What’s In My Husband’s And My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the second of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here.

This is going to be about what is in my and my husband’s going out pouch! My husband’s pouch is black and mine, purple. To keep this succinct, I will first go through the oils that are common in both pouches before going into oils that are unique to each pouch.

You wouldn’t be surprised by the selection of common oils because they are oils that most people will have in their pouches too. Let me first talk about Lavender. As we have really young kids, we do end up using Lavender a lot like when they fall, or when we want to soothe them and ease crankiness, or when we want them to sleep a little in the taxi instead of being very hyper. We love Lavender before the taxi uncle tells us off for letting my kids be so active in the taxi.

The next common oil is DiGize. This is an oil that everyone should have in their pouches, whether it’s for home use, for travelling or even local excursions. It is very good for supporting your digestion, like when you eat spicy food or even something weird that your tummy doesn’t quite agree with. I find DiGize to be very effective.

The next oil is Peppermint. With Singapore’s weather, I love Peppermint to cool myself down and also to promote mental awareness and clarity. We also use it with Digize to support digestion, when we want the additional kick from the Peppermint. Peppermint is truly one of my musthave oils for everyday, not just for going out. In fact, we use it up very quickly.

If you’re like me, and you hold on to a lot of negative emotions, take one drop of Peppesrmint and apply in the middle of your breastbone, just below your heart to release any anger and resentment you might have. This is actually indicated in this book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. It’s a really good tip, considering that Peppermint is such a commonly used oil.

Another common oil is Abundance and we have it because we thought it would be a fun oil to have. People always think of Abundance as something you use for money and that you use it when you want more money. Actually, I use Abundance for a lot of things. I’ve used it to support skin health and also to support the respiratory system. If you find that Myrrh very thick, the cap keeps getting stuck and you don’t like to use it, try Abundance instead. It also has oils like Orange, Ginger and Patchouli, all great oils for both lungs and skin. I use it both on myself and on my kids.

I also use Abundance to pray for wisdom, for God to guide me in my business, family life and for my own personal life as well. Some of the great stories that we have around Abundance was that, there was once where my husband and I were at a restaurant, queueing for seats. The queue was moving really slowly, each table was taking almost 20 minutes to clear and we were getting really hungry. So we thought, okay just for the fun of it, let’s use Abundance and pray for a faster queue. We were like voodoo people applying Abundance and muttering “we will get a table in less than 5 minutes!” and the coolest thing was that it really did happen!

Another cool story was when my mother-in-law told us that her teeth were in dire straits and she needed to see a dentist because she has loose teeth that was falling out. She needed new dentures, but she didn’t qualify for the Pioneer Generation card that enables the older generation to get medical subsidies from the government. So she needed to pay the full sum for her dental care. Jon and I decided to rub Abundance all over ourselves, and intend for my mother-in-law to get her new dentures free of charge. 2 months later, my father-in-law struck lottery! He won quite a good sum of money and my mother-in-law got her new dentures done! So that’s another interesting story about Abundance. If you want to use Abundance, just be clear on what you want and intend, intend, intend and good results will come!

Those are the 4 oils that we have in common, Lavender, Peppermint, Digize and Abundance. Now I will go into the oils that Jonathan has but I don’t.

For those who know Jon personally and have met him in real life, you would know that his favourite oil is Rose! He has 4 bottles of Rose in his pouch! My dear husband is a man but he loves Rose! He really does! He has used up 3 bottles of Rose and now he is on to his 4th bottle. I’ve told him that rather than throw out the first 3 bottles, he can put it in his pouch to scent it or he can put V6 into the empty bottles and use it again. Rose has 19% esters, which is the chemical constituent in oils that make them really aromatic. Just 19% already makes it very strong! That’s why when you give a drop each to everyone in the room, suddenly the room is rosy.

My husband knows that the frequency of Rose is really high and he loves sharing his Rose because he just wants to share happiness with people and that’s what he does with his Rose oil. So if you ever see my husband in real life, run up to him and say, “I want to see your oil pouch! I heard from Faith that you have 4 Roses in your pouch.” I”m pretty sure he will share his Rose with you too.

The funniest thing is that, a few years back when Jon was doing his Zyto scan, 3 things came up in his report. The Zyto is a machine that scans your body and tells you what are markers are out of range in your body and what products can bring it back to range. I must assure you that my husband is a very manly man, but the 3 oils that came up in his report were Rose, Jasmine and Melissa. As his wife, I really wanted to faint when I heard that. Besides being very floral and feminine oils, they are all highly priced oils!

The other oil he has, is Thieves to support his dental health, he ingests it and applies it on his soles to support his immunity as well.

What else.. He has Stress Away. In my personal opinion, he might disagree with me.. He is a guy that is easily stressed. Just before this broadcast, he mentioned that if you’re less stressed, then less things come up as well. I agree with him! Have you ever realised that when you’re stressed, you start coughing because you’re agitated? So he uses Stress Away to keep things cool and he loves the smell too! Stress Away has Lime, Cedarwood and Vanilla, which is what gives it its sweet smell.

The last oil he has in his pouch that is different from mine is Shutran. When we went to the USA Convention 2 years ago, Shutran was launched and I was so intrigued by it because Gary Young said that this oil makes a man very manly! It gives a man his confidence and a manly allure, so I got the oil for Jon! And he would joke with you that shortly after he used Shutran, our son Sol was born, heehee.

Ladies can also use this oil! I can’t really describe the smell but I love it! It doesn’t smell that masculine actually, more of a mixture of woody and spicy smells. I find that when I do use it, I feel good, and confident too.

Okay that’s all the oils in Jon’s oil pouch!

