While Sol sleeps, I sneaked out and did some business planning early morning!

I got a new bottle of Acceptance on Monday and eagerly open it today. Mmm…. so what does it do?

According to Reference Guide for Essential Oils mobile app, Acceptance helps stimulate the mind to open up and accept new things in life, enabling us to reach toward our higher potential. It may also be beneficial in helping one overcome denial or procrastination and to help create a feeling of security.

And there’s my always favorite Inspiration. I use this oil a lot when I wanted to create something new for the LAO leaders and need great ideas!

Do you use oils to help you be your BEST SELF during your work? I would love to hear from you!



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I remember when I was a teenager, I would go gaga over the lovey dovey couples out there and stare in envy at the ladies’ bouquets of roses! To me, roses mean LOVE LOVE LOVE to the max!

As I get older, I still do love roses but heart pain when the hubs give me roses on Valentine’s Day! I’ll like to buy myself roses too as an expression of how much I love myself!

Do you know that the YL Rose is not distilled from the regular roses we see at the florist? The breed is called Rosa Damascena and it looks like the photo below!

I actually can’t bear to open my Rose bottle but Jon taught me to use and enjoy! He’s also very generous. Wherever he goes, he shares his Rose and you can see the happiness and glow on people’s faces.


Here’s some beautiful suggestions for a beautiful oil from Jon and I. Enjoy!

  1. Add 1 to 2 drops to a glass bottle then add witch hazel (optional) and distilled water. This makes a very lovely facial spritzer and it’s what we have made for our teams for last year’s Christmas. ❤❤
  2. Rose can uplift your emotions and spirit AND it can keep you warm in cold places.
  3. Diffuse Rose in a room. You will find the smell linger LONG AFTER the diffusing finishes.
  4. Because it clocks at a whopping 320 Mhz, Rose brings harmony and balance to ALL CELLS and raise your vibrations. When one feels sad or upset, it can feel sluggish and heavy. Use Rose!
  5. Applying Rose at the back of both your knees create a fragrance bubble around you.
  6. Take a wine decanter (those wide bottom flasks preferably, otherwise regular glass bottles are ok) then add 3 drops rose and top up with water. Let it sit overnight. Then drink!
  7. When your bottle is half empty, top up with more water but skip Rose. You can do this 3 times and the water will still taste and smell very rosy!
  8. Cranky child? Dab a little rose on him. We found that it calms Sol very quickly and reduces his crying bouts too. ‪#‎sibehawesome
  9. Men! U want some *ahem* today? Try massaging your love with a little Rose and carrier oil! *winks*



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Jon’s Love

I am going to write about this special oil that I love very much.

Some interesting facts about this particular love of mine.

  • One drop of this oil = 60 of its flower!
  • 15 ml of this oil = 65 pounds of its petals! (around 29kgs!)
  • 5 ml bottle (about 80 drops) of this oil = 4800 of its flower

This oil supports healthy skin and it is also nourishing to dry skin. The aroma of this oil uplifts and stimulates our minds, and at the same time opens the heart chakra.

By now, I think most of you would have known that the oil I am talking about is none other than Rose EO.

This is one of the most expensive oil in our Young Living range of oils, however, I personally felt that this oil isn’t really just about oil.

Here’s why:

  1. The sheer amount of roses needed just to produce it. Just for the ladies. Can you imagine your hubby / boyfriend bringing you a gigantic bouquet of 4800 roses?
  2. Not commonly used. How often do you have people (those who are oil users) around you apply Rose on themselves? Most people would probably keep this extremely precious oil in safe keeping (including me)!
  3. There is something else in the bottle! This is the point I really wanted to talk about. Beside being one of the most expensive oil that always bring non and new oilers jaw to drop when hearing the price, there is something else about this oil. Something I have consistently experienced when i use Rose EO. By just opening the Rose EO bottle, people around you will start looking curiously for the source, ESPECIALLY those veteran oil users! This is one phenomenon I have seen that no other oils has over people.

The real game changer is when I share my Rose EO with my families, my friends, people whom have attended my class/workshop and even strangers.

You might think that “WHAT? Give it to strangers?? I don’t even bear to use it myself!”

What do I get in return?

The reward is priceless. The smiles, the joy, the excitement somehow just seems to flow endlessly out from the folks receiving just one drop of it. With all that warmth, happiness and love all around, how can one not be uplifted and feel truly HAPPY?

I know I did. Maybe you should try it too.

– Jon

‪#‎YLoilyRose ‪#‎Guestwriter1



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Sacred Frankincense

My earliest memory of Sacred Frankincense was during a Young Living business talk 2 years ago by Europe’s fastest rising star, Dietfried Wruss.

You see, Dietfried is this big guy and as he speaks to us, he would periodically take out this bottle of Sacred Frankincense from his jeans and rub some on his bald head.

Rub rub rub.

He’s also the genius behind the concept of Wellness At Home where he helped people to clean inside out, both at home and in their environments, before nourishing from within with supplements THEN finally using the oils. So different from how most of us start with Young Living. And what a great start too since one learns how to clean up from the inside before getting fantastic results with the oils.

That memory of Sacred Frankincense actually started my own journey on it too. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and I will share some here. For more information, please refer to your essential oils resources such as the Essential Oils Pocket Reference or the Reference Guide for Essential Oils mobile app. What I’m listing here is ONLY a fraction of what this oil can actually do.

Sacred Frankincense helps reduce brain noise so if you are looking for clarity of thought while doing super important work, this is the oil for you.

One of the fantastic oils that is super loaded with monoterpenes (cleans up faulty DNA). sesquiterpenes (program in good DNA) and alpha-pinenes (super critical for good health), this would be one of the oils that I would use, if I am stuck for ideas on what oil to use for the result I wish to achieve. Highly versatile, Sacred Frankincense supports cellular health, respiratory, immunity, digestion and even bones and muscles as well.

My mom, bless her heart, takes Sacred Frankincense in her Ningxia Red, and looks really young! Curious? Try 5 drops daily and take a photo of your face before and after.  Sacred Frankincense is really great for skin, ESPECIALLY aged skin and wrinkles. Here’s my write up on my mom’s beauty regime.

Do you know that Oman is the ONLY country that has Sacred Frankincense? And that ONLY Young Living has the permission from the government to build a distillery there and distill Sacred Frankincense? This is a dream 18 years in the making. See here.

Local culture tip – The locals in Oman would break off resin from the Sacred Frankincense trees and chew them for good health.

Sacred Frankincense helps us release parts of our ego which hold us back from connecting with our soul, as well as feelings of unworthiness and insecurity. Once we are able to connect with our spiritual side, we can embrace our true purpose in the world and become more spiritually driven rather than ego driven.

Just like Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense is calming and relaxing so this is a wonderful oil for yoga and meditation. If you are feeling troubled or restless and cannot sleep, try using Sacred Frankincense to ease your mind into it.

It’s been said that the Frankincense gifted by the Three Wise Men to Baby Jesus is actually Sacred Frankincense!


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