Part One – Reviews on YL Diffusers

Part Three – Your Diffusing Questions

Hey hey! Phew! Almost done with the whole series on diffusing. I swear, I got high on the oils because to get myself into the mood, I have been diffusing to help me writefasterwritefasterquickquickquick!

Proof as below. 😀

Using my Gratitude diffuser while writing this piece

So ok! Besides using YL diffusers as I have covered here, I do use a number of non YL diffusers too. I had a lot of fun testing them out and using them in my home so I hope you can gain some experience from my experiences!

FULL DISCLOSURE: While a number of the diffusers are sold by my friends, please note these are all bought by me rather than being sponsored. So what you are reading, are my honest and candid opinions on each diffuser. 

Muji Diffuser


A classy Zen looking diffuser, this is one of my favourites to use in the home. Because of its compact size, I have used it EVERYWHERE!

It’s usually found in my kitchen because admittedly, I have a lot of clutter on my kitchen table and this doesn’t take up a lot of space. And I have also brought it with me to the hospital when I was labouring for both my pregnancies! Maybe that’s why I fell asleep between yelling between contractions.

Ah so many fond memories….

  1. Type of Diffuser: Water
  2. Cost: SGD89.00 (but check with Muji for the latest pricing)
  3. Area of coverage: Bedroom
  4. The Piggy Factor: Really easy to use! I love the minimalist look, the ease of cleaning and maintenance. The Japanese are so good at design and one thing I appreciate is that when you turn it on, it is by default set to 3 hours rather than you having to press 1 hour then 2 then 3.
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: 5 drops, 100 ml, diffuse to 3 hours
  6. Travel friendly: Very. Easy to bring to places. Would be ideal for the hotel or in my case, the labour suite, heh
  7. Appearance: Zen
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy! Just drain off, rinse with water, refill with water and eo and you are good to go!
  9. Tip! If you have a friend who is in Japan and don’t mind buying this over there, it sells for SGD20 cheaper. However you need an adaptor for the differing voltage

Soundtech Orb Diffuser (currently out of stock, however Young Living USA stock a similar model)


The Orb diffuser was first introduced by YL USA during the 2014 USA convention. I found it cute then but did not purchase. Consequently my group bought some and the main gripe coming back was that there were metal parts inside the Orb and these do come into contact with water. The parts rusted over time and while it didn’t impact the operating, it was a uncomfortable thought to know that you are diffusing… “rusty water”.

So when Teresa and Pat show me their Orb diffuser, and revealed that theirs have no metal parts, I WAS SOLD! There’s black and white; I bought the black and I love the fact that it is USB powered so I can attach a power bank and diffuse wherever I go.

Sticking the Orb right next to my baby Sol 🙂 

  1. Type of Diffuser: Water + wick
  2. Cost: SGD28.00 (email Teresa and Pat at to enquire. They do offer it at SGD25 each if you purchase 5.)
  3. Area of coverage: Personal space / Office / Car
  4. The Piggy Factor: Because this diffuser is spill-proof, this is very ideal for the car. Or for clumsy people. 😉
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: 5 drops on wick, diffuse up to 3-4 hours depending whether you set it as continuous diffusing (green light) or intermittent diffusing (blue light)
  6. Travel friendly: Perfect for traveling. Runs on USB power leh~!
  7. Appearance: Cute! Get white and it really looks like an egg!
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Medium. Because it uses wick and water, you have to switch to a new wick for each oil you use. To clean, rinse and dry off.
  9. Tip! If you want a spa like experience in the bathroom, bring the Orb there! 😀

Gratitude Diffuser


Newly launched by 7 Hummingbirds, I was intrigued by it because it looks like a baby Muji diffuser and yet it runs on USB power too! It also comes with a car plug so this is ideal for placing it in the car especially if you have a cup holder. 🙂

Gratitude (left) and Muji Diffuser (right) for size comparison


  1. Type of Diffuser: Water
  2. Cost: SGD28.00 (Purchase at They also have a FB page as well.)
  3. Area of coverage: Personal space / Office / Car
  4. The Piggy Factor: Just like the Muji, this is easy to use, clean and maintain
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: 3 drops, 70 ml water, goes up to 3 hours
  6. Travel friendly: Perfect for traveling. Runs on USB power leh~!
  7. Appearance: Cute
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy! Just rinse, drain off, top up with water and eo and you are good to go!
  9. Tip! *HINTS* Christmas is coming~! *hums*

Abundance Diffuser


This one! Oh! It’s my lifesaver during the darn haze.

Picture a crazed woman, running around in the house, with a LARGE scoop of water in one hand and Purification in the other.

Picture her topping up the 123456789 diffusers in the house madly 123456789 times. Ok ok, I don’t have that many diffusers but you get what I mean. -_____-;;

Abundance is great as a heavy duty diffuser because it can diffuse up to 8 hours, on either low or high mist settings. I love it for the night too because I don’t have to get up to top up the water and the oil. #sleepisprecious

It comes with 7 LED light settings so you can pick your favourite colour or even no light if that is what you want. This is also my favourite besides the AromaLux when I need to diffuse during the haze or when I want to keep everyone healthy at home.

