Juniper for Lungs and Kidneys

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This baby in the photo. #heartmelts My number 2, he’s why I started using YLEO more than 2 years ago. He’s turning 4 very soon. ❤️


You see, he is prone to respiratory conditions. Too often, to the point of exasperation.

This journey has gotten me to delve into the topic of body systems as they are integrated as one and balanced as whole. In certain situations, the supporting of lung function on its own will be good enough. However, for recurring conditions, it is worth a good look into the other core organs (heart, kidneys, liver, spleen) as they are interlinked.

From my observations and listening to my gut as his mommy, I know I need to support his kidney functions as part of immunity building. Therefore, on top of using oils to support his respiratory function, I add Juniper to the oiling regime. Juniper is a detoxifier for the kidneys. By bolstering normal kidney health, they will work in sync with lungs to grasp Qi. #breathedeeply

Juniper oil reeks of poorly-dried clothes to me but it works great for my little one, so hold my breath and oil on. #ineedthisoil

#yleo #listentoyourbody



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