Threenagers, Tantrums and Tranquil

*groans* Do you have a “threenager” at home? Prone to tantrums and meltdowns?

When Ju throws a wobbler, I must admit, most of the times I FORGOT to use the oils. Trying to soothe her and feeling uurgh at the same time, oils could be the furthest thing from my mind.

Today she cried in her nap and started going into a tantrum. I quickly grabbed Tranquil. Rolled on her forehead and down the sides of her face. Rub rub and hmmm…. cries subsiding…. and she drops right back to sleep.

Over the next few days, I’ll be trying out other oils to keep the family peace!


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What’s In My Family’s Oil Pouch + Raindrop Oils

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the fifth of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here.

We have quite a bit to cover this time! We have my family pouch, with the raindrop oils. It is a 30 oils pouch set, so I will just skim through certain oils so that we can cover everything. I will be more detailed for oils that I feel have been very useful.

Anytime we need something for the family, this is the first pouch we go to. There are 30 oils inside plus a bottle of V-6. V-6’s original packaging is a huge plastic bottle, so I actually pumped it out into a smaller bottle that I can put in the pouch, given that dilution is very important when using oils on young kids.

The oils in this pouch will change, but the first two rows of raindrop oils, never changes. To me, the raindrop oils are a must-have in every family, regardless of whether you have young children, no children or even if you live alone. The raindrop oils are really good for boosting immunity when you’re recovering from anything. Since my group consists of mostly mothers and caregivers, I always get questions like “hey, my child has this..”, so I recommend certain oils PLUS the raindrop set. When the raindrop set comes back in stock, you must get it, it’s really good!

The oils in my pouch are all categorised. At the bottom row, I have my emergency oils. These oils are at the bottom because, it’s easier to pull them out especially when I’m fumbling for the oils at night!

The first oil is Lavender and this is a very good oil to have in the kitchen if you’re very accident-prone like me! Lavender helps to support skin issues like minor burns, skin irritations or even simple things like diaper rash. Lavender is really a must-have as it’s a really adaptive oil. In fact, this and Frankincense is actually known as adaptogen oils, so you might find people saying that Lavender is the mother of all essential oils and Frankincense is the father. There’s a saying that goes, “if you’re in doubt, just use Frankincense” and I find that to be very true. That’s why these two oils are with me all the time, in my family pouch.

DiGize is another emergency oil, in case someone eats something funky. Actually last night, my son pee-ed on the bathroom floor and there were some food crumbs there as well.. Okay don’t judge me! And he was reaching for the crumbs.. So this is when I would go for Digize. Great oil for anything tummy related if you want to keep things moving or if you want to stop things from flowing. Great for young babies if they’re having colic too.

Next oil is Helichrysum. If you think Lavender is great for skin stuff, this is even more powerful, x100. Anytime if there’s skin stuff going on, this is a must-have oil. You want to use this for serious accidents, in emergency situations. I know this is so much pricier than Lavender, but trust me, it’s really worth the price. In compliant terms, this oil helps to renew cells and is really good for certain skin issues where Lavender may not do the trick. Helichrysum is also great for supporting the brain. You probably know how Cypress is a great for circulation and clotting, but Helichrysum is even better. That’s why I always have at least one bottle of Helichrysum in the house, just in case of any emergency.

My last oil on the bottom row is Peace and Calming. You probably know that it is good for soothing tantrums, tempers, meltdowns and for sleep. Now because of the ingredients, it’s also very good as a respiratory oil. So if you don’t have any respiratory oils with you but you have Peace and Calming, try it!

In the second row, I have 10 respiratory oils. People often ask me what oil to use for what issue, and I do like to offer the body a buffet of oils to choose from. My favourites include Eucalyptus Radiata and Eucalyptus Globulus, an oil that you can get from Young Living USA. It’s pretty affordable, I think it comes up to be around S$20+ after shipping. I used to have Eucalyptus Blue, but I ran out, so I just make do with Eu. Radiata and Eu. Globulus.

My respiratory oils will change over the days and weeks. When I first started using Young Living oils, I realised that I preferred blends, so RC and Raven were must-haves. But now I actually prefer the single oils. For example, I have Ravintsara, which is also in Raven. I used to love Raven, but now I prefer Ravintsara as it’s a lot more effective for my kids and it’s not so hot. While blends work well for a lot of people, but I find that the single oils in blends are in a smaller concentration. So if I use one drop of Raven, there’s definitely lesser Ravintsara in that, compared to one drop of Ravintsara. That’s why I gravitate more to single oils now.

