Steffie’s Top 3 Oils

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I’ve been tagged to do my top 3 oils, and they are Lavender, RC and White Angelica.

I’ll start with RC and this is one of the first few oils I started using. I’ve sinus issues so I always have a bottle of RC with me and I will be applying it consistently throughout the day. My children always complain of blocked noses when they sleep in air-conditioned rooms, so this is an oil that we apply every night. If I ever run out of RC or if I forgot to bring it along when we are travelling, then we will really be in trouble as they will not be able to sleep.

I will usually take a drop of RC, and apply it on my neck and chest, as well as on my sinuses, which is on the sides of the nose, the nose bridge, under the nose and on the forehead. For my kids, I will take a drop and apply it on just their necks and chest. I’ve attached a roller fitment on the bottle of RC, so my kids can help themselves when they need it.

My second oil is Lavender, which is also known as the swiss army knife of essential oils. With young children around, we get a lot of accidents, or I might burn my hand. So I always bring Lavender around, and I will drip it straight on the area of concern should anything happen.

Lavender is also very good for relaxation and sleep, I like to take a drop and apply it on pillows to help us sleep better. This is also known as an adaptogen, so when I don’t feel right, like how I’m nervous doing this broadcast now, I will apply some Lavender to help to calm me down. Sometimes, I get frustrated at work if there’s too much happening, I will just apply Lavender for that.

Lavender is also a great beauty oil, just add a drop to your beauty routine, it will help enhance your skin and complexion. Like how I have a pimple here now, I will apply a drop of Lavender first before I apply my moisturiser. I also made a DIY toner with Lavender as a main ingredient, I will share about the toner in my beauty post!

My third favourite oil is White Angelica, it is very good for cleansing negative energies. I am pretty sensitive to my surroundings. I’ve shared some stories with those who know me personally, how when I go house-hunting, just by stepping into a house, I can immediately sense if someone has recently died in the house.

This is an oil that I always bring with me when I travel especially since on the flight, there will always be people who are nervous, whether it’s their first time flying or because it’s a long flight. I will apply a drop on my crown and on my shoulders to protect my aura, so that people with negative energies will not affect me.

The moment I get into my hotel room, I will get out my diffuser and start diffusing White Angelica because I want to cleanse whatever negative energies that has been left in the room by the previous occupants.

If your kids are crying uncontrollably at night, I would apply White Angelica as there could be something around the house that’s affecting them, or perhaps some negative energy has been attached to them. That’s when I would apply White Angelica, again on the crown and shoulders.

For me, I engage in lot of discussions at work, and sometimes I feel pretty negative about some of them. That’s when I would apply White Angelica. Sometimes you get people fighting during meetings, that’s where negative energies will grow, so that all that negative energies will not get attached to me. Again, I would apply it to my crown and shoulders, or you can also take a drop and coat your aura, which is about a couple of inches off your body.

Those are my 3 oils! I will be tagging Connie, Farhan and Elaine to do the challenge as well. Thank you for staying with me and bye bye!



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