Happy Oils for Happy Mothers Part Three – Harmony

Part One: Orange

Part Two: Forgiveness

Part Three: Harmony

This is the last of a 3-part series of oils for happy mothers that was done over the Let’s Add Oil FB group with Facebook Live. Link to original video broadcast here


So why Harmony as a happy oil for happy mothers?

I was actually watching this webinar recently, and it was profiling a number of working mothers who are Young Living leaders. They were talking about how they juggle business and family and it was so interesting because the conversation got really emotional.

Mind you, these are high profile women, that kind who are juggling million-dollar businesses every month. But when they were talking about how they juggle family and work, you could see the tears running down their faces. And I just realised that, for us mothers, regardless of where are we at, there is always this kind of conflict and internal struggle in each of us.

We always talk about having work-life balance, which is the reason why I left my previous corporate job to do Young Living full-time – to have more time for my children at home. Now, coming to my third year in the business, I’m also starting to realise that it’s not so much about balance but it’s about harmony.

When I was younger, in my twenties and early thirties, before I had children, the season of my life then, was about my job. I loved my job, I loved what I do. I was happy spending longer hours at work, doing what I love in my job. At that time, I was in the IT department in a bank, and that time, was the season for me to focus on my career.

Then I got pregnant, I gave birth and I saw my baby daughter, I realised that things are changing so quickly. When I went back to work at the end of the maternity leave, I realised that my heart was no longer in my work, I just really wanted to be with my daughter. And for that 5 months back at work, there was this internal struggle. It’s a sense of disharmony inside me. In the end, I left my job as I really wanted to be with my daughter, and tried to do Young Living full time and see how things would do financially for my family.

So when I talk about work-life balance vs harmony, it was really about harmony all the time. If you think about your life as a sound board, like how DJs make music and they scratch the turntable? Certain configurations will be higher than the rest. So before my time as a mother, my career level was way up there, and family lower, because it was just me and my husband then. Now with my kids, especially after last year when my son was born, my level on family went way up and business went way down.

I tried to do this work-life balance thing, I thought it meant like 50% business and 50% family but I realised that life is so complicated that it just doesn’t work out that way. Right now, I acknowledge that there are some areas of my life that are really more important right now, like my family and my business. There are other areas that should also be important, but right now, they aren’t, like fitness, unfortunately. I also realised that for me to be really okay with each area of my life, is when the people who really care about me to be okay as well.

That’s the reason why I use Harmony oil, because I took quite a while to work this through. For a good half of last year, I really thought it was about work-life balance and I really tried to do that by cutting down on my work hours and be with my kids more often, but I also love my business. For me, being in the business and sharing with you guys about the oils is something I’m really passionate about, and something I come to life with. I can feel the joy and excitement as well. I love being a mom, but if I am just a mom all the way, I wouldn’t be completely happy. So it’s about coming to peace with myself and I use Harmony for that.

Harmony in yourself. Is there any areas of your life that you’re looking at that has tension? One really common example is if you have Monday blues, it’s a sign that there is something in you that isn’t very aligned yet. You may want to consider using the Young Living blend Harmony essential oil to work that through. I’m not saying that using this oil will force a change or make you really happy, but Harmony is an oil that would help you to facilitate releasing that negative feelings in you and working through it so that you can begin to move forward in life, whether it’s about your work, marital relationship, or your relationships with your children, bosses and colleagues.

Another thing I want to ask you is that, are you in harmony with your seasons of life? I know personally when I first had my girl, Juvia, 3 years ago, I was still trying to get used to being a mother. So the joke was that when we celebrated our first Mothers’ Day together, I thought about celebrating Mothers’ Day with my mother, and I actually forgot that I’m a mother myself! So it was such a revelation at that time, because I didn’t feel I was a mother, I was just being Faith, but learning to be a mother to my kids was a major phase in my life and it took a while for me to get harmonised and aligned to that.

