Sex? I’m Too Tired!

Hello! I am Irene! With knowledge, there is empowerment, so here I am to share with you my oily experiences! For more of my posts, please check out my Facebook page!

Before I had kids, I heard these statements often.

“After marriage, spousal relationship will be different. After kids, the focus will be entirely on them.”

“Sex? Too tired everyday!” “Too busy!”

Well, I don’t know if these statements hold true for everyone. I am one BIG believer that romance between spouses remains important even after children come along.

Essential oils support our various body functions including sexual appetite! After attending a FB class on oils for sex, it got me curious to try out on hubby and me. :p #goodnessimtalkingsexonline

There are many oils for a playful time however here are 3 which we tried.

What a kinky name, ya know. That was my first thought. It helps to enhancesex drive for both parties if you do not feel sexy after a tiring day at work or handling kids and chores. Tip: When you are done using the oil to romance, apply on throat area to soothe it from all the screaming. You will be ready to go again! #increasebirthrate

Idaho Blue Spruce:
Enhance, enhance! Ladies, massage for your men! Be FILLED with joy! It’s minty so be careful not to get onto the tip  😛

It improves circulation and we definitely need more blood to rush to you-know-where. Go with the flow! Apply it on inner thighs in an upward motion. Tip: Ladies, use more of it to achieve that big O.

There you go! Oil up and have a great night!

#pardonmylanguage #251not200words #oilsstrategicallyplacedinphoto


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