My next oil is Idaho Blue Spruce. I’ve mentioned in quite a number of my posts and broadcasts that usually oils from big trees, like spruce, fir and pine, are really supportive of muscles and the respiratory system. If you have stuff stuck up there, you can use Idaho Blue Spruce to clear it off. Pine is a good oil for that too. I think there was some issue about not being able to bring Pine to Singapore, but you can order straight from Young Living USA. If you want an oil that would go right deep into the lungs, Pine, Cedarwood and Copaiba are all great oils.

Idaho Balsam Fir is another must-have for my family. Some of the oils I keep an extra stock of so I will never run out, are Balsam Fir, Frankincense and any of the Eucalyptus. Balsam Fir is an oil that opens up your airways and oxygenates you, so it does keep some people awake too.

In my next row of respiratory oils, I have Melaleuca Alternifolia or tea tree, and I also have Melrose. Melaleuca A. is a single oil that is in the Melrose blend. I’ve actually been using Melaleuca A. for quite a while as if my kids catch something repeatedly over a few months, Mel. A really helps to cut it down.

On the other hand, Melrose is an oil I prefer to use to support the skin. I still have it in my row of respiratory oils as I find that it is gentler than Mel. A, so I just keep both together for variety’s sake.

Next is Goldenrod. It’s always about “Oh it’s so good for sex drive! Oh the men love it! Such a suggestive name!”. But Goldenrod is also excellent for the throat, lungs, liver and urinary tract. You can diffuse, apply or ingest it, it’s very versatile. The taste is quite mild, and it smells like chrysanthemum to me. And of course, if you want your guy to have a woohoo time at night, you can try applying this on his inner thighs. Another good tip is that, if you’re a teacher or if you use your voice a lot at work, you can use Goldenrod to help protect your throat and stop you from losing your voice.

Next oil for respiratory is Myrrh. I don’t like the smell of Myrrh, it smells like a musty cupboard to me, but I must have Myrrh. This is a very thick oil, so if you don’t like the thickness of Myrrh, you can try Patchouli, another thick oil or even Abundance which has Patchouli and Myrrh in it. I have a love-hate relationship with Myrrh. It’s great for skin and lungs if you want to clear stuff out. But since it’s very very thick, you want to coat V6 along the bottle grooves, the transparent orifice and on the inside of the cap, after you use it. When Myrrh is exposed to air, it starts to dry up, and when it starts to dry up and you get brown stuff on the bottle, so the bottle is no longer airtight. Your Myrrh then starts to dry up to become resin that sticks in the bottle, so you can no longer pour it out. Since Myrrh is so highly prized, I would suggest you diligently coat the cap and grooves with V6 after every time you use it, so you can preserve the shelf life of it.

The last row of oils just before the raindrop oils are my immunity oils. But just before that, I have Panaway. While Deep Relief is my first go-to oil for stiff muscles, aches, it was out of stock for a while, so I’m using Panaway instead. I find that Deep Relief very cooling to me while Panaway is warming.

Okay my top favourite immunity oil is Thieves. If you want to keep your kids healthy, you can rub a drop of Thieves on their soles before they go to school, and when they come back from school. Don’t be concerned if their soles turn yellow, the Lemon in Thieves may have stained their skin and certain skin tones are more predisposed to have that kind of staining. You can easily remove it by rubbing V-6 or another carrier oil.

I also like Immupower. I like what my friend Sherreen said about the differences between Thieves and Immupower. Thieves has a number of oils that are very high in phenols. Phenols are basically your hot oils, it actually goes into your body and cleans out all the junk, so it’s very cleansing. On the other hand, Immupower has oils like Cistus, Frankincense and other oils are actually building oils. It helps to build your immunity. So I like to rotate between Immupower and Thieves, to clease and to build.

Immupower is also quite warming. As we sleep in air-conditioned rooms, my daughter Juvia will be sneezing quite a bit in the morning. So we like to apply Immupower on Juvia at night to keep her healthy in that way.

My next oil is Purification. Again it’s another oil that can be hot, so you may want to apply it on the soles. It’s great to diffuse during the haze or when your kid is having some sort of seasonal sensitivities or any environmental sensitivities.

