What Is In My June Essential Rewards Order?

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live on the 4th of June. Original video link here!

I’m going to show you real quickly, what we got for our June Essential Rewards order!

First things first, we have the shampoo. I’ve always loved the Lavender, Peppermint Shampoo because it’s really concentrated. I have dry scalp and also oily hair and in the past when I first started using this, I was not used to the fact that it’s not as sudsy as regular shampoos but overtime, I found that it cleans my hair and scalp pretty well. Nowadays, I love it and my husband is beginning to love it as well. If you are a person with hair loss, this Lavender Peppermint shampoo is a good one to use. If you find that your hair is like my mom’s hair, lots of flyaways, very fine, very hard to style and always needing volume, you may find that the Vanilla Copaiba shampoo would be a good one. Personally I like Lavender Peppermint one because I love how the mint is very refreshing and when I wash my hair, it really does perk me up.

Next one, Deep Relief! I love Deep Relief! If you catch me here, you will see me talk about the different oils that help to support our muscles, bones and joints. Deep Relief is actually a hot favourite for me! I love how when I apply it, it provides a cooling sensation and basically I feel instant relief on my tight shoulders and neck. For some people, they may feel warm instead of cool, so it really varies from person to person. I also like Deep Relief because it’s a roll-on. A bottle can be tricky to use especially on curved surfaces, so a roller is really great for that! I usually roll some on, then rub it in. This is an oil that I used extensively, even during my pregnancy because with prolonged nursing, I found Deep Relief very soothing for my tight, tight muscles and my stiff neck.

Another thing is that, you don’t have to throw away the Deep Relief container. When you travel, you can put your oil bottles or supplements like Sulfurzyme, Inner Defence etc inside here, if you don’t want to bring your glass bottles along. You can toss it out at the end of your trip, or you can bring it back to reuse, so it’s really travel friendly, I hope that’s a really good tip to reuse the tube.

Next, I have Myrtle, a respiratory oil. I love it because I have young children in the house, and it’s really gentle for babies and toddlers. I use it on their chests, backs, back of the necks and the soles of their feet as well.

Next up, Endoflex. Okay, both Endoflex and Myrtle actually support the thyroid, which is why I got them both this month. Endoflex is specially blended to support the thyroid and Myrtle does it pretty well too. We are actually working with a dear friend of ours who actually has some kind of an imbalance in her thyroid, so we are getting her off commercial cleaning products like bath gels and shampoos and replacing them with non-toxic ones, as well as getting her some oils. You can apply Endoflex along your jawline, down the sides of your neck and also all the way down to the area under your armpits. This is because you want to target the thyroid and also the lymphatic system.

Next oil is Orange, I usually have Orange in my ER order as I frequently take it in my drinking water. What I do is to add 2-3 drops in a glass or ceramic cup, or about 10 drops in a litre of water, it really depends on your preference, you can even go up to 20-25 drops in a litre of water. Just remember to shake it before drinking, so you don’t get all the orange oil at the top of the water.

My last oil is actually Balsam Fir. I just finished using Balsam Fir on my children to support their respiratory system and this is actually an excellent oil to have. So for moms out there who are worried about using Eucalyptus or Peppermint being hazardous for children, well, it actually isn’t, but you can use gentler oils like Balsam Fir and Myrtle for kids. Balsam Fir helps to strengthen the lungs, and with other big trees like Fir and Spruce, it is very supportive of both the muscles and lungs. Balsam Fir is an oil that can only be harvested and distilled during the winter time, so if you look at the price tag, it’s a little higher than the rest of the oils and as it takes a lot of effort to harvest and distill. The trees are huge and require heavy machinery to cut down, so there is a lot of effort, blood, sweat and tears to harvest it.

Next up, I have NingXia Red! Okay, for all those of you who are actually curious about the taste between the old formula and the new formula, I actually have both formula with me first now. I actually bought my USA NingXia Red in May, before the launch in Singapore. The Singapore one actually has a different sticker label on it because of the change of ingredients.

Before this video, Jonathan, Juvia and myself tried both NingXia Reds just to see if we could detect the slight variances in the taste. Both versions actually look the same in terms of the colour. In terms of taste, the Singapore version tastes a little thinner and a little more sour. What they did was to reduce the amount of grapeseed extract to meet the local regulations in terms of minimum requirement of grapeseed extract and they added more tart cherry, so it’s a little more sour. It is also thinner in texture, so if you have kids who are very sensitive to texture, I would say that the new formulation would work better for them. My child, Juvia is very sensitive to texture. If her porridge is too mushy, she doesn’t take that, it has to be a specific texture. So when I tested the new NingXia Red on her just now, thankfully she could take it. So if your kids are very fussy about the taste and texture of drinks, with the new NingXia Red, I don’t think you will have a problem with that.

In terms of the overall health effects, I am pretty sure it will be the same, given that Young Living has taken over 2 years to get the new NingXia Red up on the shelves. When I was sitting in for the past few management meetings regarding the NingXia Red’s progress, one of the reasons why it took so long was that, firstly, they had to make sure that the new NingXia Red formulation had the same high level amounts of antioxidants as the old NingXia Red. Secondly they had to make sure that the new NingXia Red passes the stability test. What this means is that when you have a bottled drink like this, you want to make sure that because it has a minimum amount of preservatives inside such that by the time it reaches Singapore shores from the USA, it is not spoilt, you can actually drink it and it’s still chock full of nutrients and antioxidants. That’s why they took such a long while to actually come out with the new formulation of NingXia Red for Singapore.


Essential oils tend to float on the top of water, despite me stirring and adding honey. Any other tips?

What you can do is that, you can add the essential oil first before adding the water, then you can shake it, or in this case, stir it before drinking. If you’re drinking citrus oils in water and find that it’s burning your lips, what you can do is to use a metal straw as well. Where can you get metal straws? Sometimes Starbucks sells it, I got mine from Life Science Publishers at Suntec, so that’s a good option for you. You can get straight metal straws or slightly bent ones for easy sipping.


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