Basil For Cleansing

Hello! I am Irene! With knowledge, there is empowerment, so here I am to share with you my oily experiences! For more of my posts, please check out my Facebook page!

Cleansing is one of the most important things we can do for our overall health as it helps to eliminate toxins from major organs including our skin.

So how does Basil essential oil comes into the cleansing mix?

Basil belongs to the mint family. This herb is no stranger to everyone as it is commonly used in soups and dishes, even as a tea.

Basil essential oil is commonly used to restore mental alertness, aching muscles from daily activities and exercise, supporting the respiratory system and also in Raindrop Technique. Other than these uses, I came to realize it is an antioxidant support for the liver as well. Hence it is wonderful for digestive function and detoxification. It supports the kidneys to expel unwanted toxins too.

Other than having an annual cleanse, we can choose to include Basil oil in our daily routine to help the liver work better! For example, in our household, fresh food rules! Yes, yes, I threw out the processed sauces. I mainly use essential oils in my cooking and Basil is used generously to aid in regular cleansing from toxic waste accumulated in the liver.

By making conscious decisions on what we eat and together with the oils, we can have a strong immune system and a healthy state of mind.

So here, in the photo, was one of those days I went #meatfree and added Basil.


#youarewhatyoueat #basilforcleansing #guestwriting



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