Set Your Inner Child Free

*This post was originally posted on the 26th of December on the Let’s Add Oil FB group*

As we wind down 2015, I began to reflect inwards and give thanks for what 2015 had brought. Amongst the things that I am grateful for is the birth of our son Sol, experiencing how we adapt to our new family member and our new roles! With one child and two parents, we have the luxury of passing Ju between us while the other takes a break. With two kids however, especially in the beginning, we couldn’t. We became 24/7 parents, one adult to one child.

These few days I am grumpy. Even though it is the holiday season and there is the expectation that we SHOULD be happy! No matter what!‪#‎mytruth

After a hectic Christmas yesterday, I dug out my Inner Child. I needed to feel succulent, carefree and present. Not worn out, drained and crabby.

I applied Inner Child over my heart and over my belly button. I cupped my hands and inhale the scent deeply….

When I was a child, I love writing. I love reading. But when I became a parent, these passions fell to the wayside. It’s a little hard to hold a book while nursing a baby or singing the tod to sleep. My reading nowadays is Facebook; hardly the best choice I think.

But writing, aaaaaah…. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you all. I don’t feel that it is my duty to churn out new content xxx number of times a week. I look forward to it, my mind is constantly brimming with ideas and when I write, I felt that it’s a claim to the Faith that is my own person. Not someone’s mommy / food supply / slave.

Thank you for being in this community of Let’s Add Oil. Thank you for listening to me.

Above all, thank you for being YOU.

PS: If you do use Inner Child, and allow yourself to be still for a moment, what comes up for you?


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