the Tender Tush diaper ointment, managed to open it and ate some. Today he unscrewed the the Lavender Body Lotion cap and was happily digging out the lotion and stuffing into his fat little cheeks.

Over these years while I was using the Young Living products for my babies, I’ve heard similar stories. My friend’s kid loves eating the Rose Ointment. Another kiddo drank some Thieves household cleaner. Nothing happened. Not even diarrhea or a tummy ache.

While of course I urged you all to keep your stuff properly and not encourage your kids to eat them, I’m still grateful that Gary Young made all YL toiletries and household products safe. One less thing to worry about!


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