Smelly oils? Why is it important to know?

This is a transcript of the video done on the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Original video link here!

We know that we all have oils that we can’t stand the smell of, so have you wondered why you can’t stand the smell of certain oils and how can you use that knowledge to your own advantage?

I know that DiGize is an oil that many people don’t like, for me personally, at first I was very neutral to the smell of the oil, but after changing poopy diapers for my kid, time after time after time, I realised that wow it really gets to me and it really smells like poop to me as well, so that’s really interesting to note.

On hand, I have 3 different oils that I really can’t stand the smell of, but all with very interesting results. For one of them, I have actually oiled myself to the point that I’m okay with the smell, I’m pretty neutral with it. There’s another oil that I’ve oiled myself to the point that I can’t stand the smell of it and yet interestingly, there are some oils that I’ve used to the point that the smell of it, while I must be very honest and say that I don’t love it, it has come to the point where it it smells pleasant to me.

So let me first talk about these 3 oils.

This is my first oil, Sacred Mountain. You might want to know that in these 3 oils, I didn’t pick DiGize at all, since it was such a pet peeve amongst everyone right now. Okay Sacred Mountain, I’ve actually oiled myself quite intensively with it for about 2 weeks, but er even though I was hoping to work past the yuckiness of it, I’ve actually realised that it has gotten worse and worse for me. To the point whereby right now, I can barely touch this oil.

Sometimes, when people smell this oil or any Young Living oil, you are just so convinced that it smells really bad. That’s it. Fullstop. Then you meet people who say “No! I like the smell of this oil! It’s really nice!”  And you get all astounded and go, “Really?? You do??!”

So for me right, this is one such oil. I spoke to Winnie and to her, this oil smells a lot like Christmas, like Balsam Fir and those big coniferous trees. Honestly in terms of smell, it was okay with me, but energetically there’s something in me.. where I just don’t like the smell at all, to the point whereby I just don’t want to use it at all.

I want to share with you guys that smell is not the thing that Young Living goes by, if you use other essential oils from other brands, they may want you to think that the oils smell nice, but because Young Living wants you to get the therapeutic qualities that come with it, they actually don’t go by smell at all. So if you have a oil that you don’t like the smell of, look through your essential oil references and resources, like the Essential Oil Pocket Reference, the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils or the phone application and understand why you don’t like the smell of the oil. Sometimes reading through the description of the oil and its purposes can give you a clue on what do you need to work on.

For most people who don’t like the smell of certain oil, it’s likely that there’s something there that they need to work on, say you don’t like the smell of Digize, perhaps you have some digestion situation that needs attention. That’s a very big clue about your health, and don’t forget to also look at your mental and emotional health as well. For me, it was very telling when Frances Fuller said that Sacred Mountain actually connects people back to nature and God. And when she said that, I was really dumbstruck, because as a young girl, I loved nature. I was the kind that if I don’t go to the park every now and then to renew myself, I would feel very drained by this concrete jungle. As an adult now, I barely have time set aside to go to the park to recharge myself. And I know that when I feel drained, it’s also from wanting to have nature surrounding me. So for me, it was actually pretty interesting that I didn’t like the smell of Sacred Mountain.

I also realised that any oil that is about empowering myself eg Grounding, are also oils that I don’t really like. Another oil that I don’t quite like is Balsam Fir. People tell me that it smells so nice, like a Christmas tree and I’m like “Nooo it doesn’t!” and when my family diffuses it when we want to work on the respiratory issues at home, and I’m going like “Nooo it doesn’t smell very nice.” But people like the smell of it, so for myself, I know that emotionally balancing oils are just really smelly to me.

Talking about emotionally balancing oils right, the next one I want to talk about is Ylang Ylang. It is an oil that I keep oiling myself with and thank goodness I am working towards neutrality. Previously when I had this oil, I was like, “oh my god, I can’t stand the smell” but I had a lot of orders from USA in the past and they kept giving away Ylang Ylang as the free gift. I had to either give it away or use it all up, so when I look at the description and hey, you know what? I realised that the other thing that I want to work on, is to be emotionally balanced. A lot of times, I can be stuck in the negativity of my thoughts, I would be super critical and judgmental of myself, and I’ll keep beating myself up mentally over it. So Ylang Ylang really helped me to free up myself, just like a detox.