My last oil for immunity is actually Lemongrass. Lemongrass is in Purification, so you can use them interchangeably if you want to work on immunity. I love Lemongrass because it’s one of the top few oils that keeps a person healthy, the other oils are Ocotea and Eucalyptus Blue. If you have the budget, go for Melissa, that’s excellent too.

That’s all for my oils! Now I will go into the raindrop set. The raindrop oils are actually a set of 9 oils that are applied in sequence to support immunity and to speed up recovery. You can use it for practically any situation! I even have another set in a separate pouch, so let’s say we’re travelling, the raindrop pouch is what we would grab and go, instead of the 30 oils pouch. Also because we sleep in 2 separate rooms, it’s very helpful for us to have a raindrop set per room. I’ve also written another post here on how to raindrop babies and toddlers!

Okay, sometimes people think about raindrop and they feel a bit scared because they feel that they need to learn all the techniques in order to do raindrop. That’s not true! You can just apply on the spine or on the soles. Just use it! It’s a really good set of oils especially if you find that you want to strengthen your children’s immunity. You can apply on them like once a week to support the immunity, even when they are well.

The first oil is Valor. If you don’t have Valor, this is your chance to get your first bottle of Valor because it is in the raindrop set. Great great oil to have. As the first oil, Valor helps to prepare the body to receive all the other oils. It also helps to balance the person’s energy.

The next 3 oils in the raindrop set are oils that are high in phenols and are very hot too. I’m actually going in sequence of which you should apply the oils. Okay, that’s Oregano, Thyme and Basil. If you’re applying on your children’s spines, for kids that sweat a lot, these oils will sting. Because with these oils coming one after another, it can be quite intense for them, so I’ve taught raindrop classes for kids and I’ve seen kids getting up, scratching, crying and getting irritated with the skin sensation. So what you can do it that, after applying Valor, apply V6 before these 3 oils. After the 3 oils, apply more V6, so your child will not have an unpleasant experience with raindrop.

Skin redness is normal because phenolic oils actually speeds on blood circulation, so it’s normal to see redness on the back or soles, just make sure that they drink water before and after the raindrop session. Oregano, Thyme and Basil are fantastic too for immunity, you can apply one drop or less on the soles of your children’s feet or even on yourself too.

After the first 3 hot oils, the next oils are not so hot anymore. You have Cypress which is a great for circulation. Just remember C for Cypress and C for circulation. Great oil to support the lungs as well. The interesting thing is that we always think that the oils are good for supporting our physical health but a number of these oils are also very good for emotional health as well. Cypress is an oil that you can use to release trauma in the body. There are cases where people have childhood trauma or past memories that are so traumatic that they are locked down into the memory itself, locked down so deeply that they can’t remember it, this is called a stronghold. You can actually use Cypress to unlock that. Emotionally, it’s a very grounding oil, it provides security and safety for the person, so I find it very versatile.

Next oil, Wintergreen. This is a rather warming oil and we have parents asking if this is safe to apply on their child. I’ve personally applied on Sol when he was a month old, but I used very little. I just swiped the top of the cap, no more than that. Now that he is over a year old, I use like half a drop to apply on him. Wintergreen is great for muscles, so if you find that you have tight muscles from working out or working at a desk job, try Wintergreen. And it’s also a very good budget oil.

Next up is Marjoram. Okay you have both voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles in your body. Voluntary muscles are those that you can control,  while involuntary muscles are those that you cannot control, like your heart. So if you have a muscle ache and you’re wondering what oil to use, just remember this, if it’s a voluntary muscle like your shoulders, use Basil. For involuntary muscles like if you have menstrual cramps or if you want to support your heart health, use Marjoram. In fact, M for Marjoram and M for menses!

Last oil is Peppermint. Peppermint has really tiny molecules, so when applied last, it can push in the previously applied oils deeper into the body. So Peppermint works as a warm compress. If you use water, it repels the oil and drives it deeper into the body. Peppermint works in the same way, that’s why it’s the last oil in the raindrop set.

The other oil is Aroma Siez, you can use this all over to soothe muscles. I generally don’t use it for my kids because I don’t think they have tired muscles but you can also use it with a carrier oil or mix it with the OrthoEase massage oil to give your partner or parents a good overall massage.

Generally after Peppermint, I like to add Copaiba, a magnifer oil. There are a few oils that are magnifiers. Some are magnifiers emotionally, some are magnifiers physically. Copaiba is a physically magnifying oil, so you can apply Copaiba last, over all previous oils to strengthen the effect of the previous oils applied.

