Let’s Sweat It Out!

Hello! I am Irene! With knowledge, there is empowerment, so here I am to share with you my oily experiences! For more of my posts, please check out my Facebook page!

Little one is down with stomach flu since Tuesday and he has poor appetite. It is a challenge to feed everything and out it comes like the Merlion. To make it worse, his tonsils have become swollen, is coughing badly and running a fever that has been very persistent.

On today’s menu, it is nutrient-dense and hearty Carrot Ginger Soup as he has not been eating much. #vegan #paleo #MeatFreeDay

As ginger is warming, it helps to detox through perspiration. I added lots of ginger and top it off with Ginger essential oil to increase the spiciness! Ooh la la!!

Although it was too spicy for my 3.5-year-old, he polished his bowl clean and had a good cleanse thereafter. 😉 Happy mommy!

Let’s sweat it out!


#IntentionalLiving #HealthyFoodCanBeTastyToo #yleo



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