  1. Type of Diffuser: Water
  2. Cost: SGD56.00 (Purchase at They also have a FB page as well.)
  3. Area of coverage: Living Room
  4. The Piggy Factor: God is good for making Abundance. Heh.
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: Goes up to 15 drops, 500 ml water, 8 hours
  6. Travel friendly: Erm… unless you think you will diffuse all day long??
  7. Appearance: Utilitarian
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy. But I don’t clean it at all since it diffuse off almost all the water
  9. Tip! Do you need a night light when you sleep? Because Abundance has 7 LED light colours, what I do is I pick a soothing colour like blue or  purple and diffuse it at night. Great smell + Night Light = Happy Faith!

Serendipity Diffuser

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.27.19 am

So I run YL as a business. Amidst 2 young kids who needs my attention like 10 million times a day. Tandem nursing. Cooking for the family every day.

This girl needs her own space! Uurgh!

Enter the hubs. He saw that I really needed a space to be alone, to think and do work for my business AND hide away from the kids for a bit. We do have cafes and restaurants just downstairs but I’m not in favour of bursting my wallet, waistline and my data plan everytime I work downstairs on my laptop in those non Wifi zones.

So he quickly cleared up one of our rooms and I am now SMUG enough to say that I am sitting up high and cosy in my little niche, working, daydreaming and inhaling Motivation from my chic chic Serendipity diffuser. Sometimes Motivation smells real bad to me especially when I am lazy but Serendipity keeps me ticking along on the productivity track. 🙂

  1. Type of Diffuser: Water
  2. Cost: SGD46.00 (Purchase at They also have a FB page as well.)
  3. Area of coverage: Medium Sized Rooms
  4. The Piggy Factor: If you like Abundance but want something chic and prettier, this is it!
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: Goes up to 9 drops, 300 ml water, 6 hours
  6. Travel friendly: Not really. Especially with the protruding top
  7. Appearance: Chic
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy. But I don’t clean it at all since it diffuse off almost all the water
  9. Tip! Watch the colours change and soothe you as you do your creative thinking!


If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.



Part Two – Reviews on non-YL Diffusers

Part Three – Your Diffusing Questions

So here is my lowdown on the many YL diffusers I have used. Just remember that for the prices listed, sometimes YL does monthly promos that allow YL members to get them for free. 🙂

Dewdrop Diffuser


One of the starting diffusers that most people have since it may come FREE when you sign up for a YL membership or after completing 3 months of Essential Rewards orders.

Created by the renown diffuser company, Puzhen, I really like the Dewdrop. It is resilient, easy to use, easy to clean and you have the options whether to have the blue light on or off.

  1. Type of Diffuser: Water
  2. Cost: Free to SGD117.50 for members. Come with a free 5ml Lemon and Lavender
  3. Area of coverage: Bedroom
  4. The Piggy Factor: Very easy to use and clean. Tops most diffusers by being able to diffuse up to 4 hours.
  5. Consumption of EO: 5-8 drops for a full tank of water, diffuse up to 4 hours
  6. Travel friendly: No. Because of the conical shape, it’s a little hard to pack in
  7. Appearance: Utilitarian
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy. Wide base so you don’t have to strain your fingers poking and cleaning at the cornerswpid-dsc_1724.jpg
  9. Tip! Align the inner cover with the hole along the same line as the button at the bottom AND the Young Living words with the top cover for a perfect fit when you close the diffuser before operating.

Ceramic Diffuser

ceramic diffuser

When I was tired of using water based diffusers (have you seen how the water looks like when you didn’t diffuse for days?! Uurgh!), I went to explore the nebuliser type of diffusers.

At that time, the ceramic diffuser was just launched to replace the Everyday Diffuser and I got one to try. I like it so much that I got 2 more because I love the strength of its diffusing and I prefer nebulising to water diffusers. It’s not very child friendly though because it’s made of ceramic and glass so be careful if you have young kids around.

  1. Type of Diffuser: Nebuliser
  2. Cost: SGD100.50 for members. Come with a free 5ml Citrus Fresh
  3. Area of coverage: Bedroom / Large Room / Living Room
  4. The Piggy Factor: Well… it can be finicky to clean so I compensate for it by not cleaning very often and using back the same oils over and over again. Ahaha. However it does get choked up if you delay the cleaning for too long and you can see a pool of eo in the base of the flask.
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: 12-20 drops, diffuse to under 3 hours
  6. Travel friendly: No. It’s fragile
  7. Appearance: Utilitarian
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Medium. What I do is I use the YL Thieves Household Cleaner and water to clean the inside. Once it is clean but wet, I run the diffuser and it vibrates off the water (if you are particular about it being dry)
  9. Tip! Sometimes water or eo get stuck in the narrow tunnel underneath the flask. I usually use my mouth and blow hard to push the oil / water out. Weird I know but hey it works!