On the emotional side, oils like Gathering and Abundance are oils that magnify your thoughts. So this is very useful in the case like, if you have an expensive oil like Helichrysum and you find that you’re running out, apply Copaiba over it to magnify its effects. If you find that you like Eucalyptus for the lungs but you want it to be stronger, apply Eucalyptus first, then Copaiba over it to strengthen the effects. You can use it many many ways to stretch your expensive oils and when preferred oils are running out. In this case, you can use it after raindrop to magnify the entire effect of the raindrop for the recipient.

If you find that you are still wanting to learn more about the raindrop set, Young Living does conduct raindrop training like once or twice a month, so do take a look at the training calendar for that.

One last thing about raindrop, you want to take it easy for the rest of the day. You may find that the child could be a little quiet or they have fallen asleep during the raindrop session. Just let them rest and reset. That’s all I have for this, take care and bye!



Do I have to dilute Immupower and Thieves before applying on a toddler?

You don’t have to, you can just apply one drop neat on the soles of the feet, that’s good enough. Generally if you’re applying on the soles, the skin there is thick, so you can apply neat one drop for both oils. Or you can dilute it with a vegetable oil or V6 before applying it on the chest.

I’m running out of Valor in the raindrop set, what can I use to replace?

You can try Valor II, Magnify Your Purpose, Highest Potential, Balsam Fir, these are good substitutes for that.

How often do you need to apply the raindrop oils?

It depends, if you find that the person is healthy and you just want to boost their immunity, you can just do it once a week. Otherwise, I apply on my children when they are under the weather, like say once or twice a day until they get better.

Is it possible that it’s toxin removal when you see redness after using raindrop?

Yes it’s possible. I’ve seen cases where the redness comes up at different parts of the body, so I do suggest drinking more water when you have raindrop being done on yourself or if you’re doing it on your kid.


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What Is In My May Essential Rewards Order?

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live on the 19th of May. Original video link here!

I actually got this idea of showing you all what’s in my ER order from some of the USA Young Living leaders and I thought that it was really cool! You get to see what’s exactly in my order and I can even demonstrate to you how I use the product!

As you guys know, in Singapore, we actually have the Father’s Day Catalogue to celebrate Father’s Day in June, so what I got 2 sets of Ningxia Nitro and Wolfberry Crisps. Whenever you get a box of Nitro, you get 14 tubes and I was actually dying from not having any more Nitro left for the end of April because it went out of stock then, and remained out of stock for the first 2 weeks of May as well. I just felt so tired in those 2 weeks and I was so anxious for stock to come back. When it came back, Young Living packaged it with the Wolfberry Crisp bars so I thought since I like the Wolfberry Crisp bars, I thought I would just get 2 sets of it and be energised and full at the same time.

I really love Nitro in the morning when I’m really tired, when I don’t have a restful night’s sleep and I am really groggy and tired when I wake up. If I were to take coffee, the smell perks me up and I feel okay after drinking it. But after a while, I kinda feel that my energy is very muddy, more like a sugar overload. After taking Nitro, I just feel like I had 8 hours of really good sleep!

Or if I have had a long day taking care of the kids and housework, or an all-nighter with business, I will take 2 tubes of Nitro, probably 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon when my energy dips again. My blood sugar levels is sometimes a bit shaky, I know that if I take bread in the morning, my blood sugar levels will crash around lunch. When that happens, I will feel nauseous, and I will be temperamental as well. I call myself HANGRY, which is hungry plus angry. But when I take Nitro, I don’t get that, so I love Nitro for helping me to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

Okay, Wolfberry Crisp Bar. You actually have 6 bars in the box! If you are rushing for work and you don’t have time for proper meals, take one of this, it’s actually very filling! In Singapore, Young Living actually has 2 kinds of bars, this wolfberry one and the Slique Fruits and Nuts bar. I alternate between the two. If I want something really filling, I take this wolfberry one, if I want something more loaded with protein, I take the Slique bar instead. If you’re looking at maintaining healthy weight levels or you find that you want to skip off that sinful chicken rice, chicken curry or pasta, this could be a good healthy option for you!

