Stop And Smell The Roses

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So, one day my girlfriend and me were in a “I miss you” girlie hug, and she commented that I smelt so good. She said she smelt Rose fragrance on me, and asked where did I apply my fragrance.

My answer to her was, I applied some on my neck and on my hair. But actually I was toooooo shy to say, I applied the essential oil on my underarms. That’s why the fragrance was especially strong when I opened my arms (and underarms) to hug her. 😝And I applied Geranium essential oil that day. This is how similar Geranium and Rose fragrance are.

At the time of writing, my 3 favorite and most regularly used essential oil for fragrance (and go freshen my underarms 😂) are Geranium, Lady Sclareol and Sensation.

Com’on, join me to be a walking rose. 🌹

Quick summary of their uses


  • Supports the female hormonal system.
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Excellent for skin to give you the healthy glow.
  • A happy oil that uplift your mood.

Lady Sclareol

  • Alluring scent that inspires romance
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Uplift your mood
  • Excellent for skin. It contains so many single oils that are for skin health
  • Supports the female hormonal system


  • Encourages feeling of romance and passion
  • Arousing scent
  •  Boost energy
  • Uplift your mood
  • Excellent for skin.

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Lady Sclareol for Self Love

Do you ever have oils that you’ve gotten for some reason or another and BARELY use them?

One of the oils that I hardly use (besides Sacred Mountain ahem) was Lady Sclareol. I’ve heard how seductive, how alluring, how feminine the smell is but for some reason, I never felt that I needed it. And the irony was that I have 2 bottles FREE as one of the Young Living promos!

3 days ago, I chanced upon both bottles and I suddenly thought. “Ok lah ok lah, I better use them up, otherwise waste!”

I diffused 9 drops in my study and didn’t think further about it. But something interesting happened.

If you know me, I’m UBER critical of myself. In one of my video broadcasts for Mother’s Day, I talked about the oil Forgiveness because I felt that it was so important to work on being gentle and loving with myself vs blaming myself for “why didn’t I do that?’ or “it’s my fault that…”.

As I was doing my work, the familiar feeling of being critical with myself came again. But suddenly I shoved the feeling away! A voice inside me said, “Ok that’s enough. You did the best you can with the best intentions you have.”

The 180 degrees change in thought astonished me and for the past 2 days I was wondering what happened that triggered the change. Was there any books I have read, conversations I have with people… and suddenly lightbulb moment! The only new thing I’ve done was diffusing Lady Sclareol.

I checked my mobile app Reference Guide for Essential Oils under Love and there it is… Lady Sclareol. I’ve always thought that oils like Joy and Forgiveness are wondrous for self love and here is another. 🙂

I will be using a lot more of this oil from now on. 


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