The last oil I want to talk about it Angelica. Okay most of you guys probably know White Angelica, which is a blend, but you may not know about the single oil called Angelica. This oil is from the USA, I got it because I thought it was so interesting, and Shereen said that this is danggui, the chinese herb. So I was very amused because I thought, “oh my god, this is such a pretty name! It will smell really nice!” And when I first opened it up and smelled it about a year ago, I was like “oh my god, what kind of smell is that”. This oil smells very woody to me, like a musty cupboard to me and but with this oil, I actually kept using it to the point where I am actually quite okay with the smell. And I realised that the more I smell it, the more I could detect the afternotes which has this very interesting and pleasant smell. It’s almost like sandalwood and I love sandalwood. I read my Essential Oil Reference Guide, trying to pinpoint what is it that I needed and I realised that Angelica is actually very cooling. And the interesting thing is that, I’m actually very heaty. If you know me, or see me in person right, you will often see me perspiring, with a lot of sweat. And every now and then, I am actually either rubbing the sweat off my nose or taking a hanky and wiping my face. This is how sweaty I am as a person and I know that I am also in the Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, I am known to be very heaty. So to know that this oil is actually cooling, was like a revelation.

In the beginning, when I was new to the Young Living oils, someone told me, if you don’t like the smell of an oil, it means that you need it more and I was like “cannot be, I don’t believe” but then I also realised that when I looked at the books and I tried to cross reference, I could see that it was really true and so I make a conscious effort to use the oils even though they don’t smell very nice to me.

Okay, so if you realise that if you need something from these oils but you don’t like the smell, what can you do about it? The first option you have is to keep oiling yourself to the point that you like it, or you are neutral about it. For example, I don’t like the smell of Eucalyptus Blue so I’m very amazed when someone tells me, “I love the smell of Eucalyptus Blue.” But there was a period of time where I was using it very extensively for my daughter, to work on respiratory conditions that she had and because I kept oiling her, I kept smelling it, to the point that I thought it was quite lovely. So there goes to say that it was just something I needed to work with myself, and it was very interesting to see that.

If you really can’t stand the smell, like my father who cannot stand the smell of Immupower, my mom who loves Immupower can only put it on at night and wear socks afterwards. So another way is to put it on your soles and then wear socks. Or you can dilute your oils because when you dilute with a carrier oil, the smell wouldn’t be so strong.

You can also use alternative oils. My sister, Grace doesn’t like Dorado Azul, to her, it smells like wet stinky socks, but to me, it smells like Chrysanthemum (I know that she has a respiratory condition that I don’t have).. So in this case, you can also switch oils. Let’s say you don’t like the smell of Dorado Azul or Eucalyptus Blue, get another oil that would serve the same purpose to address the imbalance in your body. So if you don’t like Eucalyptus Blue, maybe you like Eucalyptus Radiata, then use Radiata! Maybe you like Eucalyptus Globulus, then use Globulus or even RC or even Raven, right. So that’s what you can do to work around the oils that you detest.

Another good option is that, you can add another oil to balance the smell of the first oil. I have this friend who doesn’t like the oil Joy, which is very interesting because a lot of people love it. It is very floral and you can even use it as a perfume. I read somewhere that if you don’t like the floral smell of Joy, if it’s too floral for you, you can add Lemon to balance it out. So you might want to try that, but of course, given the fact that most of us are not trained aromatherapists, maybe instead of blending it together in another bottle, you can actually do layering. So for my friend who doesn’t like Joy, she can first put Joy over herself then layer over with Lemon for example, to change the smell of it as well. Or let’s say for DiGize, a lot of us don’t like the smell of it. It smells really strong, gingery, poopy, and since you know that Peppermint is a great digestive oil too, you can also layer Peppermint to cover the smell of DiGize.

Also, if it’s an oil that you feel that you can ingest like you can ingest DiGize, you can actually switch to ingestion instead of diffusing, or applying.



Abundance smells yucky! Had to force myself to like it when I use it.

When I first used Abundance, I didn’t like the smell. To me, it smelled very strongly of spices and I just didn’t like it at all. But what’s interesting is that my husband has a friend who is a millionaire and he loves the smell of Abundance. Also, about 2 years ago, my husband went to Bali for a retreat for entrepreneurs and it was hosted by this millionaire, and so what my husband did was that he took out Abundance and passed it around to everyone at the retreat. Mind you ah, everyone at the retreat are entrepreneurs and they are all doing very well, and they all liked the smell of Abundance! So when he told me the story, I realised that I want to work on my money beliefs, so if Abundance smells nice to me, I know I will be rich! Very interesting story.

Stress Away has the sng buay (dried sour plum) smell lol.

If you don’t like the smell of Stress Away, you can try Lavender!

Any alternative to Ocotea?

I would suggest reading up on Ocotea and see what the person or yourself lacks of, and maybe look at another oil for that. Or you can choose to ingest it too. If you’re the kind of person who if you smell it and you want to vomit, then switch to another oil, don’t force yourself to use it.

How about Juniper?

Juniper is mainly for kidney support. You can try En-R-Gee, it has Juniper inside, just lesser, so not as strong smell. I would suggest that you go to the Young Living Office and smell En-R-Gee first before ordering. Endoflex is a good alternative to Juniper too.


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