My Oily Morning Ritual!

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Original video link here!

Good morning! I was just using my oils this morning and I thought it would be cool to share what oils I use in the morning to start off the day on a right note. To be fair, I use a lot more than just 2-3 oils, I easily use up to 4-6 oils amongst all that is in my self care pouch, but I thought I would just keep this simple and easy, and just talk about the oils that I always use.


The first oil I use is Endoflex. I find that this is a very interesting oil and it is very supportive of the endocrine and lymphatic system. If you’re not too sure what does the endocrine system do, it’s actually the system that controls your hormones, so things like your metabolism rate, your female hormones like estrogen and progesterone etc. This oil is really great for all that!

A lot us, especially mothers, tend to lead lives that are extremely stressful like probably right now in the morning rush, you are getting your kids ready for school, you are also getting ready for work, there are so many things to do. The oil itself is a bit light blue and it smells of Spearmint which I like very much in the morning because it gives me a slight perk for the day. I like to apply it on my lymph nodes, which is on the sides of my neck and also directly under my armpits, not in my armpits but under.

I know that I’m quite prone to stress, so I use it to support my adrenal glands as well. Previously, when I had eczema, one of the supplements that my naturopath gave me that really turned things around, was a supplement that supported my adrenals. That supplement isn’t from Young Living, but when I took it and saw that my skin just got dramatically better within the day itself, I then understood that because I was so stressed from my previous corporate job, my adrenal glands were really fatigued. The adrenal glands are located above your kidney, so you can also apply on the sides of your stomach too. This might be something that you want to look to supporting if you’re feeling tired and stressed on a regular basis.

The next oil that I use is Cedarwood. I co-sleep with my son a lot and there are a lot of times, even today, where he wakes up throughout the night to nurse him. And because I wake up so often in the night, I may not get good sleep, so to perk myself up in the morning, I like to use Cedarwood. If I use Peppermint, I’m just worried that it will wake my son up as well because of the strong smell. Cedarwood is just a lot gentler and what I love about it is that, once I apply it at the back of my head, across my forehead and on my ears, it makes me more alert when it brings oxygen to my brain.

This is a very interesting oil because if you use it in the daytime, it helps to keep you alert and focused. If you use it at night, it helps to you to get more restful sleep. So I love Cedarwood for that. I also use it extensively for my business too, if I need more new ideas, or if I want to look at things from a different perspective.

My last oil is Valor II. We all know about Valor that is perpetually out of stock. I got Valor II from the USA because I just wanted to try it and I was very curious about how different it would smell from Valor. When I first sniffed it, I found that it was just so different from Valor. In fact, if you handed me this oil and not tell me that it’s Valor II, I wouldn’t think that it would have any relation to Valor itself. Valor II is an oil that you can use to replace Valor in the raindrop set if your Valor is already running out. I use Valor II and Valor interchangeably.

Personally, I use Valor II for courage. You know the Serenity Prayer? God grants me the wisdom to look at the things that I can change and to accept the things that I cannot change. Valor II is really about that for me, to instill courage in me to accept the things that I can’t change in my life, like for example, when my kids are really cranky or they are fussing, which are all part and parcel of a young child, really. So it really helps me to practise acceptance in my life and to have the courage to instill new things in my life, as much as I sometimes fear new changes.

That’s all I have for this, I will also do one on the oils that are part of my nightly ritual!



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