What’s In My Work Pouch?

Part One: My Baby Son’s Oil Pouch

Part Two: My Husband’s and My Going Out Oil Pouches

Part Three: My Self Care Oil Pouch

Part Four: My Work Oil Pouch

Part Five: My Family’s + Raindrop Oil Pouch

This is the fourth of a 5-part series of what’s in my family’s oil pouches done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here.

Today is going to be about what’s in my work pouch, this HUGE red one! I just counted 30 oils in this! I don’t want to talk about all 30 oils so I’ll pick those that I use practically everyday.

For all you reading this, I’m guessing that you either have your own job, or you own a business and you’re either running it solo or managing a team of people. So I thought it would be really cool if I can categorise the oils based on different situations that you might find useful.

work pouch

My first category of oils would be for distraction. For myself, I sometimes come into my study room, distracted because I’m overwhelmed by all that I have to do and my kids are crying outside, so my thoughts can get very scattered.

First oil I always use in my work is Gathering. I use a lot of Gathering and Grounding. If you’re like me and get very scattered and fractured thoughts, and you feel that you’re all over the place, try Gathering. It’s very similar to Abundance in the sense that it’s a magnifying oil, so it will magnify whatever thoughts you have, both negative or positive. So if you feel that you are coming to your desk with very negative thoughts, you can use oils like Release or Sacred Mountain to clear it out first, before you use Gathering to be productive.

Grounding is a very interesting oil. 3 years ago, when I was meeting my upline, I was working in my day job then. I rushed out to meet them during my tea break and I was all over the place. I felt panicky as I was rushing out to meet them, I was trying to switch gears from my bank job to the possibility of changing to having a full time business with Young Living. So when I sat down, Jacq picked up the vibes that I was very scattered and unsettled. She handed me this oil and said, “Faith, use this oil”. The moment I applied Grounding was amazing. My thoughts that were just all over the place a moment ago just calmed down. I immediately thought, “What is this oil! I need a bottle! I must get a bottle! Get me a bottle!” So this is what I love Grounding for, especially when I need to focus and be still to work.

My next favourite oil is Clarity. You might have seen my post on Clarity. This helps to promote mental alertness and because I have a lot of thoughts and ideas, I need to be very clear about things like if I’m going to do this, is this feasible? Can I get people to help me with it? Is it scalable?

One thing that you want to know is that, Grounding, Gathering, Clarity plus Peppermint are oils that will oxygenate your brain. So when you come back to work after lunch, use any of these oils to kick yourself back into mental alertness, especially if you’re struggling with that post-lunch drowsiness.

Okay so those are my oils for distraction, do try them to help you focus better at work.

The next category would be my only oil to eliminate procrastination, that’s Motivation which I’ve written about in a previous post. There are things in my business that I hate to do, things like logistics, having to mail out stuff, or admin stuff like generating data sheets to look at trends. Okay I love generating data, but it’s the admin side of it, like “who has paid for this? Have I generated this?” that drive me nuts. So before I got smart enough and asked my husband for help, I used Motivation. Anytime I don’t feel like doing work and I just want to take a day off, I use Motivation to kick my gears up to high productivity again. Do let me know if you know of other oils for procrastination and I will love to try them out!

work pouch1

The third category is oils for when I’m out of ideas and I need good fresh ideas to come into my brain. My first go-to oil will be Brain Power because of the awesome Melissa inside. Brain Power is an oil I use when I want to run a promo, or a giveaway or a programme or initiative for my team, and I need fresh ideas to rejuvenate the entire team. I also use Brain Power when I feel that my stuff is very stale and stagnant.

A lot of us encounter a lot of toxins and petrochemicals in our day-to-day lives, for example, plastic water bottles we drink from, plastic containers our takeaway food comes in and other stuff like that all have petrochemicals in them. Brain Power is actually an oil that releases all the petrochemicals from your brain, so you can use this to detox your brain every night. Just so you know, every time you sleep at night, your brain starts to spring clean and detox, which is why sleep is so important. You can use Brain Power to help you with that.

