[Compensation Plan Part One] The Three YL Terms You Need To Know

COMP PLAN-01.jpg

You got your Ningxia Red? Ok let’s go!

First term – Enroller
This is the person who has introduced his or her friend to Young Living and they have signed up for a YL account as a result.

Second term – Sponsor
Because YL is a MLM business, there are uplines and downlines. Sponsor here simply means upline. When you are starting to share about the oils to your friends, you would naturally be the Enroller and Sponsor should they signed up for an account.

Third term – Enrollee
Also known as the new member who just signed up for a YL account. Every enrollee or new member would have an enroller and sponsor. If you have signed up for a YL account without entering anyone’s member ID, YL will randomly allocate an enroller and sponsor to you. You can definitely reach out to them to seek support on the oils but I generally find that it is better to have someone who is experienced or at least passionate on the oils to guide you as you go along.

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