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In my early days of oiling, Joy was precious to me ’cause I finally bought an oil for myself after spending solely on my boys. I found great pleasure just by inhaling directly from bottle and bringing it around in my oil pouch but rarely applied. >.<

It was roughly more than a year ago when I was 99.999999% successful in weaning my second child from breast milk. One day, I went out for an “oily” event. Before I left the house, I was upset due to helper’s attitude. Intuitively and for the first time, I applied Joy over my heart wanting to let go whatever it was that angered me and to feel joyous again.

Hours later, I was still with my friends when I started to feel a sensation in my left breast… #whatsonyourmind

… I was experiencing milk letdown! It was totally unexpected! While my friend was yakking away, I felt the trickling underneath my blouse. #OMG

Haha, I am a little shy to say… not only milk was flowing, I was also in the mood for… you know. Well, that night, it was so hard keeping a poker face listening to my friend talking and struggling with bodily reactions. #blush

It was later on I discovered Joy can boost sex drive. It brings on feelings of loved and being loved, relaxation. No wonder that night was like floodgates opened. In the end, Joy stayed home during the weaning period.

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