Stories From The Other Side..

The ability to see and hear and feel spirits runs in my family. My father has it (sensing). My sister has it (hears). And now apparently my kids have it too. Well… I guess we are kinda matter of fact about it now since the family grew up with it.

Some interesting stories:

  1. While house hunting some decades ago, my parents visited a house that was put up for sale. Well my dad sensed something was kinda off so even though the house was attractively priced, my parents decided not to get it.
  2. When my dad on his bike, went on the highway, he saw a “dark spot” on the road and he guessed there was a spirit there. Well he couldn’t avoid NOT passing through it due to peak traffic and he got a bruise on his ankle as a result. :/
  3. My sis can hear spirits. They speak to her though she has been shutting them out. When I spoke to a friend who can see, hear and feel them, she advised me to have a cross, blessed with holy water, placed in her room and for her to sleep with her feet NOT pointing at the door for restful slumber.
  4. My front door. There’s something about it. My sis has sensed spirits lurking there. Well… we do have a temple nearby. Both my kids (when Ju couldn’t talk yet) would sometimes stare at it, point at it and chatter baby talk to it. @@

I had this conversation with one of my group chats years ago when Ju was still a baby so they advised me to:

  1. Apply Palo Santo (remove negative aura) then White Angelica (protection) on their shoulders and on their foreheads to close their third eyes.
  1. Smudging. In some countries, folks believe that burning dried Sage and waving the smothering herb in the house help cleanse the air. I have the Sage oil… so I guess I’ll diffuse it when the Hungry Ghosts Festival is here again or when the kids started chatting / staring at the door.


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