Aria Diffuser


Oh my, the crème de la crème of all YL diffusers. When I first saw it, I LUST for it… but wow the price! #imworthit

So I got smart. I BUGGED my hubs and sis until they gave me my ONE AND ONLY ARIA for Christmas 4 years ago. Heh. Well Young Living Singapore got SMARTER. They gave it as a freebie for the December holiday promo then. WUTTTT. So anyway. *ahem* #luckilynotmymoney

The Aria is also from the renown diffuser company, Puzhen. This is a lovely lovely piece that adds a touch of class to your living room or bedroom. It has pre-programmed soothing zen music and lights that transports you to SPA LAND or in my case, got me to doze off before bedtime. *sheepish*

When it is operating, you will see the mist filling up the glass bowl before coming out of the sprout. Such a beautiful piece. And robust too. My Aria is still working well after all these years.

  1. Type of Diffuser: Water
  2. Cost: SGD335 for members.
  3. Area of coverage: Bedroom / Large Room / Living Room
  4. The Piggy Factor: Very easy to clean and operate because the base is large.
  5. Consumption of EO and Duration: 12-20 drops, you can diffuse to 3 hours for 2 rounds
  6. Travel friendly: No no no! It’s large and fragile… LEAVE IT AT HOME!
  7. Appearance: Beautiful
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy. I usually just rinse it, drain off then dry and use. Just be careful with the glass globe
  9. Tip! Be careful not to have water stay in the diffuser for too long. There are metal parts in the Aria and I’ve realised the metal circle at the bottom of the Aria rusted a little AFTER MANY MANY TIMES OF NOT EMPTYING IT OUT AND LETTING THE WATER EVAPORATE.GLUM.
    Well that’s what I pay for being a PIGGY

USB Diffuser


When I first saw this at the USA Convention in 2014, I was like wow, this is so cool! A thumbdrive diffuser, portable, nifty looking and you can even set the intensity of the diffusing.

1. Type of Diffuser: Nebuliser
2. Cost: SGD37.50 for members
3. Area of coverage: Personal space / car
4. The Piggy Factor: Only hardworking people need to apply! This diffuser  is tricky to clean and you MUST clean it often so that it operates well
5. Consumption of EO and Duration: It comes with a teeny 2 ml bottle so it depends on how often you diffuse, the intensity you set.
6. Travel friendly: Perfect traveling companion. Does your neighbour on the plane smell weird? This is a perfect solution
7. Appearance: Cute
8. Ease of Cleaning: Difficult. You have to clean thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and OFTEN otherwise it may not work well. Be careful with citrus oils or blends with citrus oils because these are especially hard wearing on the diffuser especially if the bottle leaks
9. Tip! If your USB diffuser is not working, clean again and clean thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. I have heard of cases of diffusers being miraculously resuscitated with proper cleaning 🙂

AromaLux and AromaDome


The AromaLux (that pyramid looking thing) on the right is available in YL SG. This is the MOST POWERFUL diffuser you can find in YL Singapore and can probably rival the Therapro diffuser from YL USA for its strength and various diffusing options.

The AromaLux works by popping the bottle of eo of your choice right into the pyramid, set your duration and interventions of diffusing and you are ready to go!

The AromaDome is the tent that is a optional purchase from YL USA. If you want to have focused, intense diffusing, you can rig the Lux up to hook up to INSIDE the Dome like this:


This is very ideal if you want to work on supporting your respiratory, immunity, emotions and so on and want an intense experience. It is recommended that you use the Dome and Lux together for no more than 30 mins. I know I have tried 5 mins and found it pretty pheeeew~~!

1. Type of Diffuser: Nebuliser
2. Cost:
AromaLux – SGD176 for members
AromaDome – USD89.75 before shippping
3. Area of coverage: HDB Flat / Very large spaces
4. The Piggy Factor: You basically only need to clean the tube or change it when you want to change the oils to be diffused
5. Consumption of EO and Duration: Depending on the intensity, duration, intervention of diffusing you set. A 15 ml bottle should last for a few days at the lowest setting
6. Travel friendly: Yes. The Dome can be folded like a car shade so it is very portable. The Lux is made of plastic so there are no breakables
7. Appearance: Utilitarian
8. Ease of Cleaning: Easy. Either wash the teeny tube or change to a new one
9. Tip! If you are diffusing a blend that has been blended with a carrier oil, you may find the residue of the carrier oil when the Lux has diffused off all the eo. Also before you plug the YL eo bottle into the AromaLux, please REMOVE the white ring of the bottle otherwise the fit into the top of the Lux is not tight

Sha Diffuser (also known as Rainstone Diffuser)


Honestly I don’t have this diffuser but my team mate, Bunga Mawar has kindly stepped in with her review. Thank you so much Bunga!!