Uh Oh, Overeating on Staycations

So we just came back from our AWESOME staycation since Ju is having her school holidays. And what better time to share impromptu holiday oily tips? Hehehehe.

Remember when the whole family ate, LIKE REALLY ATE good food? And possibly over-ate? Well that happened to the 4 of us and boy, did we work the toilet good that night.

So if the toilet is smelling a tad funky, do this!

Whip out your trusty Peppermint! Or Lavender / Bergamot / Purification / Thieves / whatever that smells good to you!

Drip a few drops in the toilet bowl after someone did his Number 2. *ahem*

If kiddos are on diapers and have major poop explosion, wrap them up tight, toss them in the bin AND drip Peppermint on toilet paper and toss it in.



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