Thieves Mouthwash Review

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I have a testimonial to share about Thieves Mouthwash.

My almost 7 years old daughter was complaining to me about gum pain a few days back, so I saw a huge pimple on her gums. Almost the size of her tooth, I was quite alarmed, the pimple is more like a swelling. I was worried that it may be swelling from some foreign object poked into the gums. My gal said the pimple has been there for a few weeks and the pain is getting worse now.

It was late at night and we couldn’t bring her to the doctor or dentist then. Hence, I did what I could with whatever resources I have on hand. I made her gargle with Thieves Mouthwash diluted, then applied lemon essential oil on the pimple.

Next morning, I inspected her gums and pimple, I thought the pimple seems smaller and my gal said not as painful. Plus she wasn’t willing to go to the doctor. She continued to gargle with diluted Thieves mouthwash twice daily. Today is the 4th day and the pimple is barely visible. Oh yeah! The little gal was so relieved, because daddy kept scaring her that she needs to go for surgery to remove that pimple.

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