NingXia Zyng Review I

ME, I have to confess, I am a sugar slave. I love food and drinks that is loaded with sugar.

Hot, hot weather,

Sun so bright,

Can’t wait to grabber,

Cold, cold Sprite~!

Eat spicy left,

Eat spicy right,

Mouth on fire,

Let’s drink Sprite~!

Kids make a mess,

Dad cleans at night,

Needed a rest.

Here comes my Sprite~!

This has been going on for quite awhile with my cravings for carbonated sugary drinks. Whenever I have nothing to do at hand, I felt like just grabbing a bottle of Sprite and drink. So does when I am too busy with my kids or work, I wanted to grab that Sprite too. I do think that I have reached a certain level of addiction towards it and I do know that it is not good for my health.

Knowing is one thing, but shifting away from these sugary drinks is another. It almost became like an automatic reactions to everything. Thirsty? Sprite! Tired? Sprite! Stress? No problem~! Sprite! This is a problem.

One day, my dear wife ordered 2 boxes of items, which I was clueless about until I collected them from one of our friend.

It was NingXia Zyng.

When I first tried Zyng, I took a big gulp like how I always drink my beloved carbonated sugary drink. The initial feelings I got when I poured Zyng into my mouth, was of the same sizzling, bubbly Sprite! However the taste that soon followed wasn’t really to my liking. There was a slight tinge of bitterness and I disliked the after taste.

We had like 24 cans of Zyng and I was tell my wife good luck to her as I am not going to drink anymore of it.

Weird things always happen late at night. I was having my me-time late at night playing some online games after the kids have sign-out for the night. I was tired (around 1am) but I wasn’t going to go down without a fight because my me-time is precious!

Immediately I wanted to grab a Sprite but there wasn’t any at home, so I was like “Oh well…. There’s Zyng~”

One can of Zyng is all it takes. I felt quite refreshing after drinking it and by the time I felt tired…. It was almost 6am! So I quickly rush to bed and try to grab some sleep before the kids and my awesome wife wakes up!

“Hey, its not that bad!” I thought to myself.

So I tried one more, and that leads to another, and another….

In the end, I just wanted to say that for those of you who have crazy cravings towards carbonated sugary drinks. You might want to give NingXia Zyng a shot. Zyng does satisfy my cravings for Sprite and it is definitely a healthier choice.


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