White Angelica

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My youngest child, code-named C2, had been extremely cranky for the past week, and he will start fussing at night. The type, where he is already asleep, eyes are closed tight while he will cry and scream loudly with his hands and legs wildly hitting anyone (the mother) who tried to hug him.

Being very analytical, I attributed to the funeral held under my block being the contributing factor. But I’ve been making my 2 kids (code-named the 2Cs), avoid the walking pass the funeral. With some probing, my elder child (code-named C1) later revealed that they have been playing scooter under the block daily, and of course passed by the funeral area multiple times. Duhz!

So I applied White Angelica essential oil on C2’s crown, shoulder, neck, chest and over the heart. And also dripped a few drops of White Angelica essential oil on my palm and swept his aura. The crying and screaming stopped soon after, and the little boy opened his eyes, requested for some water and went back to peaceful sleep.

White Angelica has a unique blend of 10 oils to create a frequency field to ward off the bombardment of negative energy. It is important for use in emotional cleansing. It helps to increase the aura around the body, bringing sense of strength and protection. May I also add, White Angelica essential oil is very good for skin too. Some of the oils in this blend are Bergamot, Geranium, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rosewood and Rose, which are the oils that I’ve always used in my oily beauty routine.

White Angelica essential oil is a MUST-have oil in my travel oil bag. I’m very sensitive to the environment and very paranoid, so sleeping in hotel rooms or unfamiliar places are very unnerving activities for me. When I travel alone for work, I sleep with all the lights switched on! Anyways, I will dig out my diffuser and diffuse White Angelica essential oil once I get into the hotel room and got rid of the bell-boy.

White Angelica is also the essential oil to use if you have to step into uncomfortable situation. For working folks, if you have to attend a meeting that will have much disagreement, negotiation and ‘some’ screaming, applyWhite Angelica on your crown, shoulder and neck, to protect yourself from the negative energies in the room. So that these negative energies do not attach to you and affect you for longer than the duration of the awful meeting.

For Chinese version, click here.


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