Now let me cover the oils that are in my pouch! The top row of oils suport physical health, so there is Digize, Lavender and Peppermint. The oils at the bottom are more for emotional, mental, spiritual growth. As I tend to go out quite often for business meetings, I find that using oils before a meeting, helps to set me up for a good frame of mind to be productive and efficient.

An oil that is actually quite rare now is Valor. Is there a difference between the Valor roll-on and the Valor in a bottle? Both of them have almost the same ingredients, one of them has sweet almond oil while the other, fractionated coconut oil, but in terms of smell, to me they smell exactly the same.

I heard that Valor in the roll-on is more for emotional balance while the Valor in the bottle is formulated for physical balance, which is why they call it chiropractor in a bottle for Valor in the bottle. I do use them both interchangeably, so it’s probably just a matter of whether you want a roll-on or not.

I use Valor when I’m feeling nervous and would like to be more confident, like when I have an important meeting coming up. A month ago, I was talking about how much I hate to have my heart pressure measured and I tend to get high blood pressure readings because of my nervousness. So what I do is to use Valor in combination with Lavender to help to ease my nerves.

Next oil, Tsuga. This is an oil that most people wouldn’t have heard of. Tsuga is actually one of the single oils in the very popular RC! This is an excellent first aid oil and I do suggest that you check out your essential oil resources to see what exactly you can use Tsuga for. I have it in my pouch because I find it to be a multi-purpose oil, supporting anything from the stomach to skin to lungs. And if want to support a better flow of oxygen to the lungs, you can try Tsuga because it expands the bronchioles, highly recommended for great oxygen intake. If you are going for a workout and you want to have great breathing capacity, you can try this besides Peppermint.

Cedarwood is the next oil and I love love Cedarwood. I use it when I feel groggy or sleepy after a poor night’s sleep, it helps to oxygenate my brain and supports my brain health as well. In combination with Cedarwood, I actually use En-R-Gee which is a great oil for energy. I don’t have NingXia Red sachets in my house and I tend not to bring out Nitro tubes, so I use Cedarwood and En-R-Gee for great mental alertness and for energy. I know some people use Peppermint and I do use that as well, but when I need the extra boost, Cedarwood and En-R-Gee it is. I’ve noticed that I should not use it in the taxi because that’s when the taxi driver will open the windows to get fresh air in, hahah. So I use it before I get on the cab or just before the meeting itself.

I also have Magnify Your Purpose for personal growth. I actually have quite a few bottles in the house and I try to use it everyday. When I feel stuck in my life and in my business, I want to get really clear on why I am doing this and what’s my purpose and vision. So I use Magnify Your Purpose for that.

And the next oil I use is Oola Grow. When I talk about my self-care pouch in another post, I will talk about Oola Balance. Oola Grow is intentionally meant for my growth and I find that in combination with Magnify Your Purpose, Cedarwood and En-R-Gee, it really helps with my self awareness and self development.

Okay the last oil I have is Purification. It helps to ensure an annoyance free outdoor experience and you can also use it to clean the air. If you find that the air quality is less than stellar at home, try diffusing Purification.

Back to the Oola series from USA, there’s also a book, Oola, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. If you want to look deeper into yourself to see what’s going on, or to find that balance in your life, you can consider getting this book from Life Science Publishers. And you can consider the Oola Infused 7 oil set, there is Fitness, Family, Faith, Field, Finance, Friends and Fun. Earlier on a few of us did an experiment with the Infused 7, we each took one oil from the set and we used it for a month to see the results. What came up was really interesting and so maybe I will experiment and use all the oils on myself and share it in a broadcast or article on how they worked for me.

That’s all that I have! I’ve covered all the oils in both pouches, I hope that was useful to you!



Can we get Valor from USA?

I think right now, Valor is out of stock in USA but you can get Valor II. Because of the shortage of supply of Valor, YL created Valor II. You can use it in the same way as Valor.

Where do I use Valor?

It kinda depends on what you want to use it for. If you’re using it to instill confidence in yourself, to be steady as you go about your day, I would love it to use it over my head and my chest. I would take a drop or two and apply it at the back of my neck, over my forehead, on the rims of my ears and over my heart. You can also use Valor for sleep, some kids love Valor and find it very soothing. You can also use it to support skin health as well, you can apply it over anywhere you find that you need support for.

What’s good for headaches?

It really depends on what kind of headache you actually have. Steffie wrote a really good post about headaches. There is basically 4 kinds of headaches.

There are hormonal headaches, like when you find that your period is coming soon, do look at oils to support hormonal balance like Phyto Progessence Plus, Lady Sclareol, Clary Sage, Geranium etc.

Let’s say it’s stress induced headaches, then you want to look at using Stress Away or Lavender. You want to make sure that you’re drinking lots of water when you’re using the oils as well, and sometime headaches can be caused by dehydration.

The last kind of headaches is from tight muscles. About 10 years ago when I was working at a corporate company, the desk was not very ergonomic, one end of the desk was longer than the other, so when I was working on the computer, I found that my right shoulder is perpetually hunched, and because of that the muscles started to tighten and the tension went up my neck and into my head. I realised that when I’m very tensed, I get a tension headache as well. It was partially from stress but also from the stiff muscles. So knowing the cause of the headache will give you a good gauge of what oils you want to use to balance you to wellness again.

I use Marjoram for headaches too!

Yes that works too. In our body, we have both voluntary and involuntary muscles. Involuntary muscles are muscles that we cannot control like your heart, we can’t control the beating of our hearts. Just remember that Marjoram is really good of involuntary muscles, when Auntie Flow is here and you have menstrual cramps, you can use Marjoram for that.



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