Thieves Laundry Soap Review

I gotta admit… Although I’m female, I’m not the one doing the house chores in the Teo abode. That honour falls nicely into Jonathan‘s lap because hahaha the wife is often knee deep in her YL business. 😂😂

And you know lah, men have their funny ways of doing house chores. Like only doing the laundry once in a few days. Which resulted in an EWWWW smell from our underwear bucket. ‪#‎sorry ‪#‎toomuchinformation

“Hey you know, this Thieves Laundry Soap is not bad! Usually we have to wash twice with our regular detergent. This one good… all the smells gone!”

So there you have it from a man’s perspective. Toxic free, effective, awesome! Go get one today so you can get your hubs to do the laundry like me.



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