Anytime you know someone with a neurological condition which I can’t name because it’s not compliant, you can use Brain Power to support brain health, it’s really good for that.

The next oil I love is Common Sense but I must admit that this isn’t an oil that I use very often, maybe that’s why I don’t have much common sense haha!

There was one time this year where we were doing the team brochure and because I was so excited about it, I really rushed everyone through the whole project. Long story short, I practically killed my husband over the team brochure because of the very tight timeline and deadline I set my team on. So when I was looking through the writeup for Common Sense, it says that it assists you with making logical and rational decisions, so I just reminded myself that the next time I need to do such projects again, I would make sure to use Common Sense to think through decisions and pace myself better.

The fourth category is for higher purpose. When you find that you’ve kinda lost of the meaning of why you are in a particular job or why you are in this business. When you find that you’re only there just to bring home the bacon, to pay the bills and put food on the table, these are the oils that I like to use to connect me back to my WHY. Why am I doing my Young Living business?

When I first started my Young Living business, I did it because I wanted to have more time for my children and to be home for them, while still having a good income. I achieved that in 2014 but for quite a while, I lost my vision. I was lost, I didn’t have another vision to work towards and it was only in the late 2015 that I found another reason that was very compelling for me. My vision was to inspire a team of world changers, to inspire my team to go out there and change the world, whether it’s in healthcare, in essential oil usage, in education, or in championing causes of elderly and children.

The oils that helped me to connect back to my WHY are oils like Magnify Your Purpose and Live Your Passion. I rub it over my heart and on the insides of my wrists. In the past, I’ve done work without really knowing what I’m doing it for, and I was doing it just because I was so used to doing it. So Live Your Passion gets me to connect back with my WHY and when I’m connected to my vision, I realised that the way I speak and act is very different as well. It’s also part of the reason why I spend quite a lot of time writing posts on Facebook to share and to do these live broadcasts, to really spread awareness on how to use the oils really well

The next oil is Into The Future. This is a new oil that I’m still test driving it right now so I don’t have any stories to share about it. I wanted to try this oil because I feel that I’m playing a little too small with myself. I’m using oils like this to really stretch me out of my comfort zone so I can play a bigger game in life.

Envision is another good oil to look into the future and ask myself what I really want. So one of the things that I ask myself is this, if I’m financially settled in life, if I have more money than I ever want for life, what do I want to do? This is a question that gets me to think further. Why am I here in this life? What has God placed me here for? So I’m still figuring things out, I’m still living out what’s my answer, but these oils have been great in helping me discover more and more about myself. I always try to connect back to my higher purpose, so that my actions, words, the way I am as a person will shine with the vision and clarity of my purpose.

The last category in this pouch would be self development. I work with a lot of people everyday and I realise it’s essential for me to work on myself too, to be aware of my strengths, flaws and blind spots.

My second last category is oils for self development. The first oil I have is Humility. If you look at a lot of blends in Young Living that support mental, emotional and spiritual health, quite a number of them has Rose inside. This is because Rose has a very high frequency and it helps you to get connected to the higher purpose, with God. The reason why I got Humility is because Kai was sharing that Cherie Ross, a Royal Crown Diamond said that every time a person grows in rank in the Young Living business, the person’s dynamics and personality is being shaken and we can get very unstable when we go up in rank. And I can understand what she meant by that.

Right now, I’m a Platinum in Young Living and my team size is very close to 2000 people. When I was at a Silver, my team size was 80. I don’t remember what my team size was for Gold but I’ve also realised that when I grow from rank to rank, the way I’m like in my business, my approach, my way of thinking would shift as well. The way I would grow my business at the level of Platinum will be quite different from when I was at an Executive and Silver. I’ve also told my husband that if anytime he finds me getting too conceited, too big for my boots, too egoistic and too proud, please kick me. I’ve used the oil Humility to anchor me to being humble and to stay connected to my people.

