Brain Power

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I want to say Brainpower smells absolutely amazing and invigorating. I frequently apply this at work, and people in the same area start looking for the nice smell.

When to use Brainpower?

* When you need to concentrate and focus on a challenging task that requires a lot of Brainpower (no pun intended) and thinking. I applied and re-apply Brainpower essential oil several times on my brain stem and neck while writing this. I also apply this when I need to analyze stuff at work, apply this on my children when they are studying especially when preparing for tests, spelling and 听写. Apply on both your children and yourself when you are studying together with them, so the children can remember better and you can focus on getting the task done. *grin*

* If you are getting forgetful or absent minded. This is definitely me. I can introduce friend A to friend B. And one fine day, when friend B asked me about friend A, I was surprised and asked how did they get acquainted. (Friend A and B, you will know who you are if you are reading this)

* Brain fog! You feel like there’s a cloud in your brain, causing you to be confused, forgetful, difficulty to focus and lack of mental clarity.

* Mental alertness.

* Useful when you want to play mahjong and win. You will want to stay alert and improve your memory, so you remember who threw what card and analyze who is waiting for what winning card.

* When going for examination and you need all the mental power and alertness to recall what you have studied.

* When your nxr sachets goes missing and you need all the mental alertness to investigate who in the house secretly drank 10 sachets in a day!

* Regulate your sleep-wake schedule. Brainpower supports various brain functions, and one of them is the pineal glands to secrete melatonin which helps us to sleep.

* Detox your brain. We are exposed to lots of chemicals and toxins daily and much of these goes into our brains. Think of Brainpower eating these toxins and get them out of our system.

How to use Brainpower?

* Apply on brainstem, neck, throat and under the nose.

* Drip a drop on your thumb and press it against the roof of your mouth

* Diffuse or inhale directly from your hands

What is in Brainpower?

* Sandalwood essential oil is high in sesquiterpenes known to stimulate the limbic and pineal areas of the brain and affects memories and emotions.

* Cedarwood essential oil high in sesquiterpenes, stimulates the pineal gland which improves understanding , thoughts and memory.

* Frankincense essential oil stimulates the limbic system which helps to elevate the mind and improve emotions.

* Melissa essential oil also affects the limbic system and may help remove emotional obstructions and improve outlook.

* Blue Cypress essential oil may help improve circulation and oxygenation to the brain while stimulating the pineal and limbic portions of the brain as well as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland

* Lavender essential oil has been documented to improve relaxation and concentration.

* Helichrysum essential oil supports circulation and is thought to support nerve function. This may help support awareness and concentration ability.




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