Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

Close your eyes and visualize this with me~

An elephant dashing like Usain Bolt (as if…) and suddenly does an emergency brake like F1-Lewis Hamilton?

That’s as close as I can describe on a running incident 2 months back while I was doing my jogging regime (sounds so pro haha). Because another runner did an illegal right turn into my path, I had to do a sudden stamping stop, creating a biscuit cracking sound which echoed so loudly…. Ouch~!

Stabs of sharp pain and weakened left knee kept me company for the past 2 months and the situation worsen when my little (ok not so little) Juju wants me to carry her all the time.

I did Raindrop, Panaway and Deep Relief on it, though my knee felt much better, nothing really beats this Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream. It gives a cool minty sensation that feels really comfortable 🙂

Stabbing pain – No more.

Weaken Knee – Slightly.

Rotating performance increased.

Pain Overall – Reduced by 2/3 of what I felt before.

That’s the result with only 3-4 application in one day.




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