Next oil is Acceptance. I actually hate hate hate the word acceptance because to me, acceptance means that you just have to take it as it is, but the more I use this oil, the more I realised that it doesn’t mean that. What it actually means is to accept whatever I’m feeling and thinking about. With acceptance comes lesser resistance, and with that comes a bigger breakthrough. So what I’m sharing you with is a little cheem and theoretical but that’s how my experience is like with this oil

One of my favourite oils is Gratitude, anytime I’m grumpy and negative or I feel that nothing is going right in my day, I use Gratitude to ground myself. I like what the Oola Guys said, when Dr David got divorced and he was going broke, his sister would tell him this, “be grateful and give thanks.” When I first heard it, I wondered, how can you be grateful for such bad news? But the more I practised gratitude, the more I realised that it’s true. If I feel really negative and down, using Gratitude really helps me to focus on what I’m grateful for in life. This helps me to really look at what I have and the possibilities that might result from that.

The second last oil I have is 3 Wise Men. I actually use this for guidance and also to pray. I put it on my forehead and ask for guidance and wisdom from God. I actually love the smell of this but it’s a very thick oil, so if you have like a travel or usb diffuser right, don’t use 3 Wise Men in it, it wouldn’t work very well in a diffuser.

My other oil is Awaken. When I’m sluggish, I use this oil to wake myself up, get clear on what I actually want and get myself started for the day. Because the time I have to work is really tight, I usually only get 1 hour a day to work, maybe 2 if I’m lucky, I need this oil to get me really clear on that one thing I need to do today that will move my business forward.

That’s actually all I have to cover for today but I’ll also show you some fun oils as well. I have these 2 oils that are pretty fun, though I don’t use them a lot, they are the Oola Friends and Oola Finance. Last time, when I used Abundance, I’ve always prayed for wisdom, I’ve never prayed for money. Then came a time where I was thinking, “boy I wish I had more money so I can bring my family on a holiday”, and that was when I laughed to myself because I’ve been praying for wisdom and not money. So now, I use Oola Finance for money. When I rub this all over myself, I will focus on business growth and my financial goals for the year.

Oola Friends. Okay actually my team consists of my friends, so Oola Friends really reminds me that the Young Living business is really not a solo-preneur kind of business, it’s really about relationships and we are all friends. For me, it’s always been friends before business and that’s the way we are like in our team. That’s how I feel about you all and I hope that’s how you feel about me too.

Another 2 more fun oils that you might not have seen before, the first is Matahari. If you’re lucky and you went for the Malaysian opening, Matahari is the Malaysia’s special opening oil, it was also sold in Singapore for a short period of time. If you have it, use it for skin! It’s a beautiful beautiful oil for the skin. You can incorporate it into your DIY body gel or bath wash, or you can dilute with a carrier oil and apply it on your skin.

My other oil is actually Pearl of the Orient, this is a Hong Kong oil that was featured in their opening about 3 years ago. I can’t quite remember what’s inside already, but I think you can use it for focus.

I didn’t cover all 30 oils in my set because a number of them has been covered in my previous broadcast like Ylang Ylang, White Angelica and Palo Santo, they’ve all been covered already. So I hope this has been useful to you guys!


My downline has swollen eyes after diffusing Clarity.

Ask her to drink water, and use lesser oil in the diffuser. There are some strong oils in Clarity, so I’m not sure if she placed the diffuser too close to herself or used too much oil. Do also check out the ingredients in Clarity too and try to narrow down which is the oil that could have caused the reaction.

Can Brain Power be used on kids under 7 years old? Should I apply neat on soles or temples?

Yes you can! Any oil that is for brain is fantastic for kids as well. You may see parents who use Brain Power or Peppermint or Clarity for study and exams. Haha it’s supposed to be very good for math, if your child doesn’t like math and calculation, haha try it for that.

Okay since Brain Power is for the brain right, the temples are great. For a 7 year old, neat on the temples is fine! You can also apply on the forehead, rims of the ears and on the back of the neck are great places to apply too.



If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.

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