Cool Tales of Abundance

So Irene KohJonathan TeoWinnie Lee Fannon and myself were queuing for dinner and it was a long long wait. **hungry + angry = HANGRY**

Me: Eh Jon, let’s manifest that we’ll get a table real soon!

Jon: Ok ok, let’s use Abundance!! *whips it out*

Me: Ok how quick will we get a table???

Jon: 10 mins!

Me: Noooooo, 5!!!

So we the 2 kukus did our voodoo oil ritual. A drop on palm and we slapped it on our necks and hair and inhale…. 5mins5mins5mins5mins….

We were second in line and unlike before where the queue moved so slowly, we got our table within a couple of mins this time. Heh.


PS: A friend had us in stitches yesterday when she shared that she has been diffusing Abundance without her hubs’ knowledge and he’s been winning nice little prizes at the lottery every week. Apparently last week was the consolation prize for the Sat’s 4D.

Abundance. Never leave home without it.


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