About School of YL (Singapore)

Hey there!

My name is Faith Teo and I love my Young Living business!

As I share about YL and get my friends excited about another way to wellness for themselves and loved ones, I realised that getting an YL account, logging in, ordering products can be a tad bit confusing for new members. 🙂

So I have created this website for those who wants to learn more. (Well it beats talking about the same information 1000th time, lol).

To be clear, this website is about how to manage your YL Singapore account. With the power of the Internet, I know that the audience is very likely to be international but I would like to highlight this first. If ever I am referring to the YL USA membership, I will clearly state it in the article. 😀

If there is an article missing and you wanna know the answers, contact me and I shall pen it up for you! You would also be doing others a great service too since I’m sure there are others who have the same questions.

Lastly I can be reached at mailfaith@yahoo.com or drop me a message on my FB here.



Faith Teo
YL Platinum #1336599


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