The last thing is that, if you’re like me and there are certain times in the day where the chances of having family squabbles and tension is higher – for me, it’s during cooking and mealtimes, you can choose to diffuse Harmony in that area as well. I get quite stressed during cooking as I have to cook fast as my kids are tugging at my legs, pestering me, so I like to diffuse Harmony in the kitchen and dining room to maintain the peace.

So that’s my personal experiences with Harmony oil!

Now let’s talk about what’s in this blend that makes it so awesome for mothers. Okay the first oil, Lavender. You all know that Lavender is very calming, relaxing and helps to promote sleep as well. Do you also know that it helps to promote health, love, peace and also a sense of wellbeing? Lavender, being one of the oils that is very adaptive to us, besides Frankincense, it actually looks at what we have in our body and helps to address emotions as well. That’s why you find that both Lavender and Frankincense are very popular in the Young Living family.

We also have the powerhouse of Sandalwood and Frankincense, if you’ve read my post on Forgiveness oil, you will know that Forgiveness has Sandalwood and Frankincense as well. These two oils, because they are so good for the brain, it works on the pineal gland and the pituitary gland that manages your hormones, your sleep and wake cycles, your melatonin levels and your reproductive systems. So with Harmony containing them both, it helps you to release that perpetual programming in the brain. I rage when my daughter annoys me, that’s an automatic reaction. Using these oils with the intention to release the automatic reaction, also helps me to slowly let go, to calm down and pause instead of reacting right away.

It also has Orange. If you’ve read my post on Orange, you would know that it’s my happy oil. Upon smelling it, I’m just happier with a better mood!

There is also Geranium and if you may have noticed that Geranium and Rose smell very very similar. Geranium is a tad more floral that Rose, and besides being emotionally balancing, it works on the liver as well. Do you know that your liver stores your anger and fears? That’s why if you want to work on these 2 emotions, you can apply some oils over your liver to help release them. Your liver is actually on your right side of your tummy. You can use oils like Purification for anger, or Release for negative emotions and also Harmony. Geranium itself helps the liver to dispel toxins in the liver and it very hormonally balancing as well. If you have menstrual cramps, or PMS, try Geranium!

Besides these oils, there are so many more other oils in Harmony, some others would be Bergamot, Rose and Ylang Ylang. What they have in common is that they are all very emotionally balancing. So if you feel that you’re feeling irritable with your kids, husband or work, these are oils that can help to balance us emotionally. I started using Ylang Ylang a few months back and I really don’t like the smell of it but I have many bottles that came as freebies from my USA orders. I noticed that after using it, I’m a lot calmer with my kids and less prone to snapping.

One last thing I want to add is that, for a lot of us mothers, we started on this Young Living journey because we want to work on our kids’ health, so we buy respiratory and immunity oils. I’m like that too, so when my kids are okay, I put the oils aside but after I gave birth to my son, I didn’t feel too good about myself and my life. Then I realised that emotional health is really important as well, so that’s also why I started using a lot of emotional oils since last year to support my own emotional journey as a mother. So my mission for this series of emotional oils, is to spread the message that as mothers, we are worth it. We are worthy of great emotional health and of happiness too!


How do you apply Harmony?

Any oil that is emotionally balancing can be diffused or applied. You will probably find it difficult to apply on kids when they are cranky as you’ll be running around trying to get your hands on them, so it might be better and gentler to diffuse it.

With application, I rub it between my palms and apply it on the back of my neck. At the back of your neck and the base of your skull, there is a soft spot which is the brain stem. If you rub oils over there, it goes straight up into the brain itself. Another way you can do it is to apply one drop on the roof of your mouth but for those who don’t want to taste it, you can also put it over your forehead, the rims of your ears, over your heart and I would also inhale it.


Will the essential oils affect taste buds during mealtimes?

No, it doesn’t affect at all. I’ve done it and my kids were eating normally.


If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.


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