My Husband, Jon’s Top 3 Oils!

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Original video link here!

jon top

Hello! I’ve been tasked to do this top 3 oils challenge, so my first oil is Thieves! I’m not going to talk much about Thieves because most of you already know what can Thieves do. I use this to support my throat so I can yell at my kids when they are being naughty and I also use it to keep my oral health in order. So that’s how I use my Thieves!

The second oil that is a must-have for me is Stress Away. I’m always very stressed with the kids and also when I’m flying. I will bathe myself in Stress Away whenever I’m on the plane so this is really a must-have for me!

The third oil, is something that not many people use, but it’s a real love for me. I really love this oil, because opening up this oil, using it and sharing it with others has always brought a lot of joy. This oil is Rose. I love it not just because of the properties of the oil, but to me it’s like a bottle of happiness as there’s always happiness around when I use this oil. It’s also a bottle of joy and gratitude. I really really love it and I’ve been using 4 bottles already.

So that’s it for my top 3 oils: Thieves, Stress Away and Rose!


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