[Compensation Plan Part Four] Snow White and Her 7 Dwarfs… or also known as Rising Star Team Bonus!

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Ok so you made it to Part Four. 🙂 I’ll ease into today’s compensation plan lesson by telling a story.

Snow White has been sharing about the oils to her little friends, i.e. the seven dwarfs. I’m not sure who introduced her to YL (lol) but she has been on Essential Rewards (ER) for quite some time now. Thanks to her sweet caring nature, the dwarfs soon got into the oils:

Grumpy got Joy and Release. He loves diffusing them and applying them over his heart and liver.
Happy got Abundance so he could feel happier.
Sleepy loves Peppermint and Cedarwood to keep him alert.
Bashful often uses Valor for courage.
Sneezy, thanks to lavender and purification, sneeze no more!
Dopey tried everything because he wasn’t quite clear on what he needs. 😉
Doc loves frankincense and sandalwood as he’s pretty into the reprogramming of DNA stuff.

The dwarfs in time, got their own ER memberships and began to spread the word of the YL oils in the ahem, Dwarf Country. Some of them even have their own downlines. When it was time for YL to send out the commission report, Snow White has a nice surprise. She received Rising Star Team Bonus shares for the following:

1. Grumpy, Happy and Sleepy who did 300 PV orders that month. [1 share]
2. Bashful was afraid that Valor would soon run out of stock in Singapore so he stocked up to 500 PV. Sneezy thinks that the haze is coming again so he also stocked up to 500 PV too. [2 shares]
3. Because Dopey tried everything, he shared his oily testimonials with his friends. His friends signed up for their own YL accounts under him and the whole Dopey group hit 1000 PV. Doc also has similar success (he was hoping to set up a clinical practice with the oils) and his group also hit 1000 PV. [3 shares]

Each share at this time of writing, is worth USD50. Every month, Snow White can try to qualify for the shares again by fulfilling the same conditions in this exact order for the next 2 years. She and her 7 friends must be on ER for her to qualify:

1. Three downlines (either by themselves or with their own downlines) of minimum 300 PV each
2. Two more downlines (either by themselves or with their own downlines) of minimum 500 PV each
3. Finally, another two more downlines (either by themselves or with their own downlines) of minimum 1000 PV each

Rising Star Team Bonus

Tidbit: Do you know that Gary and Mary Young also have 7 downlines? These are known as the trees of Young Living. (Source – Teri Secrest)


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