Alright, what’s inside this Wolfberry Crisp Bar. You can actually see rice cereal with wolfberries and the taste is a little sweet. And for someone like me who is trying to minimise wheat in my diet, this is a good replacement. If you look at my face right now, you can see some spots around my cheeks and chin, and that’s because I’m guilty of taking a bit too much wheat the past few days. There is a really nice pancake stall near the mrt at my house, so I’ve been eating some of that, and I’m guilty of taking some fast food as well. Wheat does me no good, it causes my skin to breakout, so when spots like these turn up, I know that it’s actually time for me to cut back on wheat and eat really cleanly for the next few days. And also to take my Sulfurzyme, lots of water with citrus oils too.

Okay, what else… Good news! The Kidscents Bath Gel came back in stock when I went to the Young Living office like 2 days ago, so I bought it! My kids actually use the Kidscents series, which consists of the shampoo and bath gel. When the shampoo or bath gel runs out, I use the other and just double it up. What I mean is that, when the shampoo runs out, I use the bath gel to wash their hair, or if the bath gel runs out, I use the shampoo for their bodies. If both runs out, then I will use the Aroma Silk series, so that’s like the Lavender Body Wash or like the Morning Glory Body Wash I got from the USA. So that’s one of the items in my Essential Rewards order for this month.

I’m actually over 12 months on Essential Rewards, so I do earn PV rebates as well, so for every order that is over 100PV, I actually earn 20% back to my account. So with that PV, I actually redeemed a Peppermint, one of my favourite oils that I must have every month, I perspire a lot in this weather where the temperature is like 34-35 degree Celsius, so I use this to cool myself down and I use it to focus at work too. With the generous PV rebates, I do redeem free items practically every month.


Oh, in fact, this is my newest USB diffuser. I’ve put Peppermint inside the little bottle and plugged it into my laptop to diffuse so that I’ll be extra alert and mentally focused. The Young Living USB Diffuser is a little different from the one I have here. The Young Living one is the version 1 and this is version 2 from Aroma2go. You will find them claiming that this is more resilient because in version 1, if you put in hot oils or citrus oils, it actually melted the plastic inside. So with version 2, they improved everything, they fortified that inside of the diffuser and they made sure that you can use the hot oils, though you may still want to avoid the thick oils like myrrh, vetiver or any blends that include them, so the oils won’t clog the diffuser. I’ve been using it for quite a while and I like it! I find that it’s not as tricky to use as my version 1. I’m such a person where I just want fuss-free diffusing so I stopped using that pretty quickly. However this version 2 is still going on strong so I do think it’s good to get!

Ah, Nitro Zyng! One of the things that I usually get is Zyng. I manage my family’s accounts, so there’s an account for Jonathan and I, there’s an account for my parents and there’s another account for my mother-in-law. So I manage these 3 accounts every month and I make sure that every family’s needs are fulfilled. My husband is a big fan and drinker of Sprite, he loves his sugary, carbonated drinks so we actually order 24 cans every month because I find that it’s actually more worth it to get 24 cans if you like the taste of it. It’s very good in this hot weather, when you are hot and you feel tired, it’s really hydrating and there’s only 25 calories in it, and it’s not as sweet as Sprite which is good for my husband.

That’s all for today, thanks so much for joining!



I don’t like the taste of Nitro.

If you don’t like the taste of Nitro, you can mix it in Ningxia Red or Zyng to drink. When I first started to take Nitro, I found that it tasted quite strongly of ginseng, which I wasn’t used to at all. But after a while, I loved how it supported my energy levels, so now Nitro is something I must have in my order practically every month.


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Purification for Laundry!

THANKS AHHHHHH!! To Faith my DARLING wife, for having me here writing on YL oils that made a difference in my life!

This is a true story. People in the story are real!

Haze ah haze! Not making it easy for me as a penguin dad! With 2 kids (Juju and Solsol) constantly wanting me to keep them company and play with them, I tend to become more forgetful.

Between me and my darling wife Faith, house chores are divided unequally and one of them is laundry. Like I said, sometimes I totally had forgotten that there are clothes in the washing machine waiting quietly for me to hang them up to dry. By the time I remembered their existence, they started to shout in my nose with a “wet dog” aroma throughout the whole house! OMG! PHEW!

It doesn’t help when the haze are so bad that hanging clothes outdoor just add more stench to it. The clothes can hardly be sunned anyway since the haze blocked out all the sunshine goodness. So before anyone faint from the odour, I have tried and test ways to deal with it!

Setup a diffuser by diffusing Purification EO near the hanged clothes. Have it placed in-between the wet stinky clothes and the house area. This creates a invisible barrier that acts like an air curtain in those supermarkets entrances/exits (unverified wishful thinking). The odour will be greatly reduced at the same time thanks to the properties of Purification EO.

Dropping 2-3 drops of Purification EO into the washing machine during the rinse phase can also remove odours, giving it a fresh smell of Citronella and Lemongrass. (Idea given by a lady whom attended my class! Sorry cant remember who…)


Placing cotton balls dripped with a few drops of Purification EO into the wardrobe and cupboard can also remove the musky smell, instead of using mothballs*.

*”Mothballs are nearly 100% active ingredient, and the active ingredient may be either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. Each active ingredient can cause different health effects if the exposure is high enough. Mothballs slowly turn from solids to toxic vapour. When you smell mothballs, you are inhaling the insecticide.” – National Pesticide Information Center

So there you have it. One of my cheats for house chores! One oil, many uses!



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My Oily Morning Ritual!

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Original video link here!

Good morning! I was just using my oils this morning and I thought it would be cool to share what oils I use in the morning to start off the day on a right note. To be fair, I use a lot more than just 2-3 oils, I easily use up to 4-6 oils amongst all that is in my self care pouch, but I thought I would just keep this simple and easy, and just talk about the oils that I always use.


The first oil I use is Endoflex. I find that this is a very interesting oil and it is very supportive of the endocrine and lymphatic system. If you’re not too sure what does the endocrine system do, it’s actually the system that controls your hormones, so things like your metabolism rate, your female hormones like estrogen and progesterone etc. This oil is really great for all that!

A lot us, especially mothers, tend to lead lives that are extremely stressful like probably right now in the morning rush, you are getting your kids ready for school, you are also getting ready for work, there are so many things to do. The oil itself is a bit light blue and it smells of Spearmint which I like very much in the morning because it gives me a slight perk for the day. I like to apply it on my lymph nodes, which is on the sides of my neck and also directly under my armpits, not in my armpits but under.

I know that I’m quite prone to stress, so I use it to support my adrenal glands as well. Previously, when I had eczema, one of the supplements that my naturopath gave me that really turned things around, was a supplement that supported my adrenals. That supplement isn’t from Young Living, but when I took it and saw that my skin just got dramatically better within the day itself, I then understood that because I was so stressed from my previous corporate job, my adrenal glands were really fatigued. The adrenal glands are located above your kidney, so you can also apply on the sides of your stomach too. This might be something that you want to look to supporting if you’re feeling tired and stressed on a regular basis.

The next oil that I use is Cedarwood. I co-sleep with my son a lot and there are a lot of times, even today, where he wakes up throughout the night to nurse him. And because I wake up so often in the night, I may not get good sleep, so to perk myself up in the morning, I like to use Cedarwood. If I use Peppermint, I’m just worried that it will wake my son up as well because of the strong smell. Cedarwood is just a lot gentler and what I love about it is that, once I apply it at the back of my head, across my forehead and on my ears, it makes me more alert when it brings oxygen to my brain.

This is a very interesting oil because if you use it in the daytime, it helps to keep you alert and focused. If you use it at night, it helps to you to get more restful sleep. So I love Cedarwood for that. I also use it extensively for my business too, if I need more new ideas, or if I want to look at things from a different perspective.

My last oil is Valor II. We all know about Valor that is perpetually out of stock. I got Valor II from the USA because I just wanted to try it and I was very curious about how different it would smell from Valor. When I first sniffed it, I found that it was just so different from Valor. In fact, if you handed me this oil and not tell me that it’s Valor II, I wouldn’t think that it would have any relation to Valor itself. Valor II is an oil that you can use to replace Valor in the raindrop set if your Valor is already running out. I use Valor II and Valor interchangeably.

Personally, I use Valor II for courage. You know the Serenity Prayer? God grants me the wisdom to look at the things that I can change and to accept the things that I cannot change. Valor II is really about that for me, to instill courage in me to accept the things that I can’t change in my life, like for example, when my kids are really cranky or they are fussing, which are all part and parcel of a young child, really. So it really helps me to practise acceptance in my life and to have the courage to instill new things in my life, as much as I sometimes fear new changes.

That’s all I have for this, I will also do one on the oils that are part of my